Hello everyone. I know I took to long to post this sequel and I broke a promise. I hate that, but here is the sequel of Mizuki's Diary, I hope you like this story as much as you like the other one. Well let's get started!

Mizuki's Return


"Bye Mizuki I promise to take care of our kids and as you wish I will name them Izumi and Mizuki. Just know that when they turn seven I will change their names," Sano said. He kissed Mizuki's forehead and left with his two children in each arms. He left the preparations of the funeral to his parents-in-law. Even thought he would not go, he had to take care of two babies and he had to make sure that they were okay.

Mean while inside the hospital Mizuki's mother was saying her goodbyes to Mizuki. As she left she heard a familiar tone. Beep, beep, beep She turned around and noticed it came from the machine. "Doctor!"

"What's wrong?" Mrs. Ashiya only pointed the monitor. The doctor looked in surprised, Beep, beep, beep.

"What is happening to her?" Mrs. Ashiya asked.

"She is coming back to live," the doctor said. Mizuki opened her eyes and looked around.


"Hey honey how are you?"

"What am I doing at the hospital?"

"Tell me Mrs. Sano…"

"Mrs. Sano? Who is that?" Mizuki asked. Mrs. Ashiya just stared in surprised.

"Okay, Ms. Mizuki Ashiya do you remember who Izumi Sano is?"

"No, I just know that he is a great high jumper," Mizuki said.

"Anything else?"

"Mom what is going on?" Mizuki asked.

"Mrs. Ashiya we need to talk," the doctor said. Mrs. Ashiya only nodded.

"What's wrong with her?" Mrs. Ashiya asked once outside the room.

"She doesn't remember most of the stuff that has happen through her life."

"I understand, can she come home today?" Mrs. Ashiya said.

"Yes," the doctor said. Mr. Ashiya was surprise to see his daughter alive at his house.

"Gil!" Mizuki said hugging Gil who had gone for a visit. Before they could asked any questions Mrs. Ashiya told them what was happening to Mizuki.

They understood and the three made a plan, "I don't want her to go back with Izumi Sano."

"Mrs. Ashiya she is marry to him," Gil said.

"Not anymore, I want you to take care of her. Take her away for a couple of years to another place, she will like that. I want her to be okay," Mrs. Ashiya said.

"Honey shouldn't Sano know this?" Mr. Ashiya asked.

"No, he will not take Mizuki from us again," Mrs. Ashiya said.

"What about the kids?"

"He can keep them, and she can have more with Gil. The doctor said she was healthy and that she had no disease," Mrs. Ashiya said.

"What if she remembers?"

"I don't know, I will lie to her again. I will tell her it was for her own good, but she shouldn't remember if she doesn't see him in person," Mrs. Ashiya said.

"Okay, we will do as you say," Mr. Ashiya said giving up.

"Mizuki are you ready for the trip we said we would have?" Gil asked as he saw Mizuki coming down the stairs.

"What trip?" Mizuki asked confuse.

"You forgot that too honey? Well Gil and you had planned to go to a trip tomorrow," Mrs. Ashiya said.

"I don't remember" Mizuki said.

"It was probably the accident," Mrs. Ashiya said.


"Tell me honey do you remember Julia?" Mr. Ashiya asked, Mizuki shook her head no.

"Well you should get ready," Gil said. Mizuki nodded and went to her room to pack everything up.

"Take care of her," Mrs. Ashiya said, Gil nodded. The following day Gil and Mizuki left.

All this time Sano read and reread Mizuki's Diary. At times he would laugh and at times he would cry. He would read her diary in front of Izumi Jr. and Mizuki Jr.

Well here is the end of the Prologue. I hope you liked it and please forgive me if I confuse you. Anyways I'm hopping to really update soon. Well later!