I couldn't help but remember an old practical joke that my mum played on a work mate years ago and had to share it with you so you could play it in the next few months (unfortunately can't work for mothers day)

What happens when a card is sent to Daniel Jackson marked by a scrawl?


Daniel was walking down the halls of the SGC glade to have a moments peace with Vala off having fun showing the new recruits how to manipulate the men on other planets "incase there is no way out" she stressed but Daniel new she was bored and wanted to have some fun with the younger women showing them how to use their sex appeal against other men. Thankfully he managed to get out of being the dummy. Barely.

"Daniel how are you?" Jack asked as he walked down the corridor of the SGC in his uniform

"Jack, what are you doing here? Last I heard you were trying to repair relations with the Russian's over McKay." Daniel replied, he new that Jack was no diplomat but it was part of his job of Home World Security to make sure that everyone who new about the Stargate was happy with its performances.

"Yes, well I needed your expert opinion what does—" Jack was interrupted by Sam who was laughing as she walked out of Daniel's Office.



"Daniel, Sir umm, how are you?" Sam asked trying not to laugh

"What's up Carter? You havn't been drinking P3H-989er's apple juice again have you?" Jack asked

"No sir. Sorry Daniel but I didn't mean to look—I mean I didn't expect a card like that in your office." Carter said trying not to laugh as they walked in.

"What are you talking about?" Daniel asked Sam pointed to his desk where a "Happy Father's Day" card was on his desk open for the world to see.

"Uh Danny-boy am I an uncle and didn't know about it?" Jack asked feigning hurt. Daniel was reading the insert

"Huh? No this is news to me. Listen to this: "Daniel I wanted to tell you for ages about our child but had a fight and new it was too late. I saw you the other day shopping with a large group so didn't want to cause a scene, but please baby, please ring me our girl wants to meet her daddy and being 11 I can't play the 'Stork' story any more. Lots of love. Then a scrawl."

"Sounds like, umm…well who did you know 11 years ago?" Jack asked understanding how Sam was laughing it took all his won't power to laugh,

"Sha're, Sam, Sara…" Daniel replied

"Dead, no way, taken as a host…" Sam replied.

"Who's dead?" Mitchell asked as he walked in with Teal'c

"Greetings O'Neill."

"T! Mitchell how are you?" Jack asked greeting his old team mate and replacement

"Do you know who sent this card?" Daniel asked handing it to Mitchell

"No but I want to meet my nephew."

"Indeed." Teal'c replied as Daniel went to grab coffee for everyone though wishing he had something stronger he handed a mug to everyone.

"Is it not customary for cigars to be handed out DanielJackson?" Asked Teal'c

"Yes well…" Daniel tried to dodge the question.

"Who could have sent this card to you anyway? This is supposed to be a secret base no citizen allowed." Sam replied only to get looked at by the men in the room

"You all know what I mean…there's no way a woman could sneak in, place a card on the desk and walk out again." Sam replied

"You know Sam has a good point." Mitchell replied

"Perhaps it came in today's mail?" Jack asked sitting on the corner of the desk. Vala came in the room stretching

"Thought you were all here…ooo a card can I see?" Vala asked taking the card off the table her face was one of excitement to shattered.

"D-Daniel I, umm thought w-we were you know…" Vala asked

"Its not what you think." Daniel tried to explain but how do you tell someone who had a crush on him that he didn't know of a child that was his.

"Not what I think? Daniel there is a child out there with your DNA perhaps with your Drop Dead Gorgeous eyes out there and you are calm about this?" Vala asked

"Vala I didn't know she existed till half an hour ago." Daniel replied

"That's not good enough. You need to get on that phone and call every girl you ever had 'relations' with and see if you have recklessly abandoned something that you should have taken home with you." Vala replied.

"Anyone want pie?" Jack asked as he left the office with SG-1 in tow leaving Daniel and Vala alone. Daniel went to follow them only to be stopped by Vala,

"Daniel what are you a man or munchkin?" Vala asked with her hands on her hips with out missing a beat Daniel danced out the door signing

"Were off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of Oz."


In General Landry's office SG-1 and Jack were sitting down waiting for Landry to make a few comments on this new enlightened endeavor of Daniel's.

"Well young man, the only thing I can say is hope you have a nest egg. Because 11 years of child support is a lot of money." Landry commented

"Don't doubt that sir, but the main concern is trying to find out who the child and her mother is." Mitchell replied everyone looked around the room for Vala to make a comment but couldn't find her any where.

"Daniel where's Vala?" Landry asked

"We had a bit of a fight and she went to cool off." Daniel replied

"Oh Ok. Colonel how did the search results go for finding who placed the envelope in the room?" Landry asked

"As General O'Neill thought the letter came in today's mail so it could have been handled by a hundred different people before I saw it." Sam replied Hank stared at the card before looking at the rest of SG-1 and Jack

"I don't care how you do it, or how long it takes find out who sent this card." Landry replied


Up in the video recording room Siler, Walter and Vala were sitting in front of the camera's eating popcorn and drinking soda.

"Should we tell them about the prank?" Siler asked only to get Vala and Walter throw popcorn at him.

"No I think we will continue this for a while. Walter who did you get to sign the card anyway?" Vala asked grabbing another handful of hot buttered popcorn.

"My sister wrote the card. Got her friend to send it via the post office where Siler collected it with the rest of the mail. Where technicians sorted it and I placed on his desk." Walter replied.

"You men are mean." Vala replied

"You thought of it. By the way great acting." Siler replied all Vala could do was bow while sitting down.


Hope you all enjoyed it. Mum had fun with her work mate three days before Father's day and her workmate took the letter to his dad and family who were upset that there was a child they could dote on was not around.

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