This is another prank that had been played on me recently and thought this was worthy enough to be played on SG-1. This is also harmless so can be played (cheaply) on anyone.


The men of SG-1 won the debate with Sam and Vala to use the showers before them, after all there were three men to two women and it was a sandy planet…

"So another mission that was 'safe' becoming a 'fight-for-your-life' fantastic." Cam replied stepping into the shower spray.

"Yeah well you wanted 'the band' to be together." Daniel replied grabbing the soap.

"That is correct major Mitchell." Teal'c replied.

"Uh, Danny when you use soap its supposed to lather up like this see?" Mitchell replied trying to demonstrate the use of soap suds.

"What the…?" Cam replied when the soap refused to work.

"Its not even getting wet the water comes straight off and its 'shiny'" Cam replied. Daniel turned off his water and tried to 'soap' the tile to find no residue.

"I have a feeling Vala is behind this." Daniel replied

"Yeah you don't half have a crush do you?" Cam replied

"huh? All I said was Vala is behind this. How is that 'Crushy'?" Daniel asked

"You bring her name up quiet frequently DanielJackson." Teal'c replied Daniel wrapped a towel around him as he walked to the change room and got dressed.

"Do not!" Daniel replied the other men also got dressed and went to hunt the girls down but found it wasn't that hard.

"'Bout time you got out, leave any water for me?" Vala asked with her bright smile.

"Oh yeah and plenty of soap, great joke really got us with that one." Cam replied he saw the confusion in the girl's eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Sam asked

"The fact that the soap doesn't lather where did you get it joke shop? Plastic?" Daniel asked.

"No the soap wasn't a joke store bought." Sam replied

"No it was store bought so was the nail polish." Vala replied

"Nail polish?" Cam asked

"Yeah, we kinda covered all the SG-1 soap in clear nail polish/varnish let it dry then replaced it before we went off world." Vala replied.

"Ok, can we please have some 'real' soap please?" Daniel asked the girls thought for a moment before grinning wickedly handing over a pink bar for each of them.

"Men, I think next time we make a chocolate cake we don't use the chocolate squares marked 'laxative'" Cam replied as they grudgingly took the pink soap.

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