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Chapter 10

Rose" Emmett said sharply. I had never heard him use that tonality with his wife. "Could you be any more direct? Do you honestly think that you help the situation when you talk like that?" Rosalie just stood there with her arms crossed, glaring at Emmett. Surprisingly, though, Emmett did not seem to care. He ignored Rosalie and turned to face me and Edward. "Alice will find away" he said, ruffling my already crazy hair.

One of the flight attendants grabbed the microphone again. "Ladies and Gentlemen" she said shakily, "This is more serious than we thought. Please remain in your seats until further notice. We need your full cooperation." she hung up the microphone and turned to look at the flight attendant next to her. My heart dropped, and I looked at Alice. Please hurry, I thought! A murmur filled the plane as the people began to talk.. We just sat there holding onto each other and crying. Of course Edward could not shed a single tear, but I felt his chest shuddering against mine. I thought the plane began to shake harder, but maybe it was just me ...

Edward's point of view:

I suddenly felt the plane begin to shake more violently, and from the obvious panic in my Bella's large chocolate brown eyes, I could tell that she felt it also. Despite the fact that we were in a life-threatening situation and that I might lose her forever within the hour, I could not help but smile. My Bella. The way the words sounded in my mind. It felt so right. I leaned down and brushed my lips against hers. It made her heart rate increase even more than it already was. I was about to put my hand on her head to pull her closer to me, but a sudden jerk of the plane interrupted me. The impact would have caused Bella to fall out of her seat had I not been holding onto her as tightly as I was.

"I will always love you Edward," she said. Her voice was shaky and quiet. "No matter what happens tonight, I want you to know that my time with you was the greatest part of my life. Thank you for everything. And for me, please, please, PLEASE do not go to the Volturri. I…" but I pulled her into my chest to make her stop talking. I could not bear to think of losing her. I did not want to hear it. I was not ready, not that I ever would be, but still.

"It will be ok, love" I promised, hoping that I was telling the truth. "But do not talk of death. You will survive. I would not ever let anything happen to you." I could tell that my dazzling still had a huge effect on her. She seemed to forget about the awful situation we were in. Suddenly, Alice nudged me. Surprised, I turned to look at her, breaking Bella's and my eye contact. Back to reality for her.

"Edward!" Alice said, her voice filled with tension and fear. "We are out of time"

Suddenly the plane began to drop a little as the engine began to give out. We were slowly declining, and I realized that we would soon be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Bella was crying, clinging to my chest. She was mumbling nonsense, declaring her love for me and how she would miss me. I instantly became numb. I grabbed her as tightly as I could and held her. I heard the passengers on the plane screaming helplessly. Some were taking out their cell phones to call their families and say goodbye.

"Idiots. There is no service in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean" Rose mumbled. Alice slapped her.

"Help us Rose! We need to think of what to do! We have no time left!" Alice cried out.

I just sat there holding my Bella. My brain had shut off completely. I felt as though I was watching my life in slow motion with the volume off. Everyone looked sort of blurry, and I saw mouths move quickly, but heard no sound come from their lips. I saw Bella's tears slide one at a time down her pale cheek. I could not contain myself any longer. I began to cry out. I grabbed Bella and held her, taking in her scent and trying to calm her. "I love you" I mumbled over and over. "I love you…"

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