Roxas smiled as he felt the wind pass through his hair

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Chapter 4

As they sink further into the darkness

Part 1

Roxas prove

Roxas smiled as he felt the wind pass through his hair. Xemnas' had pushed him to his limits the last few weeks. He continued to enjoy the sunsets ignoring the helpless screams as people hearts where devoured by the darkness. Mothers attacking their own children after loosing their hearts, Roxas continued watch the human fragile spirit never failed to surprise him, time and time again he watched worlds being destroyed where loved ones turned on you as soon as they too joined the darkness.

He felt no pity for them; he even envied them to a point as they wouldn't have to live with the pain of emptiness searching for their hearts as their minds were clouded by hunger and loss but for what they do not know. He frowned as he flexed his stiff fingers and cursed his left arm was getting worse if this continued on he would probably be no longer able to use both his key blades at once, even with this knowledge Xemnas' still refused to leave his arm be but took great pleasure knowing the damage he was causing.

His thoughts then wondered to the key blade master the keeper of his heart, he couldn't help but be amused that his greatest enemy carried the core of his soul, but he couldn't care less, unlike the rest of the nobodies he didn't care if he ever found his heart or not, he had forsaken it a long time ago he had no need for something that will probably weaken him.

He continued to watch them destroy more and more worlds waiting for the day they can finally open kingdom hearts and find their hearts. He couldn't help but wonder what would happen to their present self if they ever did find their hearts, where they the same when before their hearts where taken, or would their memories disappear as if their present heartless self never existed. He glimpsed at Axel who was snoozing at the corner, he sighed and shook his head, the red head will never change but he wouldn't change Axel in the world, even with all the pain he had suffered through out the years he did not wish to forget or loose himself. That's why he needed to destroy the key blade master, and his heart along with him.

Kari prove

She continued to watch Goofy and Donald bickering at the control and not for the first time she since had met the two that she had to hold back the urge of beating them up with her bare hands; they needed someone with a patient of a saint. She snorted yeah right she thought to herself even Aerith had kicked them out as they wouldn't shut up. They wanted to follow King Mickey wherever he was off to again but Mickey had insisted they would go off to other worlds stop them from getting destroyed and see if there are any sittings of Sora.

She was worried, could Sora really have joined their enemies all this time, could they have passed a place where he was without knowing. She couldn't help but secretly hope that he was an enemy then a prisoner rotting underground in some prison, at least there is still hope that they could bring him back. She knew that the others saw her as a naïve princess who couldn't protect herself, but she couldn't blame them all what she did was be the damsel in distress who couldn't do anything but watch her friends fight for her, but she promised herself that this time she was going to help her friends and no longer be a burden.

She turned to Riku and smiled as he walked up to the controls and pushed the protesting Donald from his seat and assumed controls, his mood had changed the last few days he seemed to be more at peace with himself. Maybe with their search for Sora and with proof that he was still out there brought these changes, she rolled her eyes as Donald move to the corner and continued to mutter darkly, she tried to hold back her laugh as he heard her and glared. Oh well she thought at least things are never boring with these two she patted her pocket happily with the painkillers she had on her pocket she was armed against the babbling two, and lets not forget her earplugs complements of Aerith. Who knows she thought happily if Riku was extra nice she would let him use her extra pair.


He sighed as he continued to pilot the gummie; you would think that even after all their adventures he would have gotten used to the two by now but everyone had their limit and they where now pushing his.

His mind couldn't help but wonder again to the blond he had met a few days ago. He could feel a sense of longing every time he remembered him, and he couldn't help but feel their destinies where tied somehow. He blinked and shook his head as trying to get rid of those cheesy thoughts, destinies tied maybe he had been around Mickey far too long. Maybe he would even pop out ears and turn to a mouse he shuddered at that thought better concentrate on the way. He sighed once more as he heard Donald continue to mutter at the corner maybe he should borrow the ear plugs he saw Aerith sneak to Kari before leaving.


He leaned back in his seat as he continued to watch the other members arguing over the key blade master. Xemnas' wants him to be left alone but the blue haired freak which name escaped him at the moment wanted to have a go at him. He rolled his eyes that where hidden under his hood, what a fool he didn't know why Xemnas' wouldn't allow him to go and get killed already; at least they won't have to listen to him nag like a housewife every meeting.

He turned his head slightly as he felt Axel eye on him, but continued to ignore him he knew he was growing anxious knowing that the key blade master started to move. Axel had been keeping a close eye on him since the he told him about his heart, he frowned he had decided to forsake his heart a long time ago after it abandoned him to the darkness and he doubted that even with him using one sword that the key blade master would be able to defeat him.

He wasn't the fallen one for no reason the true heir to kingdom hearts. Xemnas' had told him when he was younger, but he had no use for a lost throne he preferred travelling between worlds and fighting he would not sacrifice himself for a bunch of people he hardly knew, the key blade masters exist for that reason and he wasn't about to join them in their foolish quest.

He wondered who was the one who is first going to die maybe a change of scenery was needed. He looked at Demyx's seat in envy as he was the furthest one from the leader's seat but even with his annoying personality Demyx was much better the other idiots that surrounded him, pity that he would not last long when the others decide to send him off to face the key blade master.

As much as he wanted to get up and leave and face the key blade master himself he would bid his time how will anything get interesting around here now the he knows of their existence. He turned to Xemnas' who gave him a slight nod it seems that there would be a private meeting between the both of them after this. He had to stop himself from flinching as he felt another jolt of pain in his arm he hoped that he would lay off it this time.

He closed his eyes and leaned back once more and blocked off the voices around him, maybe if he was lucky enough he would meet key blade master soon and the emptiness that was devouring him with each passing day will end soon.

Axel and Roxas

Axel continued to move next to Roxas silently as the headed toward Xemnas' private study. The trip was as usual done in silence his energy always seemed to escape him every time he had escorted Roxas there. Roxas had insisted before that he didn't need to do so since he knew that it put him on the edge, but he still continued to do.

Roxas continued to wake forward ignoring Axel silence he always hated to see the solemn part of his friend, he preferred the snappy and sarcastic Axel the one that replaced him in every visit. But wasn't this their fate, nobodies where only shadows of their former selves who are destined to walk in the shadows for eternity.

On reaching the doors Roxas stretched out his good arm to grasp the handle, when he saw Axel place his hand atop his to stop him. He turned around call him off when he felt a pair of lips on his, he gasped as he felt Axels tongue against his teeth asking for entrance, seizing the opportunity Axel pushed his tongue into the young blonds' mouth. Roxas couldn't help but gasp at the fiery passion he felt coarse through his body and was disappointed when he felt Axel break it off.

He stood there dazed as he felt a peck on his cheek and with a smirk on his face Axel" I'll be back in a few days, so till then Roxy."

Roxas continued to blink as he watched Axel disappear around the corner. He was about to demand what was that kiss about when he heard a voice ordering him to enter.

Xemnas' office

Xemnas' prove

Roxas continued to watch Xemnas' carefully since he had come in thirty minutes ago but he continued to read the papers in his hand while ignoring his presence. He was startled out of his thoughts when he felt Xemnas' thumb rub his bruised lips.

"It seems that you where having fun out there my pet" Xemnas' chuckled slightly as his hand moved to Roxas neck and started to push his coat off his shoulders exposing his young follower soft skin. He smiled as he felt Roxas shiver from his disgust.

He moved behind Roxas pulling him into a hug "Now don't forget you belong to me" he whispered into Roxas ear, and then he latched onto his neck leaving a bruise. Roxas couldn't help but moan as his body betrayed him.

He felt a cold pair of hands wipe his tears. "Now, I've missed you in my bed, if you weren't rebellious both of us wouldn't have to suffer alone nights in bed would we."

Roxas couldn't hold a gasp as Xemnas' pulled his head back; but he forced himself to relax as Xemnas' grip on his hair became more painful.

"You better not let anyone else touch you again Roxas I don't like to share." He smiled as heard Roxas let out a whimper in agreement.

"Good know leave, I will see you in my bed chambers tonight. Who knows if you were cooperative I won't punish Axel for this." Moving to his desk he continued to read his papers, as he listened to Roxas adjust his outfit and leave.


He leaned against the door as he tried but failed to stop his body from shaking. It had been a while since he had shared Xemnas' bed since last month, he thought that this shouldn't affect him anymore but he couldn't understand why he couldn't stop shaking. Using the wall as support he headed to his room trying to keep the bile that rose up to his mouth down. It wasn't the first or last time this would happen to him he had been Xemnas' bed partner since the age of 10, only Demyx knew of this arrangement as he had treated Roxas wounds after a rough night a year back.

He suddenly stopped "If you are going to follow someone you should do so more discreetly Demyx."

"You're so mean Roxas not my fault that you have a super hearing sense." Demyx cried out as he pouted at the younger teen.

Roxas rolled his eyes "I told you I don't have any super powers its practice you would think that you would have been good since you have been around longer then me."

"Yah, yah still young though." Demyx answered back.

Both fell silent after that. Roxas watched Demyx move closer and pull him into a hug.

"Your going to his room again tonight aren't you" he whispered into his ear.

Roxas moved away and shrugged "The usual it's not like I am a virgin or anything Demyx it will be fine."

He turned around and started to walk away.

"Axel on a mission you know and won't be back in a few days, ill check up on you in the morning ok." He watched Roxas head to Xemnas' room instead of waiting till nightfall as if trying to prove to both himself and Demyx that this didn't affect him at all.

He continued to stand there till he lost sight of Roxas and leaned against the wall hoping that this night wouldn't cause Roxas to cut him self off more from those around. He thought the he had gotten better but it seemed the darkness was pulling Roxas deeper and after this night he didn't know how long Roxas was going to be able to resist it. Every one of them could feel the darkness and emptiness inside of them pulling them deeper whenever they used their powers. That's why he preferred to use his powers only when necessary, he may be the weakest but he was unwilling to delve deeper into the emptiness to draw more power. He preferred the chance of having to die by the key blade hand then too loose what was left of himself.

He sighed and headed toward the kitchen to get some coffee he doubted that he would be able to get any sleep this night.

To be continued….

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