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Summary: In my first SSBM story, the group from the game finally meet, and the battles begin. Mewtwo is showing his hateful side, and some are trying to make friends with him. With Young Link and Ice Climbers trying to melt his hear, and Samus being confused about Mewtwo, and the feeling she is feeling. Will these fighters be able to break through Mewtwo's cold heart. But, can Mewtwo actually forgive the humans for what they've done to him. There is only one way to find out. Parings: MewtwoxSamus, Young LinkxNana, JigglypuffxKirby, LinkxZelda, and PeachxMario. Hope you like it, so R&R.

A/N: Here is the first chapter of my first SSBM fic. I really like the MewtwoxSamus pairing, just for the fact that Mewtwo needs some loving, and this is the best way. Hope you enjoy my first chapter, and if I need to change anything please tell me, so that I can make the rest of the chapters better than this one. Well, please read the chapter and then review, I'll look forward to it.

Chapter 1

Pikachu lifted his head when he heard the sound of a bell, which sounded throughout the entire house. He quickly got up and charged out of his room, he knew that the Master Hand had come, and when he did, you were all ways there. When Pikachu arrived in the living area of the mansion, he saw the others all ready there. Jigglypuff was standing beside Kirby, and wondering what was going on. Captain Falcon was away from the group, and resting against the wall. Samus, who stood next to the stairs, was gazing off into space, which was weird, in Pikachu's opinion. Mario was talking with Luigi and Fox. While DK, Ness, and Yoshi played catch to pass the time. Link however was walking up to Pikachu with a confused look. "Do you know what's going on?" he asked the rodent.

"No," Pikachu said with a shake of the head. To make things easier, Master Hand had given the Pokemon the ability to talk. Link put his hand to his chin in thought as he turned his attention to the door, and waited for Master Hand to appear. In about 3 seconds later, the door finally opened, and in glided Master Hand.

"Welcome my friends," Master Hand spoke. "I have brought some new challengers to the mansion."

"We don't need any amateurs here," Samus said. "We have a hard enough time as it is, and we are pros."

"Calm down my dear Samus, I assure you that they are not really armatures," Master Hand told the red suit wearing female. "Some of you might recognize some of them."

"Like who?" Link asked.

"Like Princess Zelda, and your younger half, which I call Young Link," Master Hand replied. A few seconds later, Zelda herself walked in, and greeted Link with a smile.

"Hello Link," she said.

"Hi Zelda," Link smiled. He then looked down to see a younger version of himself.

"Looks just like you," Captain Falcon chuckled from his corner.

"Shut up bird brain," Link said.

"Next we have Peach, and Bowser," Master Hand said as he continued the formalities. Peach walked in first, followed by the big bulk of Bowser.

"It's Mario!" Peach cried excitedly.

"Hey there Peach," Mario said as he walked up to the girl and gave her a hug.

"I hate mushy stuff," Bowser growled as he walked over to DK and began to talk to the ape.

"Next is Ganondorf, and the Ice Climbers," Master Hand continued. A tall man with a long cape walked in, his eyes glaring at everyone as he entered. Following the evil man, were two little people, a boy and girl, who were named Popo for the boy and Nana for the girl.

"Greetings," the Ice Climbers said in unison.

"Who cares about greetings," Ganondorf scoffed as he headed over to Bowser, and began to talk to the huge man.

"Marth, Roy, Mr. Game&Watch, and Dr. Mario are next," Master Hand said. The said figures walked in, first was Marth followed by his friend Roy. The weird figure of Mr. Game&Watch were next, as well as Dr. Mario.

"Hello there," Dr. Mario greeted.

"Beep," was all Mr. Game&Watch said.

"Pleasure to meet you," both Marth and Roy said as they walked over to Link and began talking to the swordsman.

"Pichu and Falco, will you please enter," Master Hand said. The smaller form of Pikachu walked in, followed by Fox's friend, Falco.

"Hey Pikachu," Pichu greeted.

"Hey Pichu," Pikachu nodded. Falco walked over to Fox and smiled at him.

"Doing good buddy, hope things haven't been tough without your squad to back you up," Falco said.

"It's been fine," Fox said.

"So, these are all the new recruits, don't look impressive," Samus commented.

"We are missing one more," Master Hand said suddenly. The others turned to him with weird expressions.

"Another one?" Captain Falcon asked. "I bet he is as weak as these others." Master Hand felt a surge of hatred and floated back a ways. The pipes on the walls of the room began to glow purple as they broke off and began to circle the group in front of them. The others looked around nervously as the front door was blasted off its hinges. Pikachu turned to gaze out the wreckage and gulped. Coming towards them was a shadowy figure inside a purple ball. The only thing you could tell from him was his glowing purple eyes. And Pikachu knew who it was.

"You invited him?" Pikachu asked the hand.

"Yes," was Master Hands reply.

"Who is it?" Samus asked the mouse.

"Mewtwo, the most hateful Pokemon of any of us,' Pikachu answered the girl.

"Hateful?" Samus questioned.

"He hates all humans, he thinks them to be evil and murderous," Pikachu said. "Even though he has made friends with some humans before, he still hates them."

"I wonder why?" Samus asked.

"No one knows," Pikachu sighed. The purple ball finally entered the room, and the pipes began to float around it.

"Who called me weak?" Mewtwo asked, his purple eyes glaring at everyone in the room.

"I did," Captain Falcon said defiantly. The pipes suddenly flew pass him, one of the sharp ends cutting his cheek and drawing blood. Captain Falcon's eyes widened as he touched the wound, and gazed at the blood. "You damn bastard Pokemon! I thought all of you were passive, and kind to humans!"

"Kind to humans? Hah! Don't make me laugh," Mewtwo snarled. His eyes glowing with rage. "I never want to be compared to the other Pokemon, they are weak compared to me!"

"Well, you should learn to respect your masters," Captain Falcon snarled. "Humans control Pokemon I heard."

"I don't give a damn," Mewtwo growled. He turned to Master Hand, his anger growing, "Can I fight this guy now?"

"Sure, tomorrow at noon sound okay?" Master Hand asked.

"Fine with me," Captain Falcon said.

"I agree," Mewtwo nodded. He turned slowly and disappeared into the dark.

"I hate him," Captain Falcon snarled.

"Man, he was really cruel to Falcon," Samus said.

"Like I said, he hates humans, I wish I could find out why," Pikachu said.

"I thought he was cool," Young Link said excitedly.

"Well, you stay away from him, I have a bad feeling," Link told his younger self.

"Ya, whatever," Young Link sighed as he headed for his room. Which everyone did, except for Samus and Pikachu. Samus lifted off her helmet and gazed at Pikachu.

"Is there away to change how he thinks?" Samus asked.

"Maybe," Pikachu said. "Maybe he needs some human help."

"Yeah," Samus sighed. "Well, I'm going to bed." With that said she walked off to her room. Pikachu watched her walk slowly up the stairs.

"Who knows, maybe you could be the one to melt his cold heart," Pikachu whispered. With that said he walked to his own room, and went to bed. Thoughts of Mewtwo flowing through his mind, 'Things are about to get interesting,' was all Pikachu thought as he entered dreamland.


The morning came to soon for some, only able to get a few hours of sleep. Captain Falcon was the first up and was all ready eating when the others began to show up. He said he needed energy for the fight later. Samus walked in and sat down beside Pikachu as she laid her helmet on the table. She grabbed some breakfast and began to eat. The fights were to begin soon, and first up was Captain Falcon vs. Mewtwo, and she was nervous for Captain Falcon. Not that she liked him, it was just how Mewtwo thought. 'If he hates humans, would he just kill Captain Falcon?' Samus asked herself.

"Are you nervous?" Link asked Captain Falcon from across the table.

"Nah, I'm going to cream that rude bastard," Captain Falcon laughed. "His going to wish he never came here. Because of how he acted, I would be surprised if anyone wanted to be his friends."

"I agree," Roy nodded.

"Same here," Marth agreed.

"I think he is cool," Young Link added.

"Are you still going on about that?" Link asked. "Why don't you call him daddy why you're at it."

"I don't care what you think, I want to be like him instead of you," Young Link said.

"That would be cool," Nana said. "You'll be strong just like him."

"Mewtwo? Strong? Don't make me laugh," Link chuckled.

"You don't know that," Popo added. "He might be stronger than most people here."

"He is," Pikachu finally spoke into the conversation.

"I know what you mean, I've seen him fight before, and he scared me," Pichu shivered.

"We'll find out soon," Fox nodded. "I will just say I hope Captain Falcon wins."

"How about a bet on who will win?" Falco asked.

"Sure," the others nodded in agreement. Zelda went to her room real quick, and brought out some paper, while Link laid down one of his hats. They then gave a pen to each of the smashers, except for Captain Falcon, since he was going to fight. While they were making their bets, one of the food items glowed purple as it flew into the air, and into the waiting hands of Mewtwo. He looked at the substance and ate slowly, his eyes watching the others with hatred. He hated how they acted, they were all so weak compared to him. He continued eating in silence, and wondered what the outcome of the bet was. After everyone was done, Link counted the bets so they could have a hard number of who voted for whom. After he was done, he read off the number, and who picked that fighter.

"All right, the bets for Captain Falcon are: 19, and those that picked him were-Marth, Roy, Pichu, Jigglypuff, Kirby, Mr. Game&Watch, Peach, Mario, Luigi, Zelda, Bowser, Dr. Mario, Ganondorf, Yoshi, DK, Ness, Fox, Falco, and me. Only 4 picked Mewtwo, and they were Pikachu, Ice Climbers, Young Link, and Samus," Link announced.

"Why would Samus bet on that loser and rude Mewtwo?" Captain Falcon asked. "I know she loves her money, and wouldn't want to lose it."

"Correction, I won't lose it, I'll just gain everyone else's," Samus said. Mewtwo turned slightly from the wall he was on, and gazed at Samus. 'Why would she pick me? Humans only see me as a weapon. I must ask her sometime,' Mewtwo thought to himself as he finished his food and teleported out of the room, and headed for the arena, he was ready to show them how powerful he really was. If he was a weapon, he would use his power to crush all humans who dare oppress him.


When noon came around, the smashers exited the mansion and to the little arena outside. Since this was an exhibition match, they were not going to use the bigger arenas, which was fine with them. While Captain Falcon headed to the arena, the others got into the stands, and waited for the match to begin. They decided to split up the sections, depending on who they picked. The 19 that picked Captain Falcon were on one side, while those that picked Mewtwo were on the other, which was only 5 total. The 19 were booing at Mewtwo and cheering for Captain Falcon. The funny thing was that Mewtwo didn't care what the others were doing, he just wanted to fight. Master Hand glided to the sidelines slowly. "Is everyone ready?"

"Yes," Captain Falcon nodded as he got into a fighting stance.

"Ready," was Mewtwo's reply as he crossed his arms and just stood there.

"Why don't you get into a fighting stance, you might last longer," Captain Falcon suggested. Mewtwo merely smirked at him, his purple tail lashing around the ground.

"I don't need to be in a fighting stance," Mewtwo said. "Now, let's begin." Master Hand nodded as he issued for the fight to begin. Captain Falcon jumped at Mewtwo and prepared to use his famous Falcon Punch, but Mewtwo just teleported out of the way. He appeared behind Falcon, and lashed his tail up, hitting the man into the sky. Mewtwo then appeared above him, and used his psychic powers to blast Falcon into the ground. The others were shocked at the speed that Mewtwo was showing. Falcon got back up and jumped back at Mewtwo.

"Falcon Kick!" he roared. The attack missed Mewtwo barely. Falcon then rotated on his heel to dodge a tail lash from Mewtwo and quickly punched Mewtwo into the ground. Captain Falcons side began to cheer for him, while Mewtwo's watched helplessly.

"Come on Mewtwo!" Young Link encouraged.

"Yeah, show them what you got!" Nana cheered.

"Kick his tail!" Popo added.

"Is he holding back?" Samus asked Pikachu.

"Yes, and I'm sure his going to go all out soon," Pikachu sighed.

"Then, this fight is going to end soon?" Samus asked.

"I'm sure," Pikachu nodded. Samus gazed at Mewtwo threw her helmet, and she felt something stir, but she didn't know what it was. She had never felt such a warm feeling before. She simply shook her head, not now, I'll find out later what this feeling is. But for now, I have to show Mewtwo my support. She watched as Mewtwo lifted his hands and shot a huge burst of purple energy at Falcon, blasting him into a wall. Falcon was up in an instant, but as soon as he was, he felt a hand above his heart, and a purple ball forming. His eyes shifted slightly to see Mewtwo smirking at him.

"You lose," was his simply remark.

"H-How?" Falcon asked. "How did you get so fast?"

"Because, I was getting bored," was all Mewtwo said as he prepared to press his purple ball into Falcon's heart.

"That's enough!" Master Hand roared. "Mewtwo, you have won the match! So let him go!" Mewtwo growled at the giant hand, but reluctantly let go of Falcon. He then floated out of the arena, not once looking back at the others. Young Link saw him go, and ran after him, the Ice Climbers right behind him.

"Where are they going?" Samus asked as she watched them leave.

"Maybe to see if Mewtwo will teach them," Pikachu guessed. "I would be surprised if he agreed to that anyway." Samus walked over to Link and collected the money, and then left with Pikachu. She wondered what was up with Mewtwo, she knew he hated humans, but he was getting really extreme with Falcon. She shook her head slightly to clear her head as she headed into the mansion. The fights were to be announced soon, and she had to train in the dojo, so that she would win the matches. The others who will leaving the arena, tried to comfort Falcon. They were mad at Mewtwo for what he was about to do, kill Falcon. One thing was for sure now, they all hated Mewtwo, and wanted him gone. And the only way was to make that wager, and defeat him in a match, and they were all ready to fight him now. Link, more so than the others. He really hated evil beings like Mewtwo, and he was going to make Mewtwo pay for what he was going to do.


Mewtwo stood on top of the highest peak of the mansion, and stared at the surrounding hills. "They act just like the others, hating me. Wanting to destroy me," he growled to himself. "They think me an abomination, and I will make them pay. I'll make them all pay." He heard some sounds behind him and turned slightly. His eyes glowing purple as he searched for whoever was there. "Come out!" he roared. A few seconds later, Young Link and the Ice Climbers walked out slowly. "What do you want?" Mewtwo snarled.

"To ask if you want to be friends," Young Link said.

"Yeah, maybe you can train us," Popo added.

"That would be really nice," Nana nodded. Mewtwo felt a warm feeling in his chest, but he shook it away. 'These humans want to be friends with me? They probably just want to hurt me? I'll play along till I discover their motives, and then take care of them as the situation sees fit,' Mewtwo told himself. He turned back to gazing at the fields, the little ones waiting for an answer.

"Fine," was all Mewtwo said as he headed back into the mansion, followed by Young Link, and the Ice Climbers.

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