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Mizuki's Return

Epilogue - 16 Years Later

Ivan looked around the grounds his twin sister Rika at his side, both had returned after a long time. His younger brother and sister stood at their side, Miriam and Joey, named by their mother, Mizuki Sano. They were 16 years-old now and both were growing to be beautiful twins just like their older siblings. Ivan sighed along with his siblings, it was hard to go back to their first home after such a long time.

"I never thought we would come back" Rika said taking a hold of her twin brother's right hand.

"I know, after… after the accident five years ago…" Ivan didn't finished his sentence. Their lives had changed so suddenly after what had happened five year prior.

"Will we be staying long?" Joey asked softly, as he took a hold of his twin knowing that the girl was more sensitive then him. Miriam looked like and acted just like Mizuki, while Joey was like his father all the way through. Different from the older siblings, who looks like one but acted like the other.

"No little brother, we just came to visit for a few hours and then we will leave again" Ivan answered. He was older yes, but he had changed a lot after everything that had occurred to their united family. The four walked to the door and entered. The house was dark, the couches and everything else was covered with white blankets. They had decided to never sale the house no matter how much people offered. That had been Izumi and Mizuki Sano's house since they had married, and later on it was said that it would be the house of their children to keep or sale if they wished.

Ivan and Rika turned on the lights, they uncovered everything and smiled sadly at everything as they saw the house come to life after five years of being alone. Rika walked to the room that belong to her parents, and smiled when she saw that nothing had been touched. Their mother had left her diary on the bed along with a photo of her and Izumi along side. The night stand light was off, and a book under it, the young woman guessed her father would always read a book before going to sleep as her mother wrote whatever came to her mind on her diary. They had not read it, not like Izumi used to read it to them when they were young. It was never an easy thing to read things that might bring memories of sadness to them.

"Is everything okay?" Ivan asked his sister from the door way of their old room.

"Yeah, just seeing that mom left her diary on the bed near the pillow" the young woman answered. Ivan went to her side along with the other two as they walked out of their old room as well. The four entered and sat on the bed, Ivan pulling the diary to him. His eyes widening as he read the first line, which only had four names.

"What is it?" Miriam asked, talking for the first time since they had decided to visit the home of their parents.

"It's mom's last entry to us…" Ivan said softly, sadness clear in his voice as it seemed that his throat was closing on him not letting him breath. He took a deep breath as the other three got a little comfortable so they could listen to him read. "My…"

Dear Sons and Daughters,

Ivan, Rika, Miriam, and Joey my four little angels. If you are reading this entry then its because your father and me are no longer with you. As the four of you know your father and me have gone through many things in our life, things that not many people would understand yet hope that those that were against us understand that our love can never be forgotten or broken no matter what happens to us.

Ivan, you are the oldest of the four born one or two minutes before you sister. You are a brave one even when you acted like me at times shy and insecure of things at a young age yet as time pass you seem to get more confident. Keep going like that my son and you will find that life will seem hard but life without challenges is not life. Live and find love and always protect those that are dear to you. Never let anyone tell you, you can't do what you want. You can and you will do it, but you must fight for it.

Rika, my second oldest, the confident one just like your father. Intelligent but never robbing it on your brother's face; instead always helping him and your little siblings. Keep going like that my young daughter and always know that no matter what you can always reach new goals in life. Protect your twin and your younger siblings, make sure that no one tries to trick money out of you guys and always make sure Aunt Julia and Uncle Nakatsu know where you guys are. Never leave them wondering if you four are okay or not, if you don't see them all the time send them a message telling them you four are fine and that you don't really wish to see them at the moment, but always keep them in your thoughts. Remember my young daughter you and your twin are now in charge of the young ones. Take care of them and never separate.

Miriam, my second youngest and third oldest, I know that you are like me. Just a trouble makers and always looking for ways to reach your goals. You will become a great woman in life, but always make sure that your brother doesn't stay behind. The two of you are great alone, but together you two are more than brilliant. Stay together and fight and reach your goals together. Always make sure you listen to your sister and brother and protect each other.

Joey, my last child and the youngest of the four. You are the one that was always quiet and always made sure what had happened in something before giving your advice and opinion about a situation. Always do that my son, always make sure that things don't get out of hand and always listen to your brother and sister. Rika and Ivan have lived without me part of their life and they know it was not because I wished it that way. They know what happened and as you read this diary will know that your father and you four were and are my life.

Ivan, Rika, Miriam, and Joey my four miracles, know that your father and I will always love you even after life. We will always look after you four no matter where you are. Always making sure that you are safe and that nothing will happened to you.

With love,

"…your mother and father, Mizuki and Izumi Sano" Ivan finished reading. He now remembered that they had not seen the diary when they had first come back after the accident. They had entered their parents room, but the diary and book on the night stand where not there. Someone had come and put them their knowing they would come, but who they hadn't told anyone they would be in the states that day.

"What's the matter Ivan?" Rika asked.

"I think that mother and father wished for us to find the diary today" Ivan said smiling. The others didn't seemed to understand but Ivan knew what he was saying. He knew what he was thinking and knew that someone had probably come to the house and put the diary like that. He stood along with his siblings and grabbing the book and diary they walked out of the house.

"Now that I remember mother never mentioned that she would leave us so soon" Rika said looking at the sky.

"That's because she never left us Rika, mom and dad are with us. Always looking after us from wherever they are" Ivan soft tone made the other three looked at him. He was holding the photo of their parents along with the book and diary.

The four siblings walked in silence down the dark road. All four missing Julia and Nakatsu leaving through the backyard with a smile on their face. They had heard the news of the four going back, never really knowing when they would arrived, they prepared their friends last wish. It was meant that way, now the four would know that their parents would never leave them alone. Not even in death.

Julia remembered that day as if was yesterday, the car her friends were in had gotten in an accident. One that no one would ever forget and yet Mizuki and Izumi Sano seemed as stubborn even after death. Always making sure those they loved were safe and happy, always reaching and achieving new goals. Yes, Julia and Nakatsu would look after the four Sano children, even when they didn't contact them very often. It was always a 'hello we are fine' message through e-mail. Never more than those words, but Julia was okay with it. It just meant they were getting strong by day.

"Let's go love" Nakatsu said and the two blondes left.

Ivan, Rika, Miriam, and Joey entered their home and the three younger siblings sat around Ivan as he began to read his mother's diary. It was going to be a long night, a long week, and probably a long month before they finished reading their mother's diary. Yet, Ivan knew that even after he finished reading it, Rika than would read it to them, and then Miriam, and finally Joey. Before Ivan reread it to them, his three siblings stayed silent as he begun to read Mizuki's diary in a soft tone. From her young age to the last page she had written in.

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