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Keys of Fate

Destiny Unfolds Part 1

Chapter 1

Hikari started to hum a tune she heard on the radio, as she prepared breakfast. She smiled softly as she placed a plate that had cartoon characters drawn all over them.

They belonged to her only son, her pride and joy. Looking at the clock she realized that he had slept in, she sighed and headed to his bedroom.

Her smile grew bigger as she saw her son cuddled up in a ball. Sitting next to him on the bed, she gently brushed his bangs from his eyes.

"Sora, honey it's time to wake up." She started to gently shake Sora when she found him not responding.

"Hmm, Axel, go away." Sora mumbled sleepily as he tried to bury himself deeper into the covers, only leaving his brown hair visible.

Hikari suddenly felt her heart skip a beat when she heard that name. She could feel the darkness tendrils surrounding the muttered word. Fear crept into her heart and wondered if her family's past coming back to hunt her. She started shaking Sora harder wanting to pull him away from his dreams that was threatening to tear them apart.

"Mommy, are you ok, you're crying?" a voice asked worriedly.

She looked at her son who had found his way to her lap; placing her hand on her cheek she was surprised to find traces of tears on her cheek.

"I am ok sweetie, why don't you go wash up so you could have breakfast then you can go and play with Riku and the others at the beach." She replied trying to take his mind off her tears, but she knew that Sora was going to leave it for her sake for now.

She brought her gaze to Sora's and was surprised to find him look back sadly at her, he wrapped his small arms around her neck: " Don't worry mommy, I will always be here with you" he said while placing his hand over her heart.

Giving her a kiss on the cheeks he ran off to get ready. She smiled sadly as she watched him disappear into the bathroom, and headed to the kitchen.

An hour later…

"Bye, mommy "Sora called out as he ran to meet Riku who was waiting outside.

His mother called out: "Don't forget Sora, you two have to be back before dinner."

"Ok…" Sora replied.

She leaned against the door and continued to watch him till he disappeared from her view. Sora the only family she had left, she had lost her husband when Sora was only a few months old in a storm. While he was trying to save an 8 year old that had snuck out that night. He died never knowing about her past, he had been the first one to find her half dead on the beach, and one of the island couples having no children of their own took her in.

They grew up as best friends, and eventually fell in love and got married. But, no one had ever discovered her hidden past one. If it was up to her would remain buried in the same darkness that took over her home. She didn't want her son to suffer the same fate as her father, but she was no fool she knew that the past would catch up with her sooner or later. But for her son's sake she hoped it would be later, where he could be prepared to take the path her family was destined too.

Reaching the attic she opened a trunk, and took out a small box blowing off the layer of dust she opened it and took out a picture of her biological parents. She looked sadly at the picture she had felt angry at her father for so long for staying behind and leaving her to escape, just to be on her own. She could remember clearly the days she had spent whishing to die; but Sora father had broken the wall she had build around herself, and having Sora she finally felt at peace with her parent's decision. Removing two key like medallions from the box even though Sora was still young something told her it was the right time to give him the key blades.

She stared at the key blades that had before that fateful day they had refused to head her call; she had always felt anger and disappointment on not being able to yield the key blades like her father and her ancestors. She knew that by giving them to Sora she was locking his fate; she watched the light reflect off the keys surface.

Did she really want that she wondered? Were her people and her father's dream worth throwing her son one day into the darkness of the other worlds? Moving toward the window she saw a star twinkling suddenly stop and disappear from view. Xeonheart seems to be on the move it won't be long now till the darkness reaches this world as well. She knew that he was looking for her, but she was useless to him, only the key blades and her son would give him the power he needs to open Kingdom hearts that her father had sealed by sacrificing his life.

Is she to push her son into the approaching darkness, or live her dream for the next few years? She sighed. It seems that their fates where sealed, the curse of the royal bloodline; the once proud rulers of which was one of the most peaceful of all words before it descended into darkness taking everyone with it. Kingdom Heart it seems that your call will finally be answered.

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