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Chapter 50- Epilogue

Brooke swung her bag over her shoulder as she climbed out of her car. She stuffed her phone into her pocket and opened the backdoor, reaching into the car and unbuckling Griffin from his car seat.

"Come here baby" she said to herself as she lifted the sleeping toddler from the car. She rested him onto her hip, and he immediately snuggled his head into her shoulder until he got comfortable and then sucked on his binky, lulling himself back to sleep. Brooke reached to the floor of the car and grabbed the light blue blanket, covering Griffin with it. She pushed the door shut with her hip and made her way into the office.

"Hey Brooke" Amelia smiled, rushing around, a long dress draped over her arm.

"How's everything going here?" Brooke asked, slightly bouncing to make sure Griffin would stay asleep.

"It's going well, we are almost packed up and ready to go" Amelia smiled, giving Brooke a quick nod to reassure her.

"Good" Brooke sighed, feeling relief consume her body. Brooke walked into her office; laying Griffin down in the Pac-N-Play bed that had become a permanent fixture in her office since Alexis was born. She covered him with his blanket and then made her way over to her computer, booting it up. Tomorrow they left for fashion week in New York. They had spent so much time preparing, but it didn't seem to help because the last week had been hell getting ready. She knew that once it was all over she'd feel a lot better, and she was excited about showing her clothes. She printed off her families plane tickets, and then reaching for her phone she called Lucas.

"Hello" Lucas said, answering on the first ring.

"Hey babe" Brooke sighed into the phone, leaning back into her chair and closing her eyes. It was crazy how just hearing Lucas' voice suddenly made her feel more relaxed.

"How are things going?" Lucas asked, knowing that his wife was currently very stressed out.

"It's been okay; I just got to the office. Amelia said that they are almost ready to go, just finishing packing things up. I just have to go over everything once more to make sure we got all the stuff we need" Brooke told him, glancing over at Griffin who was still fast asleep.

"It sounds like everything is under control, that's good" Lucas smiled. "How's Griff?"

"He fell asleep on the way over here, I hope he stays that way" Brooke said, gathering up the flight itinerary and slipping it into her purse. "Those molars are kicking his butt" Brooke said, referring to the teeth that were currently pushing their way through her baby's gums. "He's been really fussy today."

"Poor little guy" Lucas sighed, "I'm almost done here then I can come get him."

"Actually, Luke, do you think you could go pick up Lex from pre-school" Brooke asked, scrunching her face up and hoping that he could do it. "I was gonna ask Hale's to, but I guess she had to go have a meeting with Tanner's teacher…"

"Yeah," Lucas said, "I should be able to."

"Thanks Luke, you're the best. I better get going, there's a lot to do and little time to do it in" Brooke groaned.

"Hang in there baby" Lucas comforted, "I'll swing over there after I get Alexis."

"Okay, sounds good" Brooke smiled softly. "Love you…"

"I love you too, bye Pretty Girl" Lucas said before hanging up the phone.

Brooke slipped the phone back into her purse. She checked on Griffin once more and then made her way out into the madness of the office.

She couldn't believe that this would be the third time that her clothes had been shown in fashion week. She remembered the first time that she had been invited. Alexis had only been a year old, and it was a crazy trip.


"Lucas, can you get her coat on" Brooke said, running around the room while gathering up Alexis' things in her bag.

"I'm trying" Lucas said, holding the tiny black and white checkered coat up in front of him. Alexis babbled as Lucas tried to put one of her tiny arms into the coat. But every time he got one arm in and started on the next one, Alexis pulled the first arm out.

"Here, just let me do it" Brooke said, grabbing the coat from Lucas. He watched as Brooke expertly slipped the coat onto the little girl, buttoning up the large black buttons that went down the front.

"How did you do that" Lucas asked, staring back in amazement as the toddler clapped her hands together.

"It's not rocket science Luke" Brooke told him as she slipped two tiny black shoes onto Alexis' itty bitty feet. Alexis pulled at the shiny black shoes, waving her feet around and giggling as the light shone off the little shoes. "Can you grab that black bow out of the hair bag?"

"Uh, yeah" Lucas said, letting go of the tie he had been fumbling with. He found the 'hair bag' and began rummaging through the many bows and headbands that it held. He pulled out four different black bows, "Which one?"

"The one that's attached to the black headband" Brooke said, giving Lucas the 'duh' look, as if he should've known.

"Right" Lucas said, staring at all of the bows as if they were alien. He walked towards Brooke, handing her the headband and watched as she placed it in Alexis' short, curly blonde hair.

"Ma-ma-ma" Alexis babbled, a big grin on her face as her mom finished getting her ready.

"Okay baby" Brooke said to the little girl, placing a soft kiss on her forehead, "Go see daddy while mommy finishes getting ready" Brooke said, lifting Alexis off of the bed and handing her to Lucas. "Don't let her get dirty, I'm just gonna go get dressed."

Lucas nodded, resting his daughter on his hip as she immediately reached for his red tie, putting it directly in her mouth. "Lex" Lucas laughed, trying to wrestle the tie away from her chubby fingers, "Mommy will kill me if my tie gets screwed up" Lucas told her, finally giving up as she pulled and giggled, thinking he was playing with her. "Let's find your cup instead." He said, walking to the kitchen in their hotel suite. He opened the fridge, pulling out a small pink plastic cup and handing it to Alexis. She smiled and dropped the tie, sucking on the Sippy cup.

"Alright" Brooke said, walking out of the bathroom, flipping her chocolate brown curls over her bare shoulder. She was wearing a deep red satin dress that she had designed specifically for this event. It was strapless, and hugged all of her curves at the right places.

"You look amazing" Lucas said, catching sight of his wife.

"Thanks" Brooke sighed, walking up to Lucas and kissing him lightly on the mouth. "Ready?"

"Yeah, we better go" Lucas said, grabbing Brooke's long black coat and helping her slip it on. Brooke grabbed her Coach bag, making sure she had all of Alexis' things inside.

Brooke and Lucas dropped Alexis off with Peyton and Jake, they had come up to New York to see Brooke and Lucas while they could and to help out with Alexis as much as possible. After they left a screaming Alexis, they made their way to the fashion show.

"Who knew fashion week with a toddler would be so hard" Brooke sighed, leaning against Lucas in the cab.

I just want to see you

When you're all alone

He rubbed his hand down her arm, "You are amazing," he told her, causing her to lift her head and look up at him. "Seriously Brooke. You are a great mother, and your designs are perfect. I don't know many people who could do this all, but you pull it off."

"Thanks" she mumbled, "I just feel like I could be doing so much better. I feel like if I'm at work then I'm not being a good mom to Lexi, but then if I work less, it makes me feel so unappreciative of everything I've accomplished with the clothing line."

"Don't worry about it, you are a great mom and look…they asked you to bring your clothes to fashion week. You aren't just here to watch this time, you are actually in it. Your clothes are hitting the runway tonight" Lucas said, grinning down at Brooke.

"I'm nervous" Brooke said, her eyes growing big with fear.

I just want to catch you if I can

"You'll do great, your clothes will do great" Lucas said, reassuring Brooke as he kissed the top of her head. "I'm so proud of you."

End Flashback

Lucas came over to Brooke's office as soon as he picked up Alexis. He helped Brooke with whatever he could, and they finally left at around 7. Brooke was extremely stressed so Lucas insisted that she take a bubble bath and relax, while he fed the kids and put them to bed. After they were asleep, Lucas pulled two large suitcases out of the closet and two smaller ones as well. He started to pack the kids clothes into one of the smaller suitcases. Brooke had already picked out all of their clothes, leaving them on her bed, so all Lucas had to do was put them into the suitcase.

Brooke had taught him how to use a suitcase the right way, folding and stacking clothes so that you could fit as much stuff into the suitcase as possible. After he finished putting Griffin and Alexis' things into the smaller suitcases, he began packing his own. Brooke had also picked out a few things for him to wear, just 'guidelines' as she liked to say, but he knew that meant that she wanted him to wear the white button up shirt with the navy tie and that he better pack it…or else.

As he was laying his clothes into the suitcase Brooke came out of the bathroom, her hair wrapped in a towel and a white robe wrapped around her body. "Thanks Luke" she said, noticing that he had started packing. She smiled at the blonde boy as he looked up at her, surprised to see her standing there.

"No problem" Lucas smiled, holding onto Brooke's hands as she reached for him. He stood up, his hands still grasping onto Brookes. She smiled at him, biting on her bottom lip. "How are you doing?" he asked, "Feeling any better?"

"Sort of" Brooke shrugged, "I mean you know how it is, stressful. But thanks for letting me get some alone time." She smiled, letting go of his hands so that she could place hers on his chest. She ran her fingers around the cloth of his shirt. "I don't know what I'd do without you" she said quietly, gripping onto his shirt and then leaning her head on his shoulder.

"Good thing you won't have to find out" Lucas smiled, bringing a finger to her chin and lifting her head up. He slowly moved his face towards hers, capturing her lips with his.

Brooke pulled away from the kiss sighing. Lucas had his arms wrapped around her waist and he slowly released her. "Better get back to packing" Brooke groaned, looking at the suitcases and mounds of clothes.

"Okay, come on Lexi, we need to go like, now" Brooke said, poking her head into the 4 year olds room again.

"But Mommy" Alexis whined, "I can't find my blankie" she said, Brooke watching as tears slowly filled the little girls eyes.

Brooke walked over to her daughter, reaching her arms out to her, "come here sweetie, I think daddy already got it" She said, lifting Alexis into her arms and smoothing her blonde hair.

"O-o-kay" Alexis whimpered, roughly wiping the tears from her eyes. "Aunt Haley is coming?"

"She is going to meet us in Tree Hill after we go to New York" Brooke explained, leaving the bright pink bedroom to meet Lucas downstairs.

"Are you girls ready?" Lucas asked, handing a small bag of grapes and strawberries to Alexis. "I think its time for a plane ride!" he enthused; picking up Griffin from the ground and swinging him around like a plane making the little boy laugh uncontrollably.

"Yeah, I think we are" Brooke said, Alexis resting her head on her mom's shoulder. "Did you get Lexi's blanket?"

"Of course" Lucas said, setting Griffin back down on the ground.

"Momma" Griffin said, pulling on Brooke's pant leg. "I see's Gamma!"

"Yep" Brooke smiled, "We are gonna have a sleepover with Grandma!"

"And Aunt Haley and Aunt Peyton!" Alexis grinned, wiggling until Brooke set her on the ground. She grabbed Griffin's hand. "And you get to play with Preston" she told her brother, giving him a big smile.

"And Mommy and Daddy get a night all to themselves" Lucas grinned, wrapping his arms around Brooke's waist and pulling her towards him. "Hey Lex, how about you go grab you and Griffin's jackets off the hook in the hallway" Lucas suggested.

"Okay c'mon Bubs" Alexis smiled, giving Lucas a thumbs up and dragging her brother into the hall.

"Yeah Wexi" Griffin smiled, following his sister.

Lucas wasted no time in capturing Brooke's lips into a kiss. "Very sneaky Mr. Scott" Brooke laughed, pulling away from the kiss.

"I thought so" He smiled, before leaning down and kissing her once more.

"Okay, okay" she said, pushing him away, "you gotta stop that, cause we gotta go."

Fashion week had been a very big success again. Brooke was relieved that it was over, and excited to start planning for next year. There were a lot of people interested in her clothes and she had a feeling that business would be booming. She was one of the only small name designers that had such a big runway show, and people were showing a lot of interest in her clothes.

Once fashion week ended, they decided they were going to take a two week vacation relaxing in Tree Hill with there family. Haley and Nathan were also going to meet them there, making this the first time in years that everyone was together at the same time. Alexis and Griffin both couldn't wait to see their grandma Karen, and she couldn't wait to see them either.

"We're here" Lucas said, opening the front door to Karen's small house. He stepped in, smelling something good cooking.

Karen stepped into the hall, drying her hands on a small towel, a large smile on her face. "It's so good to see you" Karen said, stepping towards Lucas as Alexis ran in, pushing past her dad.

"Gammy!" She squealed, running straight into Karen's legs, wrapping her arms around her knees.

"There's my girl" Karen grinned, lifting Alexis up into a hug.

"Karen!" Brooke grinned, stepping into the door, holding a smiling Griffin in her hands.

"Gamma" Griffin called, his hands still secured around Brooke's neck.

"Brooke…Griffin" Karen smiled, walking towards them and hugging Brooke with her one free hand. "I'm so glad you guys are here, and just in time for dinner."

"I'm starving" Lucas moaned, walking directly towards the kitchen. "I can't wait for a home cooked meal."

"Lucas!" Brooke shrieked, walking behind him and slapping him on the back. "I cook!"

Alexis started to giggle, "Exactly" Lucas said, nodding towards Alexis.

"I do" Brooke said, scrunching up her face and stomping a foot.

"Okay, I have the couch bed set up for the kids and your old room is ready for you two" Karen said as her and Brooke washed the dishes from dinner.

"Thanks so much" Brooke said, drying a dish before putting it away in the cupboard. "It just feels so good to be home."

Karen wrapped an arm around Brooke, pulling her into a side hug. "It feels good to have you guys home." Karen grinned, releasing Brooke. She started to scrub another plate and then paused, looking up at Brooke, "You know, you are the best thing that happened to Lucas."

Brooke felt herself starting to blush and she shrugged. "I'm not so sure about that…"

"You are Brooke" Karen said, setting down the plate she had been holding. She motioned towards the living room where Lucas was dressing the kids for bed and then reading them a story. "He wouldn't be there without you Brooke."


"I'm serious." Karen told her, resting a hand on Brooke's arm. "You were always meant to be together…"

Brooke turned around looking into the living room where Lucas had a kid propped on each knee as he read a 'The Going to Bed Book'. She smiled, watching as Alexis turned the page and Griffin's eyes lit up with each word Lucas read. "He's a great dad."

Karen nodded, "But he wouldn't be there without you Brooke."

I just want to be there when the morning light explodes

On your face it radiates

I can't escape

Brooke moved around in bed, slowly opening her eyes. She felt Lucas' arms wrapped around her, and when she turned she saw that he was still asleep. She lifted his arm off of her and climbed out of bed, pulling his hoodie over her small tank top. She looked at the clock and noticed it was almost 11 am. She scrunched her face, wondering why the house was so quiet and why her kids didn't wake her up as usual.

"Where are you going?" Lucas asked sleepily as he opened his eyes to see Brooke heading out of the bedroom.

"To find our kids" Brooke laughed, and watched as Lucas sat up in bed and began rubbing his eyes.

She left the room and wandered through the small yet quiet house. She noticed Griffin and Alexis' pajamas strewn across the living room floor.

"Where are they?" Lucas asked, stretching his arms over his head as he entered the living room behind Brooke.

"I don't know" Brooke shrugged. Normally she would freak out, but she knew the kids were with Karen and it was just a matter of finding them.

Lucas left the room and walked into the kitchen to find something to drink. When he pulled open the fridge he noticed a note on the freezer. He lifted the magnet off of the piece of paper and took it in to Brooke.

"Looks like my mom took them to the café so we could sleep in" he told her, holding the note in the air and waving it around.

Brooke nodded, walking slowly towards Lucas and slipping her hands around his neck. "So we're alone" she said, a smile forming on her lips.

I love you 'til the end...

"I think we are Mrs. Scott" Lucas smiled, leaning down and capturing Brooke's lips in his. He ran his fingers through her hair as he deepened the kiss. Brooke pulled his head closer to her so that she could gain as much access to him as possible. Noticing the urgency of the kiss Lucas slowly began walking Brooke towards the couch. He released her lips long enough for him to sit down and for her to climb on his lap. Once they were situated he caught her lips in his once more.

"Go figure" they heard from behind.

"Is this all you guys do?" came another voice.

Brooke slowly peeled her lips off of Lucas and opened her eyes to reveal her two best friends standing in the doorway.

"Oh my god!" Brooke screeched, jumping off of Lucas' lap and running to her friends, throwing an arm around each one of them.

"B. Davis" Peyton grinned as Brooke released them. "It's been too long."

"Uh, yeah!" Brooke smiled, staring at her friends.

"We saw the kids at the café," Haley informed Brooke as Peyton went over to say hi to a very put out looking Lucas.

"Oh yeah?" Brooke nodded, running a hand through her messy hair.

"We should've known not to come over here knowing that you two would be alone" Haley said, raising an eyebrow.

"But we went against our better judgment and did anyways" Peyton chimed in.

"I'm gonna go shower" Lucas told Brooke, pointing towards the bathroom before walking towards it.

"I'd say that I would join you, but I don't think Hale's and Peyt wanna hear that" Brooke said with a giggle, receiving a slap from Peyton and a shocked face from Haley that quickly turned into an 'eewww' sound. "Kidding" Brooke said with a laugh.

"You two are out of control Davis" Peyton said with a laugh, shaking her head. "Good to know your spark hasn't run out."

Brooke winked at Peyton but before she could say anything Haley cut in.

"Anyways" Haley said, glaring towards each of her friends. A signal that meant the earlier conversation was over. "We came to steal you; we are going to get pedicures!"

"Where are the kids?" Brooke asked.

"Well, Jake and Nathan took them down to the River Court, Karen packed a lunch for them and Lucas is supposed to meet them there" Haley explained.

"So go get ready and let's get outta here!" Peyton said, pushing Brooke towards the bedroom.

"Why did we let the girls talk us into babysitting?" Nathan asked, dropping onto the blanket that was lying on the grass. "Those kids are tiring."

"Yeah, speak for yourself" Lucas laughed, watching as Griffin bounced a tiny basketball on the court. "My kids are angels."

"Which is shocking, considering who their mother is" Jake laughed, receiving a slap on the arm from Lucas.

"True" Nathan replied, leaning back and closing his eyes.

"Uh, Nate" Lucas said, causing Nathan to slowly open his eyes. "Preston is heading for the water again."

"Shit!" Nathan cussed, shooting up from the blanket and running towards his small son. Lucas and Jake both looked on and laughed.

Jenny, Brynlee, Alexis and Morgan were all playing on the newly constructed playground on the other side of the park, and Tanner was shooting baskets, being careful not to bounce the ball anywhere near Griffin who thought he was playing as well.

Nathan walked back to the blanket, a laughing Preston under his arm. "I swear these terrible twos are gonna be the end of me" he groaned, sitting down and holding a wiggling Preston in his arms. Lucas and Jake started to laugh once more, causing Nathan to glare at his two friends. "Hey, I wouldn't be laughing if I were you. If I recall Griffin will be 2 in only a few months and you get to experience it as well!"

Lucas shook his head, "I don't think so, I mean he's a pretty even tempered kid" Lucas told him, nodding towards Griffin who was still content bouncing his tiny basketball.

"Daddy" Alexis said, running over to Lucas as she held tightly to Morgan's hand. A tear was threatening to spill out of her eyes and her bottom lip began to quiver.

"What's wrong princess?" Lucas asked reaching his arms out just as Alexis fell into them, wrapping her small arms tightly around his neck.

"Me and Morgy want to play Barbie's with Bryn but Jenny said Barbie's are just for babies" Alexis got out, all in one breath before she was consumed with big crocodile tears and heaving sobs.

Lucas looked over to Jake who threw his hands up in protest. "Sweetie, it's okay. Jenny is just bigger than you guys so she doesn't like to play the same things. But that doesn't mean you guys are babies." Lucas explained, rubbing his hands down Alexis' back to sooth her.

"Okay daddy" Alexis said, wiping the tears from her eyes. She found Morgan's hand once again and whispered something in her ear, causing Morgan to giggle before they ran back to the playground.

"Girls" Nathan sighed, shaking his head.

"Tell me about it" Jake groaned.

Lucas stood up, walking over to the court where Tanner was shooting hoops and Griffin was trying to copy his older cousin.

"Daddy!" Griffin grinned, holding his ball in front of him as he watched his dad walk towards him. "I gots a ball!"

"Yeah you do little man" Lucas laughed. "Come here, wanna make a basket?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah-huh" Griffin said, smiling widley and nodding his head ferociously.

Lucas reached down, lifting up his laughing son. "Okay, ready?" Lucas said as he lifted Griffin up towards the hoop. Griffin reached his hands up, placing the ball in the basket.

"I dids it!" Griffin grinned, clapping his hands together. "I gots it Daddy!"

"Good job buddy" Lucas said, setting him back on the ground. Griffin immediately ran to get his ball that had bounced away.

"Again" Griffin commanded, reaching up for Lucas.

Lucas laughed, shaking his head as he lifted up his son once more. "Alright All-Star, dunk it dude!"

"Okay" Griffin laughed, dropping the ball into the hoop and holding onto the sides with his tiny hands.

After playing for a little while longer, Lucas left Griffin to play with Tanner and he walked back to where all of the guys were sitting.

It had been interesting getting all of their kids together. Jake and Peyton had tried getting pregnant again after Brynlee was born, but they didn't seem to have any luck. With Jenny now 11 years old, they were seeing a whole new side to how dramatic girls can be. Brynlee was 6, and she was a pretty easy going kid.

Nathan and Haley decided not to have anymore kids for now. Tanner was now 8 years old, and he seemed to get himself into a little bit of trouble at school. He was a really smart kid, but would rather make the other kids laugh than to listen to the teacher, and it was turning into a small problem. Morgan, now 5 and a half, was one of the smartest kids in her kindergarten class (thanks to Haley) and was Alexis' very best friend. Preston was 2 years old now, and he was all boy. He liked to get into anything and everything, and he was definitely giving Haley and Nathan a run for their money.

Alexis was 4 now, and getting ready to start kindergarten next year. Brooke and Lucas both couldn't believe that their little baby was growing up so fast. Griffin was 1 year and 9 months, and he loved any type of ball he could get his hands on. Lucas was excited, seeing that his son would most likely follow in his basketball footsteps.

This was the first time in over a year that all three families had been together at the same time. It was interesting to see how all of the kids interacted, all of them being different ages and at different stages in their life.

Griffin picked up his ball and wandered over to where all the guys were sitting.

"Daddy" Griffin whined, reaching his arms out to Lucas. "Binky" he told his dad once Lucas picked him up. Lucas could tell that he was getting sleepy and was ready for a nap. He reached over, grabbing Griffins binky and handing it to the little boy who immediately shoved it in his mouth and laid his head on his dad's shoulder.

"He's beat" Lucas said, "We better get going. We're all meeting for dinner right?"

"Yeah" Jake nodded, "That's the plan."

"Alright, we'll see you guys tonight then" Lucas told them. He gathered up their things and then went towards the playground, trying to convince Alexis that she would see her cousins later.

"Did you girls have fun today?" Lucas asked as Brooke set down a few bags from shopping.

"Yeah" she nodded with a smile. "Did you?" she asked, walking towards Lucas and giving him a kiss.

"We only had a few meltdowns" Lucas said with a laugh, "other than that it was good. It was fun for the kids and good to see Jake."

"Good" Brooke smiled, "Where's Lexi?"

"She's in the living room watching a movie" Lucas told her, "He's been out for awhile" Lucas added, nodding towards Griffin who was asleep on the bed in Luke's old room.

"I'm sure he was beat" Brooke laughed, walking over to her son and moving a piece of brown hair off of his forehead. "I'm surprised Alexis didn't fall asleep."

"Me too" Lucas agreed, wrapping his arms around Brooke once more. He slowly kissed Brooke, pulling her closer to him so she was leaning into his body.

"Mmm" she moaned, pulling away from him. "Let's not start this" she told him with a sly grin, placing a finger on his bottom lip. "We gotta get ready for dinner…"

"Uggh" Lucas moaned, leaning down and kissing her quickly before releasing her.

Brooke laughed, walking away from Lucas and towards the kids' suitcases. "Hey will you go get Alexis dressed?" Brooke asked, handing Lucas a tiny jean skirt and pink and white striped tights.

"Sure" he said, taking the clothes from Brooke.

"Here, and this" she said quickly, handing Lucas a white shirt and a pink sweater. "Thanks, you're the best love you!"

Lucas laughed, and left the room to go get Alexis dressed.

Brooke pulled out a pair of jeans and a grey hoodie for Griffin to wear and tried to decide if it would be in her best interest to wake him up. She decided to let him sleep a few more minutes and went to find Lucas and Lexi.

"Mommy!" Alexis shouted, jumping away from Lucas and running to her mom. "I missed you today."

"I missed you too Lex" Brooke said, wrapping her arms around her little girl. "Did you have fun playing with all your cousins today?"

"Yeah" Alexis shrugged, pursing her tiny lips together and scrunching up her nose. "But Jenny said we are babies."

Brooke laughed, and pulled Alexis in for another hug, "Well, you are mommy and daddy's baby" Brooke said, trying to reason with the little girl.

"But I'm big!" Alexis squealed, placing a hand on each of Brooke's cheeks.

"What do you think Luke?" Brooke asked, looking up at Lucas.

"Hmm" Lucas thought, putting a finger up to his chin. "Yeah, I think she is definitely our baby" he agreed, reaching down and picking up Alexis in one swift move. He rocked her like a baby causing her to erupt in a fit of giggles.

"Aww let me see the little baby" Brooke said in baby talk, walking over to Lucas and Alexis, tickling the little girls sides causing Alexis' giggles to turn into screeches.

"Okaaaay" Alexis laughed, wiggling until Lucas set her down. Brooke and Lucas both continued laughing.

"Come on Lex, lets go do your hair so we can go to dinner" Brooke said, reaching for her daughters hands.

"Is Griff still asleep?" Lucas asked, following Brooke and Alexis to the bathroom.

"Yeah, but if you wanna go wake him up you can" Brooke told him, lifting Alexis up and setting her on the counter. "I left his clothes on the bed."

Lucas came back into the bathroom a few minutes later holding a happy and dressed Griffin. Brooke had just finished putting two braids in Alexis' hair, tying white ribbons onto the ends.

"Momma" Griffin said excitedly, reaching his arms out for his mom.

"My baby!" Brooke grinned, taking Griffin from Lucas and hugging him against her. Lucas lifted Alexis from the counter and set her on the ground.

"There's your baby, silly" Alexis said, shaking her head at her parents as she pointed to her little brother.

"Wexi" Griffin said, wiggling until Brooke set him down. "Plays a ball" he said, looking up at his sister.

"Okay" Alexis said, grabbing his tiny hand in hers, "Let's go find your ball Bubba."

"Hey Lex," Brooke called after her; Alexis stopped and turned around to look at her mom. "How about you find his ball and then meet us at the door cause we gotta go to dinner."

When Brooke and Lucas walked into the café, each of them holding a kid, they noticed everyone sitting in the back of the small restaurant. Karen had pushed a couple tables together so that they would have one big enough to fit the large party.

Brooke and Lucas both said their hello's and sat down with everyone.

"I wanna sit by Morgy and Bryn" Alexis informed her mom, pulling at Brooke's hand until she got up to help her move her chair.

The kids were all talking to each other, making up most of the noise in the café. Peyton and Jake were telling everyone the story of when Peyton had locked her keys in the car while it was running. Haley managed to top that story, telling of the time when she had ran back into the house for something and Preston locked himself in the car.

They all sat around together, talking and laughing for hours.

Brooke thought back to when she was in college. She wasn't even talking to Lucas then, and she would've never imagined that this was how her life would've ended up. The memory made her sad and happy at the same time.

She leaned over to Lucas, his arm was wrapped around her already, and she kissed him. He didn't respond at first, not expecting her to kiss him so suddenly.

I'm lost for words

Don't tell me

"What was that for?" Lucas asked as she pulled away, everyone still talking in the background.

"Because" She smiled, leaning her forehead on his.

"Because why?" Lucas prodded, pecking her on the lips quickly. "You have that look in your eyes…"

Brooke just shrugged, removing her forehead from Luke's and looking around the table. She looked around, seeing the faces of all of the people she loved. Her best friends, their kids, and Griffin and Alexis. She watched as they all talked, and Alexis laughed loudly, throwing her head back in giggles. She saw Haley's mouth form into a complete 'O' in shock of something Nathan had said. She watched as Nathan kissed the side of her head, and Haley's shock turned into a smile. She saw Peyton lean her head on Jake's shoulder, a content smile on her face. She smiled as Griffin reached for her arm, resting his tiny hand on it. She turned back to face him, looking at the man she had always loved, her husband, her best friend. He was still staring directly into her eyes.

"I'm just happy." She replied simply with a shrug.

'Cause all I can say

He lifted his hand to her hair, running his fingers through it. "You know, I love you, Brooke Scott."

I love you 'til the end...

"Mmm" she smiled, closing her eyes for a few seconds. "I love you too, Luke."

The End

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