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5 years ago

With Sakura

"Oh man I'm so late!" Sakura mumbled to herself as she headed to the training grounds. She was going to go meet Sasuke and Naruto. Yes Sasuke is back, has been for about 1 ½ years. He had just got off probation 4 months ago. Sakura was coming up to the bridge, when she heard Naruto tell Sasuke something.

"Hey, Sasuke. Haven't you realized Sakura hasn't been doing a lot on the past few missions? I mean I know she's stronger, but she's still like she was when we were genin." Naruto said.

"For once dope I agree. She hasn't really improved these past 4 ½ years." Sasuke replied.

What?! How could they say that?! Sasuke I can kind of understand he has done something like that before. But I had thought we were growing closer. Friends even. But how could Naruto say those things? He's like my brother! I guess they don't want me around anymore. Sakura thought as she quickly ran away.

With Hinata

Hinata was upset. Her father had just said he was officially going to proclaim Hanabi as heir to the Hyuga clan. Hinata thought she was improving. Her father had said so, just a couple months ago. She guesses he was just lying to her. Now she was meeting Kiba and Shino. Things had to get better from here on out, Hinata told herself. (A/N Sorry Hinata it's not)

"Kiba. I heard Hinata's father was going to announce Hanabi heir." Shino said.

"Good. I was worried Hinata would be the heir. Even though it's not my clan. I know I wouldn't want Hinata to be the heir. The clan would be wiped out in a matter of days!" Kiba told Shino.

That's what they think? I thought they thought I was stronger. They're just like my father. Well I'm not going to see them. I'm leaving! Hinata said to herself as she sprinted away from Kiba and Shino.

With Ino

Ino was going to go see her team, when she stopped dead in her tracks.

"Ino's so troublesome Choji. All she ever does is yell at us to train harder. When she is actually the person who needs to train, she never does anything. She's actually really weak." Shikamaru said.

"Munch-yeah-munch-you're right-Shika-munch-maru." Choji said through a full mouth.

"They actually think that? Well fine if they don't want me around. I won't be around for them to not want! (A/N I don't understand her reasoning. And I wrote it! LOL!) Ino thought as she stormed away.

With TenTen

TenTen was late. She had been busy picking up some new weapons and had lost track of time. She was almost there, and then she stopped.

"Lee. Who's the weakest member of our team?" Neji asked.

"TenTen for sure," Lee replied.

"I agree," Neji stated. Then both went back to training. (A/N I didn't know what to make them say!)

TenTen ran. She couldn't believe they had said that.

5mins later

Crash! Bang! Ouch! Four girls lay sprawled out on the road. "Ouch, my head," Sakura said as she sat up. She looked around to see who she ran into. "Hinata, TenTen, Ino!" Sakura exclaimed as she saw her three best friends on the ground. The other girls sat up. Then, they all saw that the others had tears in their eyes.

"What's wrong?!" They all yelled at each other. Four explanations later.

"Those boys are all jerks!" Ino said.

"Yeah!" The others yelled.

"You know. I'm going to go see Tsuande." Sakura announced.

"Why are you going to go see Tsuande forehead girl?" Ino asked.

"To get permission to leave Kohona," Sakura answered.

"Why?!" Hinata, TenTen, and Ino exclaimed in surprised voices.

"I'm tired of being thought of as weak. Plus I have to leave because of this crescent moon birthmark on my shoulder." Sakura said in a quite voice.

"You have one too?!" The other girls yelled.

"Wait you all have one." Sakura stated.

"Mine's on my waist." Hinata said.

"Ankle." TenTen said.

"Just above my left breast." Ino said.

"You guys this is serious. Those marks mean something. I can't tell you here, though. It's too dangerous in Kohona." Sakura whispered.

"Ok." The others said.

"Now, we have to go see Tsuande." Sakura said. The girls then headed towards the Hokage Tower.

Hokage Tower

"Sensei! I need to talk to you." Sakura said as she went over to Tsuande's desk. Where Tsuande was currently sleeping.

"I'm up!" Tsuande yelled as she jerked awake.

"Sensei. Hinata, TenTen, Ino and I need to get permission to leave Kohona for a while." Sakura stated.

"Fine. I understand. I know about the marks." Tsuande said.

"You do?" The girls said.

"Of course. I am the Hokage after all." Tsuande chuckled.

"Thank you. For letting us leave, sensei." Sakura said.

"Your welcome. Come home soon though." Tsuande said.

"We won't." Ino said.

"I know." Tsuande sighed.

"Bye Tsuande-sama/ Sensei!" The girls said as they disappeared.


The girls had packs on their backs ready to leave. "Goodbye Kohona." The girls whispered as they disappeared into the night.

Everyone found out the girls left 2 days later. They didn't seem to care on the outside. But maybe they did on the inside.

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