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Chapter one

Five years has gone past, Darren and Alisa and their five year old son Dan are living in a house in a small town. They have a happy life, and they are happy together. They aren't just bound by love or marriage, but by blood. After they had their son, and got married, Alisa thought of the fact that she would grow old and he wouldn't, so she asked her husband to turn her, Darren was a bit afraid of doing that, but he did it anyway, he was a prince and the vampires couldn't kill him, Alisa he wasn't sure about, but she was his wife, and he would tell all the vampires that he would not let them kill her, she was not only his wife, but also the mother of their child, their only child.
When Dan turned 5, Darren notice something with the boy, he was much stronger and faster than any five year old boy should be. And when Dan one day told his father he felt sick, Darren understood: their son was a vampire.
"Alisa, have you notice something about Dan recently?" Darren asked her, while she was making dinner.
"No, why do you ask?" She looked up at him.
"I don't really know how to say this, but I think he is a vampire,"
Alisa looked shocked.
"How?" her voice was almost trembling.
"I think it has to do with me being his father," Darren put it bluntly.
"But he doesn't drink blood," she argued.
"I think he just recently turned, when he got 5, that was just three weeks ago, and it is just now that he told me he's feeling sick," Darren looked at her, to see if she would totally freak out.
"Maybe your right, it is logical," she had a thoughtful look on her face. She turned back to the food, like nothing has happened.
"Are you okay?" Darren tried to meet her eyes, but she continued to look down.
He waited…
"It's just that I always thought he would at least be normal, he doesn't have normal parents."
"I know, but… let me see."
Darren found a camera, and took a picture of his son sitting on the floor playing with cars. On the picture there was nothing but some cars. He showed it to his wife.
"Then we need to find him some blood, we can't let him drink from a human, not when he's so young, he may get traumatized," Alisa said looking at the picture.
"I'll go see Jimmy," Darren went out into the night.
It hadn't been long after Dan was born that he had become a full vampire. Then he turned his wife. Darren didn't look much older, a bit older than Alisa, something he thought was nice. Now they didn't look the same age, and Darren felt like it was right that he was older than her.
He had flitted and was now outside the morgue.
"Hey, Jimmy?"
"Darren mate, what's up?"
"I am going for a trip and I could need some refreshment of 'you-know-what'," Darren raised an eyebrow, he new Jimmy didn't like the words "blood" and "vampire". So he always tried to avoid those words.
"Your lucky, I just got a fresh man in, dead for one maybe two hours,"
"That's nice," Darren said with a big grin on his face.
Darren filled 12 bottles, and talked a bit with Jimmy. Later, he left and was back home before sunrise.
"How did it go?" Alisa looked worried.
"Good," Darren said as he close the door. It was funny thinking that they were a vampire family.
"Where's Dan?"
"In there," she pointed at his bedroom.
Darren walked towards the door, then he took a deep breath, and walked in.
"Dan, daddy had some medicine for you," Darren said- he couldn't tell a five year old boy that he had to drink blood.
"Yah, am I going to get better then, dad?"
"Yes, all strong and good," he smiled at his son, he was so innocent.
Darren took out a bottle Dan drank it, and didn't say anything about the taste.
"Do you feel better now?" Darren searched his sons face.
"Yes, daddy, that is good medicine,"
"Now go to bed," Darren kissed his son's forehead, and laid him down in his bed.
"How did it go, did he drink it?"
"Yes, and he didn't say a thing about the taste, I merely told him it was medicine,"
"We'll call it that for now, until he is old enough to understand." They both went to bed.

"Are you ready to leave?" Darren looked at his son.
"But why are we going dad?" Dan complained- he didn't want to leave mom alone.
"On holyday, to meet some of my old friends,"
Darren knew the rules for vampires when they traveled to Vampire Mountain too well, but he wouldn't let his son die on the way.
"We'll be back soon," Darren kissed his wife.
"But his so tiny," Alisa said, with tears in her eyes.
"I can take care of him, and I can better protect him if I don't have to defend you both," Darren said, looking at his wife.
"Well, come back soon," tears fell down her eyes.
"We will," he kissed the tears away, and then they left.

They had reached the snow, and Dan was really enjoying it.
One morning (evening for them) when Darren woke up, the sun was about to set, and he saw his son out in the sun.
Darren watched as his son played out in the sun, he didn't get burned; he could be out in the sun as much as he wanted. He was a full vampire; he had all their abilities, Darren thought he got the sun protection from his half human side. Dan would bring a lot of surprises. That Darren was sure of.

After that it didn't take too long before they reached the mountain.
"Are we going in there dad?" Dan looked excited.
"Yes son, that's were we're going."
They easily got in at the gate. Darren only had to tell the guards that Dan was with him, and they let them both inside.
Darren didn't want anyone to know about Dan before the princes, so Darren went strait to them. Darren had to let the princes know about Dan.
Darren laid his hand on the wall and the door opened.
Darren walked in and he held his son's hand. He had broken many laws, he wasn't suppose to wear shoes, socks and jacket on the way to the mountain, but since he was five Darren had insisted on it.
The princes looked at who had opened the door and smiled when they saw Darren.
"Hello and what brings you here?" Vancha raised an eyebrow. "Aren't you suppose to stay away from here?"
"It was important," Darren looked strait at him, so he would get the fact that this was important.
"And would you like to explain who the boy is?" Mika said in his usual tone.
"This is Dan," Darren said strait out.
"And you bring a child to the mountain because?" Arrow asked.
"You didn't tell them did you?" Darren looked at Vancha.
"I didn't want to spoil it for you," he had a big grin on his face.
"Thanks. Well, Dan is my son," Darren said. The look's he got was something he had never seen before.
"Your son?" they all looked as if they had seen a ghost.
"Yes, fate decided to save the world from me, by giving me a son."
The two princes looked at Darren with questions in their eyes.
"You're wondering how, yes. You see, the war between us and the vampanzes was bound to end the same way, only with a different ruler, either me or Steve. One of us would kill all vampires, vampanzes and humans. So when we won, fate didn't want Desmond Tiny's plan to work, so fate gave me a son to make me good, even though I didn't know I was evil myself," Darren said, thoughtful at the last part.
"Well, that is a lot of news. You have a son."
"Yes, and a wife back home, they are vampires too," Darren smiled at the look on their face.
"Darren you turned a child?" Vancha asked, he didn't ask about Alisa, he knew better, he properly thought that she had decided that herself.
"No," Darren had a serious look on his face. "He got turned all by himself, I did turn Alisa, when she asked me too, but I would never have turned him as a child, I never got my whole childhood, so I know what it's like."
"Turned all by himself?" Mika raised an eyebrow.
"We just found out three weeks after he turned five this year. I had notice something right after he turned five, he was too strong and too fast, but when he came to me and said he felt sick, I was sure, I even took a picture of him and when he wasn't in it, I had enough proof."
"A full vampire?"
"It seems so but a better one."
"Better one?" Arrow said.
"Yes, he can walk outside in the sun, he hasn't complained about the sun being too bright, or the night being to dark. We don't know all of what he can do, we just have to wait and see what will happen when he gets older."
"If you want to know more about it, I am sure Vancha can tell you the story,"
"And Vancha, don't tell something I wouldn't," Darren looked at him, and he seemed to get the point of his the first time- the night Dan was conceived.
Darren was about to walk out, when Dan was up on one of the thrones, and laid his hand on the mark that opened the door, the door that only a prince can open. And to all of theirs surprise, it opened. Dan laughed and ran to his dad and dragged him out.
"I'll be out in the diner hall if you need me," Darren said before the door closed.

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