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Chapter 1- Memories, Memories

The petite brunette girl sat behind her desk, with her back towards her office door. There were picture frames covering the desk and papers everywhere. There were spools of fabric covering the room and sketches pinned to all parts of the wall. The place was a mess, but it was an organized mess as she liked to call it. After all she was the boss, and if she didn't mind her office messy, then why should anyone else?

"Yes I am so excited that you are coming into town….I know four whole days, it is going to be amazing…..yup I took off Friday and Monday, since the show is Thursday night I am definitely going to need a few days off with all the stress I'm under…yeah its going to be perfect I hope, I'm glad that you are coming for the show, you have no idea...yeah Haley will be excited to see you too….are you bringing the kidlets?...good! I'm excited to see them…yeah seriously we will just make Jake and Nathan stay home with them so we can have some girl time..."

She was interrupted by a knock at the door, she waved her hand, ordering the blonde girl in her office "Miss Davis, the models are here" the young woman said.

"Okay, thank you Amelia…Yeah sorry Peyt I've gotta go…yeah I'm glad I got to talk to you too…so I will see you in two days….okay you too, love you…bye Pey." Brooke smiled as she got off the phone.

It was a long needed vacation. She had started her clothing line in high school, and it was a small project for a while. She went to college for business and fashion design, and straight out of college opened her own boutique. It was such an exciting time in life, and her small business was booming, she was making a lot of money, and had a big staff. She didn't realize that fame could come so fast. But it came with a price; she was constantly busy and didn't have much time for her closest friends, let alone a social life. But that's the way she liked it, busy so she didn't think what could have been. Her life was amazing, she loved her career, and she knew she was lucky. She had her dream job and friends that loved her and that's all that mattered.

Brooke's Boutique was having a fashion show for their new spring line of clothes. It was a very important show and there were going to be a lot of important people there. She had to get her clothes out there. She had many offers of department stores wanting to sale her clothes, but she wanted to keep it her business. There were hopefully going to be a lot of famous people there and if they liked her stuff, she could be one of the next up and coming designers.

It was Tuesday morning, and the show was on Thursday night. She felt like she hadn't been home for weeks. She was either in the office or at the boutique. But she knew after Thursday night it would be all worth it.

She looked at her schedule for the day.

11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. - Last fitting for the models

1:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m. - Lunch break

1:30 p.m. -3:00 p.m.-Meeting with staff-last minute show stuff

3:30p.m.-4:30 p.m. –Polaroid's of models in clothes for show

4:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m. –Show Rehearsal

8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. –Meeting with staff- talk about how rehearsal went

She closed her planner and sighed, it's going to be a long day she thought as she walked out of her office into the lobby where 12 models were waiting for their turn to be fitted.

"Alright Amelia, so what's the update?"

"Well Miss Davis, I have Freddy, Emily, Allison, and Dante fitting the models, I have been watching over until you were off of the phone, everything is actually running smoothly, I have Freddy and Emily working together, and Allison and Dante, so between the four of them, they are fitting two models at a time. All fourteen of our models have actually shown up, and on time. I think today should run by smoothly" Amelia smiled, out of breath hoping she had made her boss feel a little less stressed out.

"Sounds great Amelia, what would I do without you?" Brooke laughed as she hugged her assistant.

The rest of the day had gone by smoothly; they were only a half hour behind schedule which was surprising. The rehearsal had gone well and Brooke seemed happy with it. Working with models was Brooke's least favorite part of her job. It was all about them all the time, but this time they actually had a good group. They were in the beginning of their modeling career and wanted to please Brooke. It made it a lot easier to work with since they were excited about the job.

"Brooke, it is 10:00, you really should be getting home, it is late. Today went by well, I think we should be pleased with ourselves" Amelia smiled as she sat down on the couch in Brooke's office.

"I know, it really did go well. Thanks for all of your help; you have been like an amazing friend and assistant. But go home, I am almost done with this, I promise I will be out of here in the next half hour." Brooke smiled tiredly at her friend who she could tell was exhausted.

"Alright Brooke, I'll see you tomorrow, bright and early! The big day is almost here! I'm so excited!" Amelia squealed as she stood up and gave her friend a hug.

"Bye Amelia"

"See ya tomorrow Brooke, and don't forget, a half hour, you promised" She smiled as she walked out the door.

Brooke had met Amelia in college. She was going into business and had a great head on her shoulders. They had met in a sorority their freshman year and instantly became friends. They stuck by each other through all the ups and downs of college life and they made it through. When Brooke opened her boutique and business boomed immediately she knew that she needed someone she trusted to help her run her business. Amelia was excited when Brooke asked for her help.

Brooke was surprised that she did so well her first few months of business, but since she had a website with her clothes on it since high school, she was already pretty well known so it didn't take much for sales to boom once her boutique opened.

Brooke looked at the pictures on her desk.

And I cannot remember

What life was like through photographs

Trying to recreate images life gives us from our past

She looked at the picture of her and Amelia, they were at the bar the night of graduation. They were hugging each other and looked so happy. They each had a margarita in their hand and Brooke was winking at the camera, Amelia had a huge smile on her face.

There was one of her, Peyton, and Haley from the night before the boutique opened. They were standing in front of it in the dark. The sign 'Brooke's Boutique' was lit up, they were facing the sign with their arms around each other looking up at the sign. The picture was of their backs, Nathan had taken it, and Brooke loved it. It marked the beginning of her new life.

There was one of Peyton's family picture from Christmas. Who would've thought Peyton Sawyer-Jagielski would send out cheesy Christmas pictures of her family? Brooke thought as she smiled looking at the picture. They were all in red plaid matching pajamas. Jake and Peyton were sitting on the floor in front of a huge Christmas tree. Jenny, who was now almost 6, was sitting in her dad's lap, her long straight blonde hair in two braids tied with red ribbons. She had just lost her two front teeth so her smile was priceless. Then there was Brynlee. She just turned 1 and was sitting on Peyton's lap; she had a big red bow in her blonde curly hair. They all looked so happy and content. Brooke ran her finger over the picture and set it back down on the desk. She knew her best friend was happy, and that made her happy. She had a beautiful family and Brooke knew she loved it.

The Nathan and Haley Scott family picture was next. Brooke picked it up and laughed at it, this one wasn't professionally taken, and that's what Brooke loved about it. She had taken it one day when they were at her house swimming.


Haley and Brooke were laying in lounge chairs on the side of the pool. Nathan and Tanner were swimming when all the sudden it was quiet.

"Brooke do you hear that?" Haley whispered to Brooke as she nudged her arm.

"Hear what Haley, I hear nothing, what are you talking about?" Brooke asked confused, without taking her eyes off of her magazine.

"Exactly, it's quiet Brooke. I haven't just sat in the quiet for 2 years since Tanner was born. Awww it feels so good" Haley sighed as she rested her magazine on her stomach and closed her eyes. Brooke smiled and continued reading her magazine.

"Mommy we's coming" Tanner giggled, Haley turned around, and right when she looked up Nathan grabbed her and jumped in the water with her. Tanner stood at the side of the pool clapping his hands and laughing.

Nathan and Haley resurfaced, soaking wet. Nathan had the biggest smile on his face and Haley didn't look so happy.

"Mommy you's pway wif us?" Tanner asked.

Haley smiled at him "Of course Tanny, come on jump in!"

Tanner flapped his arms with his big floaty's stepped right to the edge of the pool and jumped in, Haley started clapping and pulled him towards her. Nathan was standing behind her with his arms still around her waist smiling. Haley was holding a giggling Tanner and couldn't help but laugh at her crazy kid. Just then Brooke snapped the picture, without them knowing.

End Flashback

This should be a Christmas card, Brooke laughed as she set the picture back down on her desk.

There it was. The picture that always made her remember everything. Made her remember him. It was a picture of the 6 of them. Nathan was standing next to the picnic table and was giving Haley a piggy back ride, they were both laughing and Haley's eyes were closed. Jake and Peyton were sitting on the picnic bench, they were both smiling at the camera and he was holding her hand. Then there he was. The blonde haired blue eyed guy that had once owned her heart. Lucas Scott. He was sitting on the picnic table, with his feet resting on the benches. Brooke was sitting in-between his legs and his arms were wrapped around her, she was looking up at him with a huge smile on her face and he was kissing her forehead.

And sometimes it's a sad song


"Can you believe it, 11th grade is officially over! We are seniors!" Nathan exclaimed as he got out of his car, followed by Haley, Jake, and Peyton.

"I know, we are almost done, one more year! And you know senior year is the best!" Jake said as he gave Nathan a high five.

"Hey where are Lucas and Brooke, I thought they were right behind us?" Haley asked looking back at the road, as Jake and Nathan picked up the ball and started shooting hoops.

"Oh you know those two, they probably wanted some alone time, I think Karen has been spending a lot of time with them lately, and she's coming here with snacks, maybe they just needed time alone?" Peyton shrugged as she sat on the picnic table.

"Yeah I'm sure your right" Haley smiled as she sat down next to Peyton.

Haley and Peyton both jumped at the sound of an unexpected car horn. They turned around "Well Hales, they're here, Brooke never wants to come unnoticed" Peyton laughed as Brooke and Lucas got out of the car and immediately found each others hands.

"You guys! We are seniors!" Brooke squealed as she jumped up and down.

"Yeah we already had this talk, but then again we've been here ten minutes longer than you have, and no we really don't wanna know what you guys were doing" Peyton laughed.

"Oh zip it Sawyer! Broody, go win some basketball!" Brooke laughed as she sat down on the picnic table and laid her head on Peyton's lap.

Karen pulled up 5 minutes later with 2 picnic baskets of snacks from the café. "Alright kids, before I leave, which I'm sure you want me to, I want to get a picture of all of you together! This is such a big step in your life and you all are just so happy! This is a night to remember!"

"Uggghhh Mom, do we have to? This isn't a big deal, we haven't graduated yet" Lucas said frustrated as he threw the basketball to Nate.

"Come on Luke, your mom's right! And I love pictures, so just come on!" Brooke whined.

"Alright fine. But I'm only doing this for you" Lucas sighed as Brooke stood up and kissed his lips.

Haley got off of the picnic table and jumped on Nathan's back.

"Okay everyone by the picnic table…Great…1, 2, 3, say Cheese!" Karen smiled looking at the 6 teenagers, Jake and Peyton the only ones to say Cheese. The flash went off.

End Flashback

She set the picture down and shook her head, trying to get the memory out of her head. That was a long time ago Brooke thought, everything is different, that time of my life is a distant memory.

"Wow, its 11 already, I have to be back here in 8 hours, geesh" Brooke said to herself as she gathered her stuff and headed home.

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