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Chapter 6

The explosion of purple energy slowly subsided, revealing Link and Mewtwo glaring at each other. Link held his sword tightly, and waited for Mewtwo to make his move. The psychic Pokemon flicked his wrist, and sent a shockwave towards Link. The resulting attack sent the swordsmen spiraling into a mountain. Mewtwo then began to charge up a 'Shadow Ball' attack. Link glanced at the attack and quickly shot an arrow at the Pokemon. Mewtwo saw the attack and jumped out of the way, his attack still charging. "Shadow Ball!" Mewtwo commanded. Link rolled to the side to dodge the attack, but the resulting tremor of the attack, knocked him off balance.

"Damn," Link growled. "I won't lose to you!" He charged at the Pokemon and swung his sword with all the might he had in him. Mewtwo simply sidestepped the first attack, and continued doing the same to the other attacks.

"I'm bored," Mewtwo moaned. He floated back on top of a mountain, and started chuckling at the look on Link's face. "Why do you hate me so much? Is it because you fear my power?"

"Who the hell do you think you are judging me like that?!" Link screamed with all the hatred he had.

"Pitiful human, you don't understand what you face. Do you?" Mewtwo commented.

"I said shut the hell up you evil psycho!" Link snapped.

"Very well brat. I'll just have to kill you now!" Mewtwo screeched. He shot a single shot at Link, who dodged it quickly. He then charged at the Pokemon and tried a shield bash. Mewtwo lifted up his right hand, and a purple energy surrounded the shield. Link tried to move his shield, but he couldn't. His eyes glanced at that of Mewtwo's purple ones, and gritted his teeth. Mewtwo then pushed him back, and then flicked his wrist, sending the shield skyward. "Well, now you have no defense."

"Stop talking," Link growled. He brought his sword towards Mewtwo, who teleported out of harms way. Mewtwo then brought his right hand back, and began to charge up an attack. Link carelessly ran towards the charging Pokemon, and swung his sword at his head. Mewtwo's eyes narrowed as he sent his hand forward.

"Focus Punch!" Mewtwo commanded. His attack connected with Link's blade, and created a huge shockwave. Making the other fighters in the arena look towards the source. Their feet started shaking, and the fighters quickly grabbed onto something, as to keep themselves from falling and becoming defenseless. Those in the stands did the same exact thing. When the shockwave finally subsided, they saw Link and Mewtwo breathing heavily. "I have to admit, that for a human, you are not that bad."

"Same could be said about you," Link breathed. "But that doesn't change the fact that you are a sadistic bastard."

"Whatever," Mewtwo groaned. "I'm going to win this now!" Mewtwo charged at Link and used his psychic powers to lift him up and slam him into the ground. Then doing a flip, he brought his tail down hard across Link's abdomen. Making him cough up blood. Mewtwo floated back a ways, his eyes never leaving the violent coughing man. "Done?" Mewtwo asked, his long purple tail smashing against rocks, ready to finish the battle.

"Never! I'll never lose to a bastard like you!" Link screamed. His body began to pulse with rage, and he charged full speed at the psychic Pokemon. "This is the end." Mewtwo braced himself for the attack, ready to deal the final blow to the swordsmen.


While the fight between Link and Mewtwo was concluding, Young Link and Roy were finishing theirs. They were both pretty much beat up. The red head breathed heavily, his eyes sagging as he gazed at Young Link.

"How am I losing to a punk?" Roy questioned himself.

"Thanks to Mewtwo, I've become a lot stronger," Young Link replied with a small smile. His face was bruised, and blood was dripping on the rocky floor.

"I guess, Mewtwo does have some good qualities," Roy finally admitted. "Maybe I shouldn't have been so hard on him."

"You think," Young Link chuckled.

"Whatever, I'm ready to end this," Roy said. "No more fighting as enemies. Let's end this battle as friends."

"Sure, as long as you stop treating Mewtwo badly," Young Link agreed.

"Very well," Roy smiled. "Now then, let's end this now!" Roy held his sword with both hands and charged at the boy with full speed.

"Yes, it's time for the end!" Young Link challenged. He threw his shield to the side, and ran at Roy, his sword at the ready. As soon as the two fighters were close enough to swing their blades, they used all their power in one fierce strike. The smashers in the stands glanced to the sound of metal and flesh, and saw Roy and Young Link breathing heavily, blood evident on both blades. Roy fell to his knees first, followed by Young Link.

"Looks like a draw," Roy muttered.

"I guess so," Young Link nodded. And as one they both collapsed on the ground with a thud. Nana quickly ran to Young Link and tried shaking him awake. Dr. Mario ran down and quickly examined both fighters and healed their wounds as fast as he could. He glanced to Nana with a smile on his lips.

"Don't worry, they are both fine," Dr. Mario assured the young girl.

"Thanks," Nana nodded. Together, they took Roy and Young Link into the stands so they could rest. Everyone's eyes then turned to the last two battles in the arena, most hoping the last two swordsmen would win, while the rest hoped desperately that Mewtwo and Samus would win, only time would tell. And that time was almost up.


Marth dodged Samus's attack, and did a sweep kick for her feet. The female bounty hunter saw the attack and jumped over it. She then sent a kick for Marth's head, which he caught with his free hand. "I'm not losing here."

"Neither am I," Samus challenged. She turned her weapon back to a whip and swung it out at Marth, cutting into his back. Marth let out a grunt as he rolled forward and did a stab for Samus, who used her whip to wrap around the blade and toss it to the ground. Marth gritted his teeth as he charged her. She turned her whip back to a gun and placed it in her holster. She then grabbed Marth's shoulders and flipped over him, shoving her heels into his back, and driving him into the ground. She then did a few back flips and landed not to far away from the down swordsmen.

"Bitch," Marth growled. "I can't lose, I need to help Link kill that evil bastard."

"Stop calling him that!" Samus roared. "He's not evil, you just need to understand him."

"Ya right," Marth scoffed. "I'll never trust him."

"Get over your hate for him," Samus reasoned. "He's like this to humans because of what they did to him."

"Did to him?" Marth questioned.

"Yes, most humans see him as a monster, and a weapon," Samus answered. "If we try hard enough, maybe he'll stop treating humans badly, and become their friends."

"Friends," Marth whispered. "Even so, this fight is still not over. I plan on finishing it, but I won't fight Mewtwo afterwards, I don't see the point, if I win against you, then I win regardless of the outcome of this match."

"So, you'll stop hurting Mewtwo?" Samus asked.

"Yes, but only if what you said is true, if I find out later he truly is evil, then not even you will stop me," Marth grinned.

"Fair enough," Samus nodded. Marth ran at Samus and sent a punch for her face. She quickly grabbed the fist and sent a spin kick into Marth's abdomen. She then flipped over him and sent him into the ground. Samus lifted her heel, and dealt a final blow into Marth, knocking him unconscious. She stood back as Dr. Mario carried Marth back to the stands so he could rest. She gazed at her new friend before glancing back to the fight between Mewtwo and Link, and she gasped at what she saw. Mewtwo caught Link's sword with his mind, and his eyes began glowing with a fury that could making any opponent tremble in fear.

"This game is over," Mewtwo growled. "Now you die!" Mewtwo took his hand back and slammed Link into a mountain with his mind. He then grabbed the swordsmen again and threw him to the side, making more blood escape the green swordsmen's mouth.

"Damn it," Link growled. His eyes widened with fear as Mewtwo appeared in front of him, a wicked smile spreading across his lips.

"Are you enjoying getting your butt kicked," Mewtwo laughed evilly. He floated backwards, Link being carried by his psychic powers. He then ram Link into the ground again, lifting him up slowly afterwards, and shoving him into another mountain. Link gasped for air, his breathing becoming shallow as he felt the pain that Mewtwo was dealing him. And for the first time in his life, he was scared. He really was going to die. Samus gasped as she saw Mewtwo pull Link close, the same evil smirk still present. A shadow ball began to form in his left hand as he prepared to deal the final blow. "Game over," the Pokemon growled. Before Mewtwo could shove the ball into Link, ending the match for good, he heard a voice from behind him.

"Stop!" Samus screamed as she ran into Mewtwo, her arms circling the Pokemon.

"W-What?" Mewtwo asked shakily as he looked at the hands that extruded from the blue suit. His face heating up slightly.

"Don't do this Mewtwo," Samus pleaded. "It's not right."

"Who cares, all humans deserve this fate," Mewtwo growled. He tried to move, but the hands kept him at bay.

"Don't Mewtwo, I love you, and I don't want you to ruin your life by doing this," Samus pleaded. Mewtwo stopped squirming, his eyes wide with thought. 'Does she really mean what she is saying?' Mewtwo asked himself. He slowly let go of Link with his mind, and the shadow ball dispelled from his hands. He then lifted them up and clasped them together with Samus's, his eyes downcast.

"Why do you love me?" Mewtwo finally asked. "I'm a monster, an abomination. I shouldn't exist." Everyone was now listening to the conversation, even Link was listening intently.

"Who gives a damn," Samus said. "So what if you were created by humans, if you were only created to be a weapon, to be the most powerful creature, devoid of emotions. Here, you will always be liked, not all humans are like the ones who created you. They were all a part of Team Rocket right, not everyone you meet is with them. Do you understand?" Realization dawned on Mewtwo, his eyes closed slightly, a small smile gracing his lips.

"You are just like her," Mewtwo said. "You may seem kind and sweet on the outside, but you are powerful and intelligent on the inside."

"Her?" Samus asked.

"Yes, her name was Mew," Mewtwo replied. "She brought me out of the darkness before, and just like then, you pulled me out of my solitude, showing me that I was blind the whole time. I thought all humans were the same, but I see now, they are all completely different, just like everyone here." Mewtwo turned slowly around in Samus's arms, and hugged her warmly. "Thank you." Samus looked up, and for the first time, she saw Mewtwo actually smile. And this smile seemed like he always could do it, it was so natural.

"Is this the real you?" Samus asked.

"I guess," Mewtwo nodded. "Remember, everyone has their good side and their dark side. And these sides together are the source of all living things. If you don't have a dark side, your nothing, and if you have a dark side and not a good side, you are nothing as well. Only with both sides of the coin, are you complete."

"Didn't know you were this wise," Roy spoke up. Mewtwo glanced at him.

"You would be surprised," Mewtwo laughed slightly. Link walked up to Mewtwo, his eyes downcast at the ground.

"I'm sorry Mewtwo, I should of tried to understand you better," Link apologized.

"You don't have to be sorry, it's just as much my fault as it is yours," Mewtwo told the man. "We were both ruled by our dark desires, but since we found the goodness as well, we don't have to worry anymore." Link smiled slightly and extended his hand at Mewtwo. The Pokemon looked down in confusion.

"Friends?" Link asked. Mewtwo finally understood and grasped the man's hand, a smile forming on his lips.

"Friends," Mewtwo clarified. The others then gathered around and each shook Mewtwo's hands, and apologized as well. Mewtwo was finally accepted, and he would not let Team Rocket rule over his past, his present or his future. He glanced to the side as Samus walked up, her face showing hints of red. "Are you all right?" he asked the girl.

"Y-Yes, I'm fine," Samus said. She smiled at Mewtwo and held him tightly. "I just want to say again, that I love you." Mewtwo smiled as he kissed her blond hair lightly, something he never did before. But for some reason, it was natural, and he loved the feeling of warmth inside. He then lifted her head to face him, and captured her lips with his. Samus was shocked by this sudden affection but quickly relaxed as she deepened the kiss, her hands wrapping around his neck, trying not to touch the cord that came from his back to the back of his head. They slowly parted, and Mewtwo gazed at her with caring eyes.

"Thanks you for showing me the way, and for caring about me," Mewtwo said. Samus smiled as she lend up and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Don't worry, I'll always be here," Samus said. Mewtwo nodded, and together, with the rest of the smashers, they looked to the future. Kirby holding Jigglypuff, Young Link and Nana smiling at the sky, Mario and Peach sitting side by side as they gazed at the stars, Zelda kissing Link, and trying to heal his would in the process. Everyone else just stood there, watching the sky, and the moon that crossed it. Mewtwo glanced at Samus briefly, a smile still on his face. 'Together, with all my new friends, and of course Samus, we will enjoy this time we have for as long as we can,' Mewtwo thought to himself. Many fights, and many challenges awaited them as they all gazed at the stars, wondering what the future holds for them next.

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