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Key: This is Inner Self.


Talk with Tsuande and Flashbacks

Alright it's been two weeks since our last chapter. (Not since I last posted, but two weeks in the story for those who don't get it) As you remember Hinata got together with Naruto and Ino with Shikamaru. To bad for Sasuke and Neji, Sakura and TenTen are not as forgiving. They personally thought that the boys should not be forgiven. This will now be explained through… FLASHBACKS! Insert applause here. XD Now lets see what happened when Sakura and TenTen found out Ino and Hinata went on dates.


So Sakura and TenTen returned from riding their dragons to an empty house. "Sakura?" TenTen asked.

"Yeah?" Sakura said not really paying attention to TenTen. As she was thinking up a new song for the band. That is because she does make up all the songs after all.

"Why the hell is the house empty?!" TenTen shouted. Her voice then echoed back. Sakura sweatdropped.

"TenTen?" Sakura spoke.

"What?" TenTen said confused as to what Sakura had to ask her.

"Did you have to shout?!" Sakura yelled.

"Did you have to yell?!" TenTen shouted.

"Yes!" Sakura yelled back.

"Why?!" TenTen screamed.

"Because I had to teach you, shouting in an empty house is pointless!" Sakura yelled.

"Oh." TenTen said normally.

"Ok. Now to answer your question. I don't know why the house is empty, but those notes might explain it." Sakura said pointing to two notes on the table.

"Right…" TenTen said as she sweatdropped. Both girls then went over to the table and grabbed the notes. The first one read:

Dear Sakura and TenTen,

It's Hinata. I just wanted you two to know where I am. I'm on a date with Naruto-kun. He invited me. I don't know when I shall be back, so don't wait up. You two know how you get when you have not had enough sleep…

Yours truly,


The next note read:

Hi forehead-girl and TenTen! I'm on a date with Shika-kun. So do not expect me to be back anytime soon. SLEEP! You two are weird when you don't. Trust me! Love ya!


"They. Went. On… DATES?!" Sakura and TenTen screamed the whole house shock with their fury. Flames appeared behind them, and fire was in their eyes.

At 1am

Hinata and Ino met up at the front door at the same time. The lights where out and they breathed a sigh of relief.

"They must be asleep." Hinata whispered.

"Thank Kami." Ino murmured as she opened the door to the dark seemingly quiet house.

"Now why would you want to thank Kami pig?" Sakura asked as she turned on the burgundy lamp. This illuminated the whole room, exposing Sakura and TenTen in the two sitting chairs. That happened to be facing the frightened Ino and Hinata.

"Have fun on your dates?!" TenTen said, well actually more like screamed at Hinata and Ino. Who in turn gulped, they were so dead.

"How could you two go on dates with them? They hurt us! How could you just forgive them for everything they've done?!" Sakura yelled.

"But I love Shika-kun! He apologized and told me he loved me. No matter what he has done to me, I cannot stop loving him." Ino proclaimed boldly, even though she was scared to death on the inside.

"Naruto-kun loves me. I love him. End of story. He even gave me this bracelet," Hinata said sticking out her hand. "I truly love him. No matter what has happened in the past or what is to come." Hinata stated.

"Did you guys forget what day it is?" TenTen said.

"It's Tuesday," Ino stated. This made the other girls sweatdrop.

"Pig, its Thursday. Not Tuesday." Sakura explained to the blond, who was currently having a blond moment. (Just like me and my sister! We're dirty blonds. She has more moments though…)

"Right… Anyways why is that important?" Ino said.

"It is important because in about a week Yuta is going to attack. If you guys get to close to them Yuta could use them against you. Plus we do not want to be around Kohona. Can you imagine the damage and destruction that would befall Kohona?!" Sakura exclaimed, clearly upset that Ino and Hinata both forgot about the war which was to come.

Hinata's and Ino's eyes got huge. How could they have forgotten about that?! That was irresponsible of them.

"Well, what if we stayed in Kohona? They could help us, and the war would be easier to win that way." Ino stated.

"Are you thinking today Ino? Sakura just mentioned the damage and maybe total annihilation that Kohona would face in helping us, not to mention the countless innocent lives that would be lost! Did you think about that Ino?" TenTen said annoyance and anger clear in her voice.

"But staying in Kohona would increase our chances of winning," Hinata said. Trying to persuade TenTen and Sakura into agreeing with her and Ino.

"We are not staying in Kohona. I will not allow anything to happen to the village I was born and raised in. Kohona is my home and no harm will come to it. We shall not stay here and let it become an unnecessary target. End of story." Sakura said, glaring at Ino and Hinata. Who sighed, they knew this fight was lost. For Sakura's word was law to the girls.

"I'm going to sleep. Don't wake me up." TenTen called from the stairs leading up to her bedroom.

"Me too." Sakura said, following TenTen.

"I shall also retire to my bedroom." Hinata said, as she too went up the stairs. The lights went out.

"Hey! Guys! You know I hate the dark! Wait for me!" Ino screamed as she ran after the girls.

End Flashback

Now the next day Neji and Sasuke tried to find TenTen and Sakura. That really didn't go so well… Neji is up first.


Neji found TenTen training. She was sparring with Kenji, which was interesting to watch. (Have you seen a griffin spar? I think not.) Neji had a new katana with him.

"TenTen?" Neji asked. TenTen stopped sparring she took one glance at Neji, glared and went back to sparring. Neji sighed.

"TenTen I got you a present." Neji said. This time TenTen didn't even star a glance. "It's a new katana." Neji said. This got TenTen to stop.

"A new katana?" She asked. A little suspicious of Neji's motive.

"Yes brand new. Never been used. Ever." Neji said as he produced the new katana. TenTen's eyes widened. It was new. It shined in the sunlight.

"I'll give it to you if you beat me in a one-on-one spar. Deal?" Neji asked. TenTen nodded, entranced by the katana. Then they both got into fighting stances.

11mins Later

Neji lay on the ground with various weapons sticking out of his body. He was still alive though. (Darn it!) TenTen walked past him and grabbed the katana.

"Thanks for the katana!" TenTen yelled as she skipped away from Neji. Kenji following her as he pasted Neji he smirked. Neji groaned. That didn't go as he had planned. (No duh.)

End Flashback

Ok, Neji didn't have fun. Let's see what happened to Sasuke.


Sasuke walked around, looking for Sakura. It took awhile but he found her working at the hospital.

"Sakura? Can we talk?" He asked praying she would agree to speak with him.

"Sure. I can tell you what we can talk about. How about you leaving me on a bench in the middle of a dark street and night. What if some crazy guy had come and kidnapped me?! What about that?! Also you treating me like I was a piece of trash you could just throw away. Or about you coming back and still acting like you were better than me? Then, once we finally become friends, you throw away that friendship for your pride! Like acting like I was trash wasn't enough for you! Now you just expect me to forgive and forget all the things that you've done to me?! I'm sorry Sasuke, but that is not going to happen. I've forgiven you too many times as it is. This time you're just going to have to live with the reactions of your actions." Sakura screamed at Sasuke.

Sasuke shuddered at her words. She was right. She had forgiven him to many times when he did not deserve it. Now she just wasn't going to do it again. He was going to have to deal with the reactions of his actions. Just like she said he would. He mentally beat himself up for being such an idiot.

"Now you won't even respond?!" Sakura yelled. You see as Sasuke was kicking himself for being an idiot, about a minute and 30 seconds had passed. Sakura brought her fist back and it shot out like a bullet from a gun at Sasuke. Who because of the force of the blow flew through the next five walls. Sakura huffed and walked away. Mini craters forming with each step she took, due to her anger.

End Flashback

Ok, now we are done with all of the flashbacks. The lesson of these flashbacks? Do not mess with Sakura or TenTen if they have not had enough sleep. XD Now on to present day Kohona. It is exactly three days before Yuta is set to attack. The girls are now getting ready to leave. First though, they have to talk to Tsuande and tell her they are leaving.

Hokage Tower

The door to Tsuande's office opened, without any of the girls touching it that is. (Remember Sakura can move things with her mind.) Tsuande did not notice this though, due to the fact that she was asleep at her desk. (She is like always asleep… O.o) The girls all sweatdropped.

"Is she always asleep?" Hinata asked the others.

"Is she even qualified to be the Hokage with all the time she wastes sleeping?" Ino asked.

"Are you always this blunt and insulting?" Tsuande asked. Ino gulped, she hadn't realized that the Hokage had awakened.

"No, I'm sorry." A chibi Ino squeaked. Frightened that Tsuande was going to unleash her famous temper on her.

'Thank you. Now girls why are you here?" Tsuande asked eying the girls wearily.

"We came to tell you that we are leaving Kohona. We don't know if we'll come back. Alive that is." TenTen told the Hokage.

"May I ask why it is you may not come back alive?" Tsuande said.

"We might not come back alive because in exactly three days Yuta will attack. It's our duty to destroy him, even if we are killed in the process. The fight will be massive and destructive. We do not wish to be around Kohona when that happens. We would not like to be responsible for the destruction of our home village." Sakura explained.

"I see." Tsuande said.

"Alright, so we'll be going now." Ino said as she and the others walked towards the door. Moving faster than normal as so they could get out of the office before Tsuande made them do something they didn't want to happen.

"Hold it." Tsuande commanded. The girls all froze mid-step.

"Knew it was too easy." Hinata spoke under her breath.

"What is it Tsuande-sama?" Ino asked. Using the suffix to try to sweet talk their way out of whatever was going on.

"You cannot leave." Tsuande said, smirking at the girls reactions. Hinata got a scowl on her face. (Imagine Hinata with a scowl! XD) Ino was getting redder by the second and TenTen was glaring at Tsuande. Finally the area behind Sakura had burst into black and crimson flames. Tsuande had to try hard not to laugh at the sight of the girls. She did not succeed though.

"What. Do. You. Mean. We. Cannot. LEAVE?!" The girls yelled. The tower shook by the sheer volume of their voices.

"You are going to stay in Kohona. We'll assist you in fighting Yuta." Tsuande explained.

"But Tsuande, Kohona could be destroyed! Innocent lives would be lost! Not to mention you would most likely loss your most valuable shinobis in the battle. Joining the fight would be a major most likely fatal, mistake." Sakura told Tsuande, trying to get her to see that they had to leave.

"That might be true, but did you forget who we are? We are Kohona. We fight for what is right, no matter what the cost is. We do not give up and let our comrades down. Ever. If you are worried about the battle, it is ok. The elders and I have been anticipating this for many years now. We have a strategy. Kohona is ready. We will fight and you all will stay here." Tsuande said, eying the girls.

"But-" the girls started to object to this decision.

"No buts. I'm still the Hokage and you are still citizens of Kohona. So you have to listing to me. You are staying and Kohona will assist you. End of discussion." Tsuande sternly stated. The authority in her voice was evident and the girls could tell they had no chance of leaving.

"Yes Tsuande-sama." The girls chorused, even though they despised the idea of staying. They would have to go along with it. This did not make them very happy.

"Good. Tomorrow we will meet and discuss tactics. You are dismissed." Tsuande said. The girls nodded and walked away. Wondering what would happen in the days to come. For them and the village they loved.

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