Here is the sequel to The Greatest Gift. If you didn't read that, you might not miss too much in this story, but you would be missing a great story. This story is not Christmas themed. This story will be quite a few chapters long. The chapters will be kinda short, but will come out in rapid succession.

Also, I'm not trying to make Hiashi some egotistical bastard or anything, I'm just trying to see him as a concerned father. AND as a rich dad with a girl in love with a peasant. A rich guy always wants his daughter to marry a rich boy. That's the way it always is. (well, in all the movies I've been forced into watching, like the friggin Notebook my sister made me watch with her.)

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A seventeen year old Naruto sat up in his bed and stretched. It had been one year and four months ago today since he and Hinata had become a couple (in case any of you are wondering, that means that the day is April 24). And with each day, their love intensified. After they had gotten together, Tsunade decided that Hinata did not have to live with her father anymore. At first, Hinata was upset because she really loved her family. But then Tsunade told her that the room next to Naruto's apartment was vacant, Hinata had a change of heart. Just like Tsunade knew she would.

So Naruto helped Hinata move out of her house. At first, Hiashi was completely against it. Both Naruto and Hinata still remembered the last words Hiashi had yelled as they left the Hyuga compound with Hinata's stuff. "Don't think this is over. She may be able to stay with you for a year, but not the next," He had yelled. It scared Hinata, but Naruto wasn't scared at all. He put his arm reassuringly around his girlfriend that he would never let anything ever come between them. Ever. This reassured Hinata.

As Naruto sat in his bed and turned to his clock, he noticed it was 6:00, the exact time he had set for his clock. He had something special to do for Hinata today. Something he had been wanting to do with her since he had gotten together with her.

Getting out of bed, he grabbed a muffin and whoofed it down. He reached for a pen and paper, and wrote a note.

Dearest Hina-chan,

I have to do something today. Don't expect me back until 5:00 pm. I promise that, when I get back, you will be very happy with me.

Your one and ony, Naruto.

Satisfied with his letter, he stood with it and left his apartment. He taped the letter to the door and tiptoed past Hinata's room so as not to disturb her. Once he was safely past, he ran out of the apartment at a blinding speed. He had only one thing on his mind. He was going to buy Hinata an engagement ring.

"Ah, so nice to see you again young Akira," Hiashi greeted the Daimyo's son, bowing with all the respect he could muster. "My how you have grown. I trust you know what you are here for?" He asked. The Daimyo's son was tall and well built. He had short black hair with blue eyes. He and Hiashi sat in the Hyuga Complex's main room drinking tea.

Akira looked somewhat bored as he took a sip of tea. "Yes, 17 years ago you arranged it so that your daughter and I would be married. I am quite eager to see her. Where is she?" He asked politely.

Hiashi smiled at Akira. This boy would never disrespect him or call him a pompous bastard. He would always greet him with Hiashi-sama, as the way it was supposed to be. Hiashi shuddered everytime he saw his daughter with that fox demon. He couldn't imagine pure, untainted Hyuga blood mixing with demon blood. He was glad his future son-in-law was here to stop Hinata from fooling around with the other boy.

"She is not here as of this moment. I'm afraid to say that she is in love with someone else. But I believe she has been misguided. She hasn't been able to think straight because of his influence," Hiashi said. He knew he was lying, but he was desperate to get his daughter away from Naruto.

"I understand. It happens to the best of them, Hiashi-sama. Some girls want at least some excitement in their lives. It is a phase which they go through. I will put things into perspective for her. Can you take me to her?" He asked.

Hiashi grinned. "Of course."

When Hinata woke up, she could feel that today was going to be different from most days. She knew that something was going to happen. The problem was, she didn't know if it was going to be good or bad. So she slipped her slippers on and left her apartment room to go and visit her precious Naruto-kun.

When she found the note and read it, she was even more confused. So she slipped back into her apartment and walked to her coffee pot. She made herself a cup of coffee and sat down to watch some television while she waited for her boyfriend to come back. She looked down at her arm which held her bracelet Naruto had given to her and smiled. She never took it off. To her, it signified her and Naruto's relationship. They would always be together, no matter what.

She had been extrememly happy with Naruto during the past year. He had been so kind and understanding with her. He helped her whenever she needed help, and loved her every second of the day. She knew that they were only seventeen, but she desperately wanted to marry him. She was so ready to be able to wake up everymorning in Naruto's arms.

She glanced out her window. She could see the heat in the air, and knew that the day was going to be hot. 'Maybe Naruto-kun and I could go swimming later,' She thought excitedly as a daydream of her and Naruto swimming together happily.

That daydream, however, was destroyed when she heard a knock at her door. Thinking it was Naruto, she quickly ran to the door. She opened it.

To her great surprise, it wasn't Naruto standing at her door with the warm smile she loved so much. It was her father, standing in the door next to a boy her age who was smiling nervously. You would never suspect that he was a sonorous rich guy from his blush.

Hinata looked up at her father with questioning eyes. "Father, what are you doing here?" She asked. She was fearing the worste, and that's what was about to happen.

"Hinata, we need to talk."

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