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Naruto finds that he has a bloodline limit he didn't know about, he finds out who his mother and father were, and he finds that his mothers clan might still be around. Will he find a place where he belongs? (I suck at summaries, just read the fic) (het)

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Chapter 1: Enter Yondaime/Thoughts In A Knock Out

"Well, look who we have here?"

The sound of the voice slowly woke the sleeping ninja up, making him groan in complaint.

"Planning to get up some time this year? It might be better if you don't, you look like shit." said the voice mockingly as the blond slowly opened his eyes.

"Who ever the hell you are, I swear I'm going to kill you." Naruto said as he blinked a few times to clear his eyes.

"Really? And how do you plan to do that way over there while lying on your back? What? Are you going to do it by talking me to death?" said the voice, seeming to be having a lot of fun trying to annoy the blond ninja.

'Who the hell is this jerk?' Naruto thought, sitting up so that he could see where the voice was coming from.

When Naruto looked around he found himself sitting in the middle of the forest of death, right where he and his team had been just before they had been attacked. Or rather right where he had found his teammates being attacked by that strange long tounged man right after he had been eaten by a giant snake.

Jumping to his feet, Naruto looked around searching for the snake man and his teammates. 'Where the hell are they? Have I really been out that long… I hope the others are ok' he though, still searching for any sign of his teammates in the little clearing.

"You won't be able to find them." said the strange voice that had woken Naruto up in the first place. "It's just us in here after all, or rather just you, seeing as I'm actually somewhere else." it said, sounding as though it was very amused by the situation.

Looking slightly startled, Naruto turned his head in every direction, trying to catch site of the man whose voice he could here so clearly that it seemed to come from right next to him.

"Who's there? Show your self!" the blond shouted, wishing more then anything that he could just find the location of the annoying voice. It was really starting to piss him off.

"Hm… why not come and find me instead? You are a ninja after all, if you can come and find me, then maybe I might just tell you who I am, but if not…" the voice said, pausing as he thought of what to say next. "Then I guess you'll just have to get over it then. Now won't you?"

Growling, Naruto quickly did a quick scan of the area before he decided to take to the tree tops to get a better look of the area of the forest that he was in. 'when I get my hands on that bastard, I'm going to show him that I'm Uzumaki Naruto, the worlds number one ninja!' he thought looking down at the forest that now stood below him.

"I doubt that." the voice said, seeming to have just read the boys thoughts. "Though it would be nice to see you try." he added with a soft chuckle.

Naruto growled as he started heading in the direction that he thought that the voice was coming from, having spotted a spot in the forest that wasn't moving while the area around it was. Moving fast as he could manage, the blond haired ninja made it halfway there before the forest suddenly changed. The branches at the top of the trees, including the ones that he was about to run across the top of, suddenly became slick as though they were made out of glass instead of wood and leaves.

Surprised at the sudden change Naruto plummeted straight down onto the ground where he landed on his head, which in turn caused a small crater and several trees to shake, dropping hundreds of kunai with exploding tags attached to the ends right down onto the same spot that he had landed on.

Righting himself, Naruto looked up and quickly moved out of the way of the falling kunai just in time to miss the exploding. Sighing heavily, the blond ninja sat down to take a moment to catch his breath and wits having just had both scared out of him just moments ago.

'That bastard! Is he trying to kill me! Who the hell is that guy?!' he thought, lying his head against the barely standing tree behind him. Sighing deeply, Naruto almost didn't catch the low beeping sound that was coming from that rock that he just happened to be sitting on. Blinking several times, Naruto sighed once more as a thought suddenly came to his mind.

"Oh, shi-" Naruto started to say as the rock under him exploded making a loud farting sound and sending a rather fowl smelling powder through the air all around him. When Naruto landed and finished coughing at the horrible smell that was invading his senses, he quickly got up and left the area wondering if the man that had been sending him messages was really trying to kill him after all. He also wandered if some strange god out there was trying to punish him for all the horrible practical jokes he plaid, because that one was definitely up his ally. 'I'll have to remember to try that one out on Sasuke.' he though as he started heading in the direction that he had been moving in just moments before he had fallen pray to the cruel mans practical joke.

Sighing, Naruto finally managed to reach the point of his destination, only to find that it was another trap. He knew it was another trap owing to the fact that the trap was so horribly obvious. Sighing, Naruto started to turn around and walk in the direction that he had just come, only to walk right into a trap that he hadn't seen.

"WHAT THE?!" he shouted as several shuriken with pink flamingo pictures plastered all over them came flying straight at him out of a large hole in the ground right in front of him. Dodging them as best he could, Naruto found himself suddenly standing on the mound that just happened to be the horribly obvious trap. Looking down, the blond almost face faulted when a note came flying out of the mound that read "got ya" on it.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU, YOU BASTARD?!" he shouted, pulling at his hair in frustration. After several minutes of silence, the blond found that he was calm.

When he finally decided that he had better get moving again, Naruto slowly turned around only to come face to face with a man that he never would have thought that he would meat even in his wildest dreams. The reason he was so shocked was because the man was none other then the deceased forth Hokage, who seemed to be very much alive.

"Well, took you long enough! I've been waiting here for you to finally get here for ever!" the Yondaime said, smiling as he walked over to the young blond ninja. "Then again, I wasn't expecting you to actually be in here for another few years… how did that happen anyways?" he added with a slightly confused look on his face as he thought of the possible reasons for his own questions.

Naruto stared at the man before him, not knowing what to say. After several minutes -when he finally managed to think of something to say- he asked the one question that he was able to come up with.

"Am I dead?" he said, looking into the face of the man that had saved the village so many years before when he was still a new born.

Smiling at the question, Yondaime Arashi answered it with the best of his ability, and seeing as he knew exactly where they were, he was probably the best person to answer it anyways, as well as the only one able to do so at the present moment.

"No, no, no. Don't worry your still alive. Me on the other hand, I've been dead for almost your whole life, remember? Actually… we're in the seal I put on you to hold the Kyuubi, pretty cool huh?" he said with a huge grin on his face as he scratched the back of his head. Unfortunately for the older ninja, he didn't know that Naruto was easily worried as well as freaked out. And being stuck in a seal just happened to be one of the things that could easily make him do just that.

"WE'RE WHAT?!" the younger blond screamed, pulling at his hair as he ran around in circles. Being stuck in a seal was definitely not a good thing at all. "I CAN'T BE STUCK IN THIS SEAL! AH! I GOTTA GET OUT!" he shouted looking around franticly as though he could find the exit if he just looked hard enough.

Sighing deeply, Arashi quickly walked over to the young panicking ninja and sternly bopped him on the top of his head, knocking the poor teen to the ground in the process.

"I didn't say you were stuck here! Why don't you use those brains of yours! Shesh, if your mother could see you know she would be ashamed- or she would be still cooing over how cute you are." he said before a thought occurred to him. "Wait… aren't you 14? Why do you still look like you have some baby fat on you?" he asked looking closely at the teen that he had nearly knocked out just moments ago.

Sitting up at when he heard Arashi mention his mother, Naruto looked at the man that stood over him, looking down at him.

"You knew my mother?" he exclaimed, hope filling him as he thought that he might finally get a chance to find out something about his parents. "Does that me you also knew my father?"

Smirking, the 4th looked at Naruto as though he had been waiting for a chance to answer that very question for the blond haired teen.

"Of course I know him! I am him!"

Blinking several times, Naruto tried to think of something to say, while he was doing that, his mind was also moving at a disturbingly rapid pace. 'he can't be my father! Would someone have known if he had a kid? And wouldn't someone have told me by now? What's going on? WAIT! I know, this is just a dream, I just got knocked out by that strange snake guy and this is just a dream! Of course!'

"Ok, this is just a dream, all I have to do is wake up and everything will go back to normal." he said, while his mind moved on to trying to find a way to wake him up.

Sighing deeply, Arashi knew that he should have been expecting this kind of reaction from a kid that was clearly his father's child.

"No brat, this isn't a dream. It's real, and your going to have to get over it so that I can get on with training you in here, we don't exactly have much time." the older ninja said as he gave the teen a piercing look in order to make sure that he got his point across better.

"well if this isn't a dream, then what the heck is going on and why haven't I been told about all of this before? I mean, don't you think that someone would have mentioned to me before now that I was the child of one of the hokages? It's kind of a big deal after all!" Naruto reasoned, trying to explain to the man in front of him why he couldn't possibly be the child of the forth hokage.

Sighing deeply once more, Arashi sat down in front of the teen ninja in a chair that seemed to just poof into existence.

"Well, Sarutobi didn't tell you or anyone else because I didn't want them to. You see it would have endangered you if people would have known that you are my son. I do have a lot of enemies after all." he said, looking down at the ground in front of him as he spoke. He sometimes thought about weather or not he had done the right thing, after all, he did have a lot of time to think while he was trapped inside a seal on his own son's stomach.

Naruto looked at the man that sat before him, not wanting to believe what he had just heard. Even though he didn't want to believe it, the explanation made a lot of sense, it was no secret that there were thousands of people that would do anything if they could just get the forth hokage back by killing his son. It was a chilling fact, but everyone knew that if Arashi's enemies knew he had a child, they would do anything the could to kill him or her in as painful a way as possible.

"but, that doesn't tell me why, I mean, why me, and what happened to my mom, and what about all my relatives? What about all of that? If I'm really your son then you know all about all of that don't you? Then tell me! Tell me everything you know, and tell me why I should believe you!" he said, too overcome with emotion to do anything but hang on the other mans every word.

"You really want to know? All right then, where should I begin…" he said, scratching the back of his head, a move that both father and son used on a regular basis for almost any resin. "Well, let's, your probably wandering why no one ever knew about your mother and me, right? Because it would have been big news if the hokage was with someone right? Well, you see, your mothers family is among the most closely hidden secrets in Konoha, all of them hide themselves and tend to just blend in with everyone else. All the civilians that is. They really like to keep secrets, and they're good at it." (A/N- sorry soc pupet! But I just couldn't think of anything else that I could do to make them hard to know about apart from making the whole family a group of secretive people! Sorry!)

"they don't usually go to the academy, instead they do a lot of home schooling for their children, and then when it comes time for them to be ninja's, they usually have the hokage give their children special test, then have them put onto a special team so that no one knows about them being ninja's. Don't get me wrong, the Hyuuga clan knows, as well as does the Uchiha clan. The three clans have been competing with each other for the title of the number one family since I can remember, probably since the start of the village… anyways, most people know of the Uzumaki family, or at least they know that the family was one of our most prominent families. I'm pretty sure that it was just a few families that knew about them being ninjas. Again, as I said, that includes the Hyuugas and the Uchihas.

No as I was saying, people didn't know about me and your mom because everyone was expecting me to start seeing a ninja instead of a civilian, so when I started dating Arosha, no one-" He started to say, before his son interrupted him, exited that he finally heard his mothers name for the first time.

"My mothers name was Arosha?! What was she like? Was she smart? Was she funny? What did she look like?" Naruto asked, wanting to know more about his mother, having never had anyone talk to him about her, and now that he thought about it, his fathers statement about her family explained that too.

Arashi smiled at the excited teen in front of him, he knew exactly how his son felt, he had known that it would be hard for Naruto as he grew up. And he also knew that not having a mother or a father would make it that much harder for the teenaged ninja.

"She was the most beautiful person you can imagine, and she wasn't just smart, she was brilliant, she had eyes of pure jade and long hair that just does as it wants that makes her seem so much more wild and fun." he said, smiling at the boy, while remember everything about her as he did so.

After several minutes in which the two sat in a comfortable silence, Arashi finally began to finish what he had been telling his son about in the first place.

"Anyways, like I was saying. When I started dating Arosha, no one really took any notice because they thought we must just be friends because they thought that I wouldn't date anyone unless they were a really strong ninja. Obviously this wasn't true, but it did work out to my advantage over the years. So that's why people didn't know about me and your mom, now as to why only the third knew, it was because we didn't want people to know until I had already appointed a new hokage, or until I could get rid of most of my enemies. After all, while your mother's bloodline limit was-" Arashi said, but stopped as he was quickly cut off once again by his son.

"We have a blood limit?!" Naruto exclaimed, his eyes lighting up again until they were so bright that they almost seemed to glow by there own power.

Chuckling at his son's antics, Arashi answered the question as best he could, though he didn't know much about the family's bloodline limit, just how to activate it and the basics of what it could do. (be prepaired to see him get the discription VERY wrong on what it does)

"Yes, It's similar to some of the things that the Hyuuga's bloodline limit, Or atleast I thing it is. It can let the user make a small wall of chakra much like the shield like move that the Hyuuga's make around their bodies in a sphere. The difrence is that you should be able to direct where you want this shield to be anywhere in a three foot radius of yourself.

"You might also have the ability to what others see and to see chakra Tenketsu's. You might be able to learn how to do the same fighting that they do. What I mean to say is that with the ability to see these Tenkatsu's you should also be able to close them or open them more just like the Hyuuga's do, that is IF you can actualy do that, your mother never really explained much about her families abilities. They were very secretive after all.

"apart from that, your mother also mentioned that she could sling things, though she said that she could only do small object within a three foot radius of her, so I don't know how useful this move could be, but it has to have some applications to it apart from throwing things… after I teach you how to activate it, I think you should try to apply everything to different things, see what you can do with them. And you should also remember that this is just all I know about the bloodline limit and that I could be wrong, your mother died before she could ever REALLY tell me anything about it, we were always kind of cought up in baby talk and… stuff… so the point is there is some other things that I think were just rumors, but for all I know, there could be a lot more that it can do apart from that. And as I was going to say, it's very powerful, but it can't protect you from everything. Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect move or ability." Arashi said, pausing to see if his son had any questions about the bloodline limit.

Naruto thought about all that his father had just told him before he finally asked the question that had been plaguing him for the past few minutes as his father explained all the things he knew about the bloodline limit that was from his mother's family.

After a moment, naruto finaly asked a questiong that wouldn't leave him alone. He kind of had a fealing that it would be nice to know if he ever planed on actualy USING his mothers bloodline limit.

"What's a Tenketsu? I've never heard of that before." he said, nodding his head as he tried to search his memories from the time he was in class for anything that might have to do with the strange thing that his father was telling him about.

Arashi almost face faulted at this. Chakra points were one of the basic fundamentals of ninja techniques and he couldn't believe that his son had never heard of them before. 'what the hell do you have them teaching them up at the school Sarutobi?' he thought in milled annoyance as he tried to come up with a simply and quick way to explain things to his son.

"Well, I guess the easiest way to explain them is by going over something called chakra points with you," he began, before being cut off once again by the impatient young ninja.

"That's what they are? Well why didn't you just say so! I know all about chakra points! There the little holes on you're your chakra coils that let chakra flow in and out of your body. Iruka-sensei told us all about them back at the academy! Is that tankotsumi thing some sort of a special name for them or something?" he asked wandering if there were other cool names for this sort of thing.

The older man smiled down at him, unable to do anything else as he saw how interested his son was in all of the things he was learning. 'who ever this Iruka is, thank you for teaching my son as well as you have… he might be a little goofy, but I can see he's already becoming a fine young man just be seeing his thirst for knowledge.' he though, while deciding that Naruto's hair was in need of ruffling as he quickly ruffled his hair for the first time. "Yeah, something like that…"

The two of them sat in silence once more before Arashi finally decided that he should continue telling his son about everything that he needed to know before he would have to wake up again.

"Anyways, that's why no one knew about me and your mom, or even about you, Sarutobi was the only one that knew. Now, apart from all of that, because I know that you're probably wandering why I choose you to put the Kyuubi in, it's because you're my son, and I could ask someone else to let me use their child. It just wouldn't have been right to say 'I don't want my son to live a hard life, so let me use yours instead'. How could I do that? How could I really ask someone to do something like that, when I myself didn't want to do it? And since it had to be put into a child, or rather a newborn baby, you were the only one I could think of to do it. Besides, I have faith in you that you will one day fight and defeat the Kyuubi. I know you'll defeat that thing when no one else has been able to do it."

Arashi looked at his son, hoping that his son could forgive him for what he had done, and it didn't take his wish long to come true.

"Really?! You believe in me! YEAH!" and with that, Naruto did something that he had always thought that he would never get a chance to do, he hugged the man that he now knew was his father. He was just so happy. It had been hard for him to believe that this man was his father, but once he finally did believe it, he was just happy that his father, HIS father believed that he could be strong enough to do something that no one else had ever been able to do before, and it was that belief that had caused Naruto to suddenly get up off the spot that he was sitting on, and rap his arms around the man that sat in a chair (that had popped out of nowhere a while ago right before this conversation started) and hug him.

Arashi smiled down at the boy that had his arms rapped around him and gently rapped his arms around him as well. After a minute, the two slowly pulled apart, smiling at each other.

Deciding that time was not going to wait for them, Arashi slowly got out of his chair and smiled as his son gawked when it suddenly vanished into a puff of white-grayish smoke.

"Well, come on, I have to show you were I hid everything. That way you'll remember where they are when you wake up and can start training, and I need to show you something cool about the kage bunshin that I know you've been using. I'm sure it will come in handy when you train. (A/N for those of you who read the manga, shut up, I know it's obvious, but I'm on a role, so there.)

Naruto started to follow his father, wandering what he could be showing him. He also wandered what his father knew about the kage bunshin that he didn't. After all, it was his favorite move, he had always thought that he knew everything there was to know about it.

As the two walked in silence, Naruto began to notice that even though they were walking at a slow pace, the scenery was changed rapidly. For every one-step they took, they seem to move 10 times that past where they were just a second ago, after only a few moments, Naruto found himself standing in front of the one house that he usually avoided due to its only residence.

It was the same house that Sasuke lived in down in the Uchiha district of the village..

Blinking rapidly, Naruto's confusion increased as he was lead around to the back of the house, only to have his father stop in front of a porch that was about a foot and a half off the ground.

"Here it is." Arashi said, turning to look at his son as he smiled brightly.

"Uh, here what is?" Naruto asked blankly, not knowing what it was that the older ninja wanted to show him, it was really confusing to have someone lead you around a house and then say 'here it is' with out telling you what it was that you were supposed to be looking at.

"Under this porch is a large chest that has several objects, a map, and some scrolls and letters in it. When you wake up and have finished the exams, I want you to come here and get them. I left them for you because I knew that no one would be stupid enough to go looking under the Uchiha house because everyone knows that if they catch you, you're not going to be seen ever again. But since they aren't around anymore, I guess it should be safe for you to go and get them whenever you want. And if you're afraid that that Sasuke kid is going to catch you, just go to Sarutobi and tell him what's going on, I'm sure he might think of something." Arashi said, smiling as he saw his sons face go from being confused to being happy in almost the blink of an eye. "Anyways, while I do want you to read and study the techniques that are in some of the scrolls, what I really want you to do is to follow the map to your mothers family training grounds and use them. But I worn you, DON'T go to your mothers family house. The only thing that will do is cause problems."

"but why would that cause problems?" Naruto asked, wandering what could be so bad about going to a house that was probably empty. The answer that he received shocked him to the point that all he could do was stare at his father.

"Well, it's because- I don't know how to tell you this, so I'll just say it." taking a deep breath, Arashi told his son something that he knew would upset the young man. "You see, while I'm sure that your mothers family noticed your last name, and I know that they knew about me and Arosha being together, they didn't know about you, and I am pretty sure that they still don't know about you." he said, searching his son for his reaction.

Naruto looked at his father in for several minutes before he finally realized what it was that the older man was saying.

They were alive. His mother's family was still alive.

"Why? Why didn't I know I still had family?! Why didn't they know about me? Why don't they know about me?!" he asked shacking as the shock rolled over him. He had always thought that everyone in his family was dead, but now he knew differently, and it was as if someone had tried to cut part of his heart off.

"I don't know, it was just something that me and your mother decided, looking back now I see that we shouldn't have done it that way, but I can't change the past, I'm sorry." Arashi's shoulders sagged as he thought about how hard he knew his sons life had been over the many years, each time that he witnessed something happen to the teen, he had wanted to make it to where Naruto had a family to go to and to hug and to have them hold him. But he wasn't able to undo the past, no one was.

Naruto stared at the ground for several minutes before he finally decided that he believed that his father was indeed sorry for putting him through everything, sighing, Naruto moved onto the next subject, already knowing what question all this was leading up to. And so, he asked the very question.

"So how do I get them to see that I'm mom's son?" he asked looking at his father.

"well, firstly you need to become strong, and the kage bunshin will help you do that, and secondly, you need to let people know who your parents are during the last part of the chuunin exams. But I worn you, it might give you a family, but it will also make your life more dangerous because it will let my old enemies know that you're my son, and that's going to cause a few problems." he said, looking down at the boy that stood before him. "But, will the quick activation of your bloodline limit, and some training while using kage bunshin, it shouldn't be all that bad. So what do you say? Want to learn about what you need to do so that you can finally have a family, or would you rather go the easy rout and not bother to let your enemies know just who's son you are?"

After a moment in which Naruto spent by thinking on what his father had just asked him, the blond haired teen looked up at the older man with a smiled plastered across his face.

"I'm in! dah, how hard can it be anyways! So… what do I have to do to activate this bloodline thing anyways?" Naruto asked looking quizzically at his father.

"Well, it's a rather complex jitsu that I really don't know how to do, but I did get to see it done by your mother once, if you give me a sec, maybe I can bring up the memory and allow it to be preformed on you instead of your cousin… hold on a sec. It might take me a minute." Arashi said as he started trying to drag the memory up so that the jitsu in the memory could be preformed on Naruto.

Naruto blinked up at his father as he thought about what the man had just said. 'he said that mom did this for my cousin, that means I have a cousin around my age! I wander what their like… I hope they don't hate me when they meat me…' he thought, picturing in his head what the person might look like if they were a boy, and then doing the same thing incase his cousin is a girl instead.

Knowing exactly what his son was thinking, Arashi rolled his eyes and went to work summoning up the memory that would hopefully unlock his sons bloodline limit.

Naruto's thoughts of what his family could be like were interrupted as the scenery around him suddenly changed from being in the back of Sasuke's house, to being inside a small black room with candles hanging high on the walls. The room also had seals covering every square inch from what Naruto could see, unfortunately he wasn't able to see the whole room, he still thought that it was one big seal. Standing off to the side of the room was an elderly man, his father Arashi, a young woman and a man that was holding her hand. 'must be her husband, I bet they're my aunt and uncle., and that man, maybe his a family elder, or even my grandfather!' Naruto thought, looking the small group over and trying to memorize everything he could about them.

Finally catching site of a woman and a small child of about seven or six standing in the middle of the room. The child had short black white hair and jade green eyes with a dark tan complexion that made Naruto look at him for several moments. He had never seen anyone as tan as he was like this boy. After a few moments, Naruto let his eyes travel to the woman that was standing over the boy with her hands out stretched. The woman had long brown hair that was so untamed and wild that it seemed to take on a life of its own. She also had jade green eyes and her skin was a tan that almost mirrored Naruto's own.

Looking at this woman, Naruto instantly knew exactly who she was. It was his mother.

Naruto walked over to where the woman was standing, apparently performing a jitsu on the boy that stood before her. Looking up at his mom, he couldn't help but wish that he had had the chance to meat the woman. He wished more then anything that he could have grown up with her and that she could be there for him when all the villagers were tormenting him when he was little.

Sighing deeply, Arashi reluctantly brought his son back to the matters at hand by informing him that they needed to do the technique soon. He wasn't sure how much longer he had to help teach the boy before he woke up, and he did have a great deal to go through with him before that. Sighing, Arashi walked over to the boy and positioned him into the spot that the little kid was.

Naruto stared in shock as he stepped right into the boy. 'What? Oh! Right, this is only a memory… guess things aren't solid here like they are in the forest' he thought, still looking up at his mother, trying to memories everything he could before the time that the image would vanish.

"Naruto, this jitsu is supposed to activate your ability to use your family bloodline limit, but I'm not sure that it will actually do it seeing as this is only a memory. In short, I don't know if this will work. But if it doesn't, don't worry, you can still train and become stronger before the third and final part of the chuunin exams. Hopefully that will be enough to get them to see that you're part of their family. Anyways, I want you to stand still while your mother performs the jitsu. What ever happens, do not move. Understand me" Arashi said and asked as he moved away from the spot where Naruto and his mother's image now stood.

Nodding his head at his father, Naruto braced himself for what was about to happen and willed himself not to move.

Seeing that his son was ready, Arashi prepared to begin the memory.

As the memory began, Naruto's mother started moving, going through seal after seal :

Tiger, Rat, Horse, Dragon, Serpent, Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Dragon, Tiger, Semi Tiger, Serpent, Rat, Dragon, (clap hands together), Bird, Snake, Sheep, Horse, Ox, Tiger, Ox, Monkey, Rabbit, Rat, Boar, Bird, Ox, Horse, Bird, Tiger, Dog, Tiger, Snake, Ox, Sheep, Snake, Pig, Sheep, Ox, Monkey, Bird, Dragon, Ox, Horse, Sheep, Tiger, Snake, Horse, Rabbit, Bird, Snake, Horse, Dog, Snake (a/n: these hand seals were taken from the first half of every dragon jitsu, the cursed seal jitsu, and the reversal jitsu, so there is a resin why there are so many)

The entire time that Arosha was performing the seals for the unsealing jitsu, an enormous amount of chakra started to build in the room, accumulating around Naruto, (or rather it was accumulating around the boy that Naruto was currently…. Standing in? I guess that's what it is technically). As time passed, more and more chakra filled the room, until it was almost glowing with its own power.

As Arosha moved, the only thing that Naruto could do was stare up at the now animated figure of his mother, the very woman that he had wished to know all his life.

As the minutes paused the chakra in the room started to enter Naruto's body, slowly filling him with a dull ache the slowly started to grow. After several more minutes the pain became almost unbearable for the young blond ninja, but remembering his father's words, he didn't move his body a single inch. 'if this is what it takes to get a family, then I'll do it! Even if it cost me my life!' he thought as he tried to stay as still as possible.

As Naruto felt the pain increase one again, he couldn't help but wander how a child of six or seven was actual able to deal with the pain that was now coursing through his body. It was almost unbearable for him and he was about twice the little boy's age. Fighting the pain, he made sure that he wasn't going to move at all.

Naruto gritted his teeth as he began to feel like he was about to pass out from the pain. The pain was still growing and it was really beginning to become almost imposable for him to stand. It was almost a relief when he heard his mother say what had to be the words for the jitsu, and when she said it, he didn't even dwell on the sound of her voice because of the pain that he was currently feeling.

"Yuumei Doragon no jitsu!" (a/n: light and dark dragon technique) she shouted causing all of the remaining chakra to fill the young blond haired ninja, successfully causing him to pass out.

"Yo, you do realize that it is kind of strange that you managed to pass out while you were passed out?" said an annoying voice as he attempted to wake the young blond up by continuously shaking him. "I mean, it is kind of odd to pass out from pain in your own head."

"ug,." Naruto said, trying to ignore the annoying pain in his head. It felt like someone took a large hammer to his head. Sighing, it took Naruto several moments before he realized just who it was that was talking to him. Sitting up quickly Naruto looked around and came face to face with his father, the forth hokage Arashi.

"So, that means it wasn't a dream?" he asked, rubbing his head.

Arashi shook his head, knowing full well what it was that his son was talking about. After several minutes in which he let his son recuperate from the after shook of the jitsu that had been preformed on him just moments before, Arashi felt that it was best to move on to the next topic that needed to be discussed.

"Ok, I know that you are probably not really feeling up to moving on to the next thing that I need to tell you, as well as teach you, but I think that it would be best if we move on anyways. There really isn't that much time before you wake up and return to the real world. And I don't know about you but I would really rather not have you go off to the real world before I get a chance to give you some pointers on how to train." Arashi said, looking pointedly at the blond boy.

He knew that the boy was tired, and probably hurt all over, but it wasn't as if they really had time to waist. Which meant that it was time for him and the boy to begin a quick instruction on training while using the kage bushin.

Naruto looked up at his father, really wishing for the first time in his life that his father would just disappear. He felt like crap and knew that training, or even just listening to his father explain something to him, would be more then he could actually deal with at that moment. Or at least he knew that it would be extremely difficult to listen to him, but that's almost the same thing isn't it?

'uh, he has to be kidding, it feels like I just got run over by a hurd of wild horses!' he thought, glaring at the older blond haired ninja that was currently looking down at him with an annoyingly happy smile on his face. 'I wish I could just knock that smile right off of his face.' he thought, wishing that his own thoughts were even possible for him to go through with, but knowing that it was very unlikely to be able to fight a hokage. Sighing deeply, the younger blond ninja decided to do as the man said, seeing as he did know what he was talking about. Even if he was as annoying as Sasuke could be sometimes.

"Fine what ever, let's just get it over with." he said, still glairing at the man standing over him. Just because he was going to do this didn't mean that he had to like it.

Sighing at his sons less then enthusiastic reaction, Arashi decided to just move on with the information that he needed to give the young ninja. After all, it wasn't like Naruto's reaction was really all that shocking, he had known that the teen wasn't going to be happy about having to move on after just having that much chakra shoved into his body in order to overload it, which incidentally was the only way to actually activate his family bloodline limit. Anyways, Arashi moved on to tell his son exactly what his son needed to know.

"ok brat, now as I was going to tell you, the kage bunshin no jitsu has many different extra abilities that happen to make it one of the greatest moves that any given ninja could have. Well, not any given ninja, only ninja's with a rather large amount of chakra can use the technique. The point, however, isn't who can use the technique, but rather what you can use the technique to do." he said, pausing in order to add to the dramatic effect, which only actually succeeded in annoying the impatient teen.

"You see, the thing about the kage bunshin is that you can use it to learn things quit a bit faster. However, it should not be used for this lightly. What I mean to say, is that for every clone you use to train, you actually train that many times more then normal. This means that with 10 clones you train 10 times faster then normal. The drawback is that when you use the kage bunshin to train, you end up get more existed much more quickly then normal, and you will also need to spend more time recuperating. Yes, even with the Kyuubi in you, the time that you would need to relax will still be more then it usually would be. So what ever you do, when you train with it, make sure that it's only when you absolutely need to get a lot stronger in a short period of time, AND also make sure that you don't do it just for normal training. Meaning it's only to be used when something or rather some one you care about is hurt or in danger of losing their lives. Understood?" after he had finished, Arashi waited patiently for his son to answer his question.

Naruto thought on what his father had said for several minutes before he finally answered. "Ok, I get it. I can't use it all the time, just when I really need to, at least when training is involved and not a real mission or battle. Right?" he said, looking at the ground while thinking of what his father had said. He understood what the man had said to him, and he would do what he asked, but he wasn't sure if it really changed anything. He didn't usually use the kage bunshin in his training to begin with, so what was his father trying to get at?

"Ok, I get all that, but why are you telling me all of this, it doesn't really change anything. I don't really use the kage bunshin when I train to begin with." he said, looking up at his father in order to see if he understood what he was talking about. He had come to understand that most people didn't understand the things that he said.

Nodding, Arashi continued to explain what he actually wanted to tell his son. "your right, it wouldn't make much of a difference, if that was all I was going to tell you that is. You see, what I was going to tell you, is that while you shouldn't do a lot of training with the kage bunshin owing to the repercussions it can have on your body, you CAN use it to read as many books as you can. What I mean to say is that you really should use it in order to become smarter. Don't get me wrong, you're my son and I'll always love you as well as be proud of you, but your intelligence isn't that great at the moment. Though you do show a great deal of potential. So in another words, I'm telling you to make several clones and read up on the different aspects of various techniques. Get it?"

Naruto looked at his father for several minutes before he finally understood everything that the man had been trying to tell him. His father had just given him a way to become smarter. And even he knew that it was a big deal. Everyone knew that he wasn't that smart, and finding a way to help fix that would make things a lot easier for him in the long run.

Nodding his head, Naruto told his father that he understood and would try to do as his father asked in order to make himself a better ninja.

Sighing, Arashi knew that the time was coming to a close and that the two only had a few minutes to talk to each other before they would be forced to part for the time being as Naruto would go back out into the real world and continue the exam that he was currently participating in.

The two men talked for several hours about random things, including how Arashi met Naruto's mother (which actually involved the woman beating the living daylights out of him, but he wasn't about to tell his son that. Not even under threat of another Kyuubi attack if it came to that.). The two of them also talked about what it was like for Arashi when he first became a ninja. They talked about his teachers and the different things he was able to learn from them.

When Naruto heard his father mention a perverted ninja that wrote naughty adult books, Naruto instantly thought of his sensei Kakashi and asked if the books were called 'Icha icha paradise', upon finding out that they did, Naruto quickly told the man about his sensei, which in turn shocked Arashi. Seeing as he was the one that taught Kakashi all those years ago.

After finding out that Kakashi had been Arashi's student and was Naruto's teacher, the two of them started to compare notes about the different things that the evil-perverted-and always late-ninja had done in the past. Which usually always ended with the white haired ninja reading from random books that contained unmentionable things.

While talking about the perverted ninja, Naruto asked his dad how to perform 1000 years of pain, which made the older ninja smile and laugh as he informed him that he was in fact the very person that had created the technique.

"YOU MADE THAT THING! WHAT THE HELL?! He used that on me you know! And it HURT! Why would you make such a painful jitsu?" Naruto asked glairing at the man that was currently rolling around on the ground in a fit of laughter.

"Well, I got bored one day and decided that it would be a fun prank to pull on someone, it's not that hard to do actually. All you really have to do is mold up as much chakra in your hands, then send your opponent flying in s huge wave of pain!" he said while still laughing, he could just picture the look on the boys face when it had been preformed on him. It was one of the funniest things that he had ever come up with, and he was glad to see that it was still used after so many years.

After the two ninjas talked about the painful technique, Naruto and Arashi moved on to other topics, such as what he should do if he got caught at his mother's family training ground. Which was simply, as Arashi put it, 'run like hell'. The fact that his father, the forth hokage, thought that he should run made it clear to Naruto that the group wasn't someone to deal with. Even Arashi was scared of them.

After a while, they two of them started talking about the third hokage.

"So when you see him next, you might want to mention something about meeting me. Oh! I almost forgot, when you see him next, just tell him to give you the keys to my vault. I want you to buy as many books with the money in there as you can, plus a whole new wardrobe. No son of mine is going to dress like that." he said, looking at Naruto's clothing as he spoke. 'the kid needs to get better clothing if he ever wants to get a girl friend. Plus when he's on missions, it's like a big sign that says "here I am" or something. I bet he doesn't even realize it.' he thought, rolling his eyes at the look of indignation on his sons face.

"WHAT! What's wrong with my clothes! I think they're cool!" he said, glairing up at the man above him.

Sighing, Arashi decided that the best plan for this was simply to explain to his son the points of why it is bad for a ninja to wear that much orange, and not to mention the hole thing about a girlfriend. He didn't think his son would be very comfortable with them talking about that.

"Well, you see. If you're in the middle of a forest and trying to get away from an enemy ninja and you're wearing orange, you kind of stick out. It's like painting a target on your back and asking archers if they want to practice. It's just not a good idea for a ninja to wear a lot of orange." he said using his power over the dreamscape to show his son just what he was talking about.

Sighing deeply, Naruto hung his head, knowing that his father was right and that he really needed to change his look in order to work better as a ninja.

"ok, I guess your right, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it. I'll change my cloths when I can. Ok?" he said, looking up into his fathers face to see that he was pleased with that answer.

When Arashi was satisfied that his son would indeed change his cloths to better suit him as a ninja, he quickly changed the subject, hoping that he would be aloud to have a few more minutes with his son before the time would finally end.

Unfortunately for him, his wish was not granted. Only seven minutes passed before Naruto started to feel a tug from behind his navel that signaled him and Arashi that there time was about to end. Sighing deeply, Arashi told his son goodbye.

"Well, remember what I said about everything! The vault, training, and especially the clothing!" he said, as his son started to fall back words into darkness.

"I'll remember! When will I see you again?!" Naruto shouted wanting to spend a little more time with his dad. He had spent so many years without one that now that he finally had one, he didn't want to let him go.

"Soon! Very soon! I promise!" Arashi said hoping that his son heard his words as he faded from the dreamscape.

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