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Chapter One:

Pillow Talk


"Yes Bella."

I looked up at him, I hated breaking the silence, it was Sunday afternoon, and the sun was pouring in my window, sending rainbow reflections all over my room. I loved how the light reflected off of Edward's exquisite chest. Charlie was off fishing with Seth today. It made him feel good to be able to carry on the tradition, even if it wasn't with his own son; at least he was helping out a friend.

Edward and I just lay in my bed. He was stroking my hair, and I was drawing patterns across his chest. God he is gorgeous, I still marvel at the fact that he is mine; but I now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he will be forever.

"What are you going to do if we get into different colleges?" I still didn't really care about college. But I did think about it after a while. The Cullen's had been to high school and college many times. When I joined the family, God I loved that thought, I would have to blend as seamlessly as possible. And that meant going to college.

"Silly Bella," he leaned over and kissed my hair. "I will go to whatever college you go to."

"But after having gone to Harvard, how can you just go to some crappy community college, which is all my grades are good for."

"Well, first of all, I don't care where we go, as long as we are together." My heart skipped a beat. "And, secondly, this is only your first time through. We weren't geniuses at first either. Don't worry, after a century, you will know the entire curriculum by heart too."

He laughed softly as I wrinkled my nose at the prospect. A hundred years in school, and I used to think that a dozen years was too long. But, at least I would have Edward by my side.

"So what do you plan on studying?" He asked me once his beautiful laughter died from the room.

"I still haven't really thought about it. But on the rare occasion that college does cross my brain, I like the thought of literature the best."

"You would excel greatly with that."

I looked up at his golden eyes then, they were serious. I was lost for a moment, forgetting everything. He shot me his crooked smile as he brought my face up to his.

Our kisses, since his return, had been different, in a good way, of course. They were so filled with passion; I never wanted them to stop.

All of the sudden, in one of his lightning fast movements, he had me on top of him. His hands were caressing my back; mine went straight for his beautiful bronze hair. I have no clue how long we stayed like that, all I know, is that it wasn't long enough.

Then just as suddenly as it started, it was over. He laid me back down beside him, I was close to hyperventilation.

"I'm sorry," he said after a moment. "That was uncalled for."

"Actually," I said panting "It was very called for; I just thought that you couldn't read my mind," I said smiling at him.

Edward shot me back his crooked grin. I hated when he apologized for his intensity at showing affection, but we still had those "Bella Safety Rules".

Just one week and we would graduate, and, if I didn't make up my mind on his proposal by then, Carlisle would turn me. Then we would never have to hold back again. Oh! What a thought, it actually scared me a little.

"What are you thinking?" Edward asked quietly.

"One week," I said a little too excitedly. I think he understood though. He went back to stroking my hair, and I, his perfect chest.