Chapter 1

"Over your fall break, I want you all to pair up and write a report on our modern day heroes. Please submit who you and your group would like to write about. I plan on reading different reports this time." Professor Shin told the class as he erased the white board.

"We call the Sailor Scouts!" Jadeite exclaimed, before anyone began to pair into groups.

"Done." The Professor told him, writing a note in his book. The shrill bell ran and the class began filing out. Darien, Jadeite, Kunzite, Nephrite and Zoicite all proceeded in the same direction. The fall wind was blowing harshly, as they made their way to the library.

"The Sailor Scouts?" Zoicite asked dryly when they found a table in the back of the library and started unloading their things.

"Uh yes. They're the hottest thing aren't they? Everyone wants to see them, and this is our chance to do some kick ass reporting." He exclaimed excitedly and flipped open his laptop computer. The screen blinked away, dinging and he typed in the password. "We should scour all the newspaper since they showed up and then, after we get some useful sources, we'll investigate them ourselves." He said and double-clicked on the internet icon.

"What makes you think we can even get close to them, let alone ask questions?" Nephrite asked lazily, leaning back in his chair and eyeing Jadeite thoughtfully.

"Because, you nerd, we have Darien." Jadeite told him in a sarcastic tone, his bright blue eyes, scanning various webpages. Darien leaned forward and shut Jadeite's lap top. Jadeite had barely enough time to push his hands between the screen and keys, making sure he was still connected.

"I don't think so." Darien told him darkly. Jadeite pushed the screen back up and stared at Darien over the top of the silver computer.

"And why not?" He asked.

"I won't abuse my power like that. Besides, I never talk to any of the scouts. I show up, do my saving thing and then I'm gone. That's all." He told him matter-of-factly and Jadeite just rolled his eyes.

"You want to get a good grade on this don't you?" He asked his friend and he saw Darien hesitate. He pounced before Darien had a chance to say no again. "We only have a week. All you have to do is keep them there and me and the guys will do the rest. Nothing bad will happen. Promise." Jadeite offered. Darien said nothing. It sounded like a yes to him…


It was so stupid really. All this work for a grade. Darien thought has he leapt across the buildings to answer the call. A loud sounding BOOM echoed through the tall buildings of the city. The scouts were in battle. The yomen blasted them all back and they hit the opposite side of the wall with a resounding thud, making him wince. Sailor Moon groggily got to her feet, too dazed to know that the yomen was charging after her. He moved then, throwing one of his roses and stalling the monster before yanking the girl in his arms, sailing them to safely. Her arms tightened around him and she whimpered. Alarmed, he sat them down and he saw her biting her lip, trying to hold back tears.

"What?" He asked her and she pushed away from him, shaking her head.

"It's nothing. It's just my arm…" She backed away from him, doubt in her eyes.

"Let me see." He told her and grabbed her back. Slowly, he turned her arm and saw a wicked cut with glass still embedded in it. "Hold still." He told her harshly, his stomach churning at the sight. Sailor Moon was just a child, a teenager he suspected. How she and her scouts survived a battle was beyond him.

"No, Mercury can…" She gasped when his fingers plucked the largest piece of glass from her wound. And then he focused on the smaller pieces, grateful that he could take them all out with his finger tips. Inside of his coat pockets, he pulled out a dark blue handkerchief and gently wrapped her arm. He studied the arm, making sure that he wrapped the whole wound, when suddenly, his vision was swimming in bright lights.

"Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Is something going on with you and Tuxedo Mask?" A bombardment of photographers and reporters had managed to get to the top of the building and assault them. They both glared at them in annoyance.

"Time to go." Darien said, taking her in his arms once again and dropping back down to the battle where the scouts had the monster cornered.

"Where the hell were you?" Sailor Mars snapped at her, sending an attack at the monster that dodged it.

"Sorry." Sailor Moon replied breathlessly and took out her scepter, moondusting the monster and causing the crowed that had gathered, to cheer. He made his exit then, dodging bold reporters that managed to break free of the police barricaded.

"One picture, that's all! Tuxedo Mask!" But he was gone. And the girls posed a few times before they too were gone.


The next afternoon, Darien took a walk from his apartment to his local hangout, The Crown Arcade. When he had first moved to his current home, the owner's son, Andrew welcomed him like they were long lost friends. He could never make friends when he was younger, mostly do to his part. He could never get close to anyone for fear that he could lose them just like he lost his parents. He relived that horrible accident so many times in his minds that he became almost immune to pain and loneliness. But Andrew came along and soon, he didn't feel so lonely anymore, so empty. That's why when he gradually met each one of his friends, and he wasn't so wary of people anymore. He smiled when he reminisced on meeting them. Jadeite at the college café, trying to sweet talk one of the waitress into giving him a free piece of cherry pie. Nephrite at the planetarium, where he part timed as a tour guide. Zoicite at the library, where he was assigned as his chemistry tutor and Kunzite at a club Jadeite took him too. Jadeite tried to pick a fight with him over the pool table when he was stone cold drunk. Luckily, Kunzite took it easy on him and left him alive with only two black eyes. To this day, Jadeite swore he let him kick his ass.

The door chimed merrily when he entered. He never really came on the weekends to the Crown Arcade because so many people were there, but today, he decided to be social. Young children occupied the games that leaned against each other, cheering on the players.

"No Serena you dummy, JUMP JUMP!" He heard someone remark in a frustrated tone. His eyes briefly fell on a group of girls in the far corner crowding a player, probably this Serena that one was yelling at. But he couldn't see her. He shrugged them off and went to sit on the stools by the counter. He caught Andrews's eyes and the blonde smiled.

"Be right with you Dare." He told him with a smile and continued writing down an order for a busy mom with kids surrounding her. After a while, he came and sat next to him.

"How have you been?" Andrew breathed, his green eyes sparking with warmth. Darien shrugged and thanked the waiter for the steaming cup of coffee.

"Same. Where have you been? I haven't seen you in class for a couple of days." Darien said, stirring the black brew, waiting for it to cool. Andrew sighed.

"Family meetings. My dad has decided to write his will, and he's been taking me to see his lawyer about signing over the Arcade to me." He said, wiping the counter as he turned in his swivel chair. "But he's not going to die anytime soon, so I don't even know why he's so worried now."

"Just making sure his family is in order so no family fights occur when he does pass away." Darien assured him, dipping his pinky in the coffee and finding it cool enough to drink. And just when he was about to take a drink, someone bumped his chair.

"Andrew!" They exclaimed brightly. He spilled the coffee on the front of his pants. It seeped through his blue jeans and he threw his hands up in surprise. "Ooops." Said the same voice and he looked to see who was responsible. It was a blonde girl with a strange hairstyle and clear, sky blue eyes. He face flushed and she grabbed a fist full of napkins from the holder and fumbled around to dab his pants. In her haste, he guessed that she didn't even think about where she was touching because soon her hands began to slow and her face grew even redder. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry! Uhh, h-here!" She threw the wet napkins at him. Darien slowly peeled the napkins from his white tee-shirt, almost wincing at the brown spots the coffee left the once pristine fabric. The girl let out a moan and buried her face in the shoulder of a tall brunette wearing an olive green summer tube top dress.

"Uh, Serena, this is my friend Darien. Darien this whirlwind is my good friend Serena." Andrew said a bit awkwardly. Serena turned from her friend and gave him a little smile.

"Sorry." She said softly, fidgeting under his gaze. "It was an accident. I get into a lot of those." She said, twisting her hand in her shirt. But it interested him that she never looked away from him, or looked down, but kept eye contact.

"A lot?" One of her friends snickered. She was pretty, with long dark hair and lilac eyes.

"Raye." The tall brunette said in a warning voice and the girl just rolled her eyes.

"It's fine." He muttered, wiping up the rest of the liquid from the counter and piling the soil napkins in the empty cup. She dug into her pockets and pulled out some coins, dropping them on the counter.

"For a new cup of coffee." She said brightly and she and her friends exited the arcade. Darien watched them leave. She was a pretty cute girl. Way to young for him though. And she was accident prone. He made a mental note to stay away from her in case something worse happened to him.

"What do you think about her?" Andrew asked him, twisting Darien's chair around with his foot to look at him. Darien shrugged and pocketed the change.

"Nothing." He told him with a dismissive look. "Its getting late and I have a report to do. See you later." He told him and Andrew studied him. Uncomfortable under the scrutiny, Darien left without saying anything else.


"He was so cute!" Raye gushed when they entered Serena's empty house. Her parents were gone for the week and her brother was staying the night at one of his friends' house, so she and the girls were having a sleep over too. "And you had to klutz out at the worst time Serena." She said in a playful huff and slipped out of her shoes in the doorway entrance.

"It was an accident. And if I remember right, Mina was the one who bumped me. She wanted to get to Andrew before I did." Serena sent an accusing glare at her blonde haired friend who skated across the freshly wax floor of her living room in her golden socks.

"Sure, blame it on me." Mina said in an airy voice and plopped on the couch.

"I'm surprised he let you go so easily. There was something in his eyes that made me think you would get a talking to." Lita said, stretching next to Mina on the couch.

"It happened so fast I don't think he had time to comprehend the situation." Ami said with a smile, shaking off her bagpack, hanging it neatly on the coat rack.

"Yeah, seeing the way you were touching his crotch. The look on your face when you realized what you were doing was priceless!" Raye belted out with a giggle and a slap on the knee. Serena's face flushed and she glared at her friend.

"I was trying to help!" She protested, feeling the embarrassment creep to the roots of her hair. She kicked off her sandals and slipped her feet into her waiting pair of pink bunny slippers, stomping to a living room chair and grabbing the remote.

"Aww, don't be that way Sere. What happened happened. You can't change his first impression on you now." Mina said soothingly to her.

"I don't care what he thought of me." Serena huffed with a pout, flipping through the channels. But she did, secretly she did anyway. And with one of Andrews's friends, of course she could never live down this moment. Behind his polite words, she saw he was irritated with her. And she tried to make it better with the change, but she knew it wouldn't be. Oh, of all the stupid things she did, why did she have to embarrass herself in front of Andrew's friend?

"You shouldn't Serena." Lita told her encouragingly and gave her a pat on the shoulder. "Come on, show me what your mom has in the kitchen and I'll make us something good for dinner." Lita said, pulling Serena in the kitchen.

After Dinner, the girls settle in the living room, where they put on a scary movie. They were all huddled together under a blanket when Serena's communicator went off. There were collective groans.

"You know, I never even saw Luna when we got home." Serena commented in an offhand tone as she flipped the pink device open.

"Serena, come to the city aquarium right away!" Luna said quickly and then the image faded with static. Raye kicked off the covers with Mina mumbling about how inconsiderate she was. They all transformed and raced to the aquarium. Jupiter blasted the doors open and they entered, alert to their surroundings.

The security lights dully illuminated the blue hallways where pictures of marine life dotted the wall. Cautiously, they crept down the hallway where they entered the inner part of the building with glass walls. Sailor Moon peered into the tank and saw fishes swimming majestically with bigger whales. In the center of the room, there was a tall, tube like tank with a dozen jellyfish swimming in the neon colored water. Then, in the distance, they heard something scratching against the floor. Sailor Moon motioned them against the wall, where they proceeded deeper in the marine sanctuary. They saw the yomen's hand pressed against the glass where it was in deep concentration. The whales in the tank swam to it, like they were hypnotized or something. Sailor Moon pointed to Mercury and she nodded in understanding.

"Shine Aqua Illusion!" She called out and froze the yomen in place before it had time to react.

"Go go!" Mars told her and Sailor Moon reached for her scepter. But before the words even escaped her mouth, somehow, she was phased inside the tank. It took her precious seconds to realize what had happened. She saw her scouts look at her in shock beyond the thick glass of the tank.

How had she got in there in the first place?! The yomen was frozen in place! It was when the scouts were blasted into the glass when she saw the second one. Her lungs burned and she clawed her way up. But the tank was deep and she was frightened as to what was in the tank. Being with two ton water mammals was not her idea of safe. Back dots swam in her vision and she swam faster. When she thought that she would drown for sure, someone wrapped their arms around her waist and hoisted her up to them. Warm lips settled over hers and they breathed precious air into her mouth. She sucked it in greedily and blinked her eyes open to see Tuxedo Mask floating next to her he pointed up with his thumb, and together, they broke to the surface. She gasped, sputtering widely and swam to a feeding ramp where she pulled herself up. Her teeth chattered. It was warmer in the water then outside of it! And she held herself, shivering, rubbing her arms to get warm.

"Here." He said, turning her to face him and took off his cape, wrapping it around her shaking shoulders. It was wet, but warm from his body heat.

"Th-thank you." She said through her chattering teeth and he picked her up and took her to the girls where only one of the yomen remained. She fumbled with her scepter, and held it with shaking hands. But she was so cold, that she dropped it with a loud clang. She reached down and picked it up, and tried again, holding it with both hands. She shook her head, trying to concentrate when behind her, his hands covered hers and he leaned down, with his cheek against hers. Now, she trembled with an all new reason. She gulped and his hands tightened on hers.

"Moon scepter elimination!" She called out and the monster was dusted.

"Good job." He murmured, causing goosebump to rise on her arms, and he brushed his lips against her temple, before leaving her, with his cape still around her.


It was all over the newspapers the next day. And not just a minor paragraph, the major headlines. How the photographers got to the yomen battle was beyond him. They were like little flies, sneaking in without notice, until they start to bother you.

He studied the picture in front of him as he sat outside a local cafe. The photo was when he had breathed air into her. But the angle the photographer shot was way different that what had actually transpired. To the reader, it looked like a romantic, loving kiss. The way he was holding her, his hand on her chin, her eyes closed as the water made their skin look flawless. Her arms hung limply down, and his hand was barely below her breast. He rubbed his chin. Did he actually get that close to touching her like that? When he turned the page there was three more pictures. One where he was putting his cape around her, and they were facing one another, one where he was carrying her back to the battle with her clinging closely to him, her face in the crook of his neck and the last one was rather a good one where he was helping her hold onto the scepter, the corner of his lips against her temple. He could still feel her damp hair on his forehead, and her arms trembling from cold, her fingers numb from the biting night.

"So do we get the details not included in this morning's paper?" He recognized Nephrite's voice. There were more shuffling of shoes and chairs scraping against the cement. His friends all settled in their chairs and waited expectantly.

"Its not what it looks like." He told them after a long pause and set the paper down. "They make things look exaggerated. I was just helping." He said, linking his fingers together.

"This kiss really looks like it was helping." Zoicite said sarcastically, tapping the picture. Darien waved that comment away and stirred his steaming coffee he ordered earlier.

"And what about this picture? Did you have to stand so close to her like that?" Jadeite asked lazily, with mirth shining in his eyes. Darien glanced at the picture. He didn't even know why he stood so close to her. She smelled like ocean water and sweet bubblegum. At first it was just to warm her, but there was some kind of reaction deep inside his body. It was pure…want? Longing? Maybe even lust? It shocked him to want someone so much and not even know them.

"This is great for our report!" Jadeite suddenly exclaimed. "Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask will have a lot to talk about when this romance begins to interfere what whatever mission they have. Or even your job. You're going to have to talk sooner or later." He said. Darien frowned. He was weirdly right. All this attention to an overstated relationship was going to cause tension and unease. And he needed the scouts to find the missing Silver Crystal and dream princess.

"It's not like I thought about that when these pictures were taken." He protested, more to himself that his friends.

"Exactly." Jadeite said with a smug smile.


Serena was sitting at a corner booth in the Crown Arcade staring speechless at the paper. She couldn't say a word when she first saw it and it was no different two hours later as she mulled over the headline. She didn't like her counterpart's love life splashed all over so the whole country knew. And what was worse, it wasn't even true! They totally misconstrued the whole thing, making the readers believe that there was something going on between them. She sighed and looked over the stupid pictures, admitting that she looked rather good in them.

"Another Serena?" Andrew interrupted her thoughts as he slid another strawberry shake to her and collected her empty glass.

"Sure. Can you believe this?" She asked motioning to the paper spread in front of her. Andrew smile and nodded.

"Sure can. They look good together don't they?" He asked and left with a wink. She sighed and folded the paper back up. She sipped her shake moodily. She needed to lighten up. Deciding to play a game, Serena stood up and spun on her heel, heading to the new Sailor V game when she bumped into someone tall and hard. Her shake tipped onto their black shirt and dropped to the ground with a splatter and a crash of broken glass. Who she ran into was just as shocking. It was the same guy she ran into two days ago! She flushed.

"Not again." He groaned and wiped the pink shake off his shirt with his hands.

"Why is it always you?" She moaned and squatted to pick up the glass. She was in such a hurry, she accidentally cut her finger on one of the pieces. She gasped and popped the bleeding finger in her mouth, her eyes watering instantly.

"Don't do that!" He snapped at her and yanked her to her feet.

"Hey!" She protested as he dragged her behind the counter and into the employee lounge.

"Andrew, do you have any antibiotics cream and a band-aid?" He barked out to his friend. Andrew saw Serena's bleeding finger and rushed into the lounge, fumbling with the medicine cabinet to get the materials. He turned on the water and gently washed the blood from the cut. Serena tried to hide her wince as the harsh water hit her marred skin. Strangely, the memory of when Tuxedo Mask helped her with her cut arm came to mind. She frowned, wondering why this rude guy was making her remember things that happened when she was Sailor Moon. He turned off the water and grabbed a paper towel, squeezing her finger until Andrew came with the band-aid.

"Oww." She whined when he yanked her hand up to look at the cut. She glared at him. "You don't have to hold my hand so tightly." She hissed at him which he ignored.

"It's your own fault Meatball Head that you're in this predicament anyways." He muttered, his dark blue eyes studying how deep it was. Serena puffed with outrage.

"What did you call me?" She yelled, trying to yank her hand away. But it was firmly in his grasp, and the more she struggled, the more it hurt.

"Hold still." He hissed back and took the cream from Andrew, dabbing it on with a finger and pasting a band-aid on it.

"That thing is ugly. Don't you have one with flowers on it?" She asked in a hopeful voice to Andrew. Andrew cracked a smile and shook his head no.

"Flowers." Darien muttered darkly and Serena glared at him. She didn't like his tone. When he was finished taping a band-aid over the tip of her finger, Serena snatched her hand back.

"Looks like a brown thimble." She muttered turning her finger around for inspection.

"Be more careful next time." Darien told her, throwing away the band-aid wrapper.

"Well sooorry." She told him and folded her arms. "You came out of nowhere like some kind of ghost or something. All I did was try to pick up the mess you made me drop and you manhandle me like…like…" She didn't know what to compare that to. He smirked at her which only fueled her annoyance. To think she had been nice to him the other day…she thought darkly.

"Now you owe me a new shirt." He said smartly. Serena held her tongue, refusing to speak to him. But he lifted one of his black brows at her and she let out an angry growl, turning and leaving before she called him things she knew were very very bad.


"Dare, why did you just do that?" Andrew asked in amusement, although he refused to show it. The man had enough sense to look a little apologetic.

"I couldn't help myself." He said, speaking the truth. He never acted like that before. They had a pleasant exchange the other day, with him forgiving her for spilling his coffee. Maybe the cynical side of him found it amusing, albeit annoying that it happened to him a second time, by the same person.

"You should say sorry. Serena can hold a grudge for a long time." Andrew said, replacing the kit back into the cabinet. Darien agreed, halfheartedly and looked for her in the arcade, but she had gone.

"Hey Darien!" The door chime rang and his friends entered, one after another. Andrew greeted them cheerily.

"Were you headed out?" Zoicite asked him. Darien nodded and they said their byes to Andrew and followed him.

"Where are you going?" Nephrite asked as they crossed the street. He told them what had happened and they all took playful jibes at him, much to his annoyance.

"It's the Sailor Scout!" He heard a girl yell and he and his friends turned to one another in confusion. Soon, a rush of fans ran past them and he had no choice but to follow them. It was strange, because he didn't feel the urgency of battle. As they rounded a corner and crossed three streets, they saw the Sailor Scouts poising for shots and signing autographs. He stared at them in disbelief. Using their hero status to boost their popularity. He thought angrily. It's like they weren't taking their duties seriously.

"Come on, let's go this way. When they have to leave, we'll catch them alone." Darien said moodily and he and his friends went through an ally. They didn't have to wait long. Soon the girls were sailing through the tops of the buildings and they landed in a deserted delivery area, away from prying eyes.

"Let's go." Kunzite whispered to them and they moved from the shadows of the ally to confront the scouts.

"Heyyy-" Jadeite began to speak just as the scouts touched their broaches. Darien and the others watched in utter shock as their uniforms began to glow and turn back into civilian clothes. The Scouts must have realized what had just happened, because their mouths were open. The whole group stood in silence.

"Serena?" Darien managed to choke out in utter astonishment and the young girl just stared at him with big blue eyes.

"Venus love me chain encircle!" One of Serena friends called out and a golden heart chain shot out from her finger. He turned to see that Zoicite was backing away. The attack alarmed the guys, because they too backed away, looking for an escape.


"Shit!" Raye cursed and took off for one of the guys. The others flowed suit, separating to tackle the escaping party. Raye shot off through an ally, her eyes set on the guy with short, curly blonde hair. He was pretty fast, because she had to run in an all out sprint to keep up with him. They were in the back of various stores, and he dashed around another, skidding around another, bumping into wet, moldy cardboard boxes as he made his get away.

"Mars fire surround!" She called out her attack when she saw he entered an open space and the fireballs surrounded him, halting him in his place. Panting hard, she concentrated on her attack, making it rotate around him faster and faster until it was like a ring of fire surrounding him.

"Walk slowly to me. Don't make any sudden moves, or try to escape. My fire will burn you to a crisp if you barley touch it." She warned. She saw the battle in the guys's blue eyes, but his shoulders slumped in defeat and he did as she said, with anger burning in his eyes.


Lita jumped across one of the buildings, keeping a close eye on the guy with long dark brown hair. He was tall, his legs long, so it was quite a feat to keep up with him. But she liked a challenge. She jumped to a smaller building top, and another until she landed swiftly on the pavement right behind him.

"Jupiter thunder clap!" She called out and aimed the attack to the ground. It hit with a loud rumbled, making the ground shake and making him lose his balance, his feet crossed and she jumped on his back, knocking him to the ground. She heard him whoosh out air. She put a knee to his back and a hand to the ground. Soon, a bubble of static electricity formed, powerful enough to lift him from the ground and hold him in place. She took a quick look around to see if anyone saw, but when it was all clear, she took him back to where Mina held the other.


Ami followed the one with long platinum long hair. But instead of running like the others, he turned and faced her. She was surprised and a little nervous that he was challenging her. His eyes were cold as stone. His jaw set in determination.

"I make it a habit not to hit girls." He told her in a smooth, dark voice and Ami narrowed her eyes.

"Are you making an exception this time?" She asked him, raising a haughty brow.

"If I have to." He told her. Ami stiffened, not sure how to handle that. She didn't want to hurt him, but if he made the first move…

"I don't want to shed unnecessary blood either. So why don't you just come with me." She told him, holding out her hand as a gesture of goodwill. But the guy was pretty cautious and he went on the defensive right away.

"Hell no. Who's to say you and the others won't kill me if I do?" He asked her, taking a step back.

"We don't hurt humans. We protect them." She bit back. But he stayed where he was and she had no choice. She moved quickly, even for him. As he turned to run again, she called out her attack "Shine Aqua Illusion!" Freezing his feet, making him trip to the ground, and before he broke loose, she froze him from the head down. She made a frozen pathway all the way back to where the others were, pushing him with her foot across the smooth icy surface.


Serena lost sight of Darien's retreating back, but soon found him again running through the alley she and the girls went through. She could tell he was trying to make it to the surface streets, where people were, and she had to move fast before he did.

"Stop Darien!" She called out to him and summoned her tiara out of thin air, surprised that she could do that without transforming, she threw it and it hit the corner wall and swung back around. Serena used her hand to make it hit him in the back of the knees. The tiara did so and he stumbled, falling into a puddle of water. The scene was so funny, Serena smothered a giggle. This wasn't a time for laughing! She scolded herself harshly and the tiara came back to her. She made it disappear quickly. But now she had no weapons and a very pissed off Darien was getting up. Damn, she should have thought this out before she even attempted to stop him!

"Venus love me chain encircle!" Out of nowhere, Mina's golden chain shot out and wrapped itself firmly around his arms. He grunted as they tightened and Mina pulled him to his feet.

"You okay?" She asked Serena and she nodded, wiping her sweaty hands on her pants.

"Are the others…" She began.

"Taken care of." She said brightly and pulled on her chain for Darien to follow. He did so obediently, glaring daggers at the two girls. Serena felt a little bad about him being tied up, but she couldn't do anything about it. Without another word, the girls joined up with the others who waited patiently with the rest of Darien's friends. Mina had them all tied up, separately of course, and the men were sitting on the ground fuming. Mina sat Darien down with the others and the girls all shared looks with one another.

"Now what?" Serena asked them…


AN: Hope you enjoyed it. I won't continue this story until later, probably will add chapter two in late August. We'll see when that times comes…