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Naruto was sitting on his bed, happy that Kabuto wasn't in the room to annoy the hell out of him. It was nice that the Sasuke obsessed bastard had needed to do something with his team mates and left a while ago, he was really starting to piss Naruto off with all the questions about Sasuke.

'sheesh, he's as bad as his fan girls. ' Naruto thought as he again took the little piece of paper out of his pocket and looked at it again. He couldn't believe that he was really this close to getting a family. Even if it was just one person, he didn't care. It was a family just the same, and hopefully in time, the others would come to except him as well.

Sighing deeply, Naruto put the paper back into his pocket, and laid back onto his bed. He knew that he was forgetting to do something, but he couldn't help not caring at the moment. It was just a really happy feeling to know he actually had someone out there to call family.

- a couple hours later-
The next morning Naruto woke up with a start as a loud voice over an intercom system shouted for all the participating genins In the competition to be ready in 3 hours, and to be in the arena on time.

Sighing deeply, Naruto got up and walked to the his pile of close that were sitting in the middle of the floor. 'it looks like someone went through them- but who would go through my close? And why?' he thought picking his close up off the floor., suddenly Naruto had a horrible thought and started searching for a single piece of paper in the pockets, only to remember that he had had it with him when he went to sleep. Walking over to his bed, Naruto let out a deep sigh of relief when he found that the address of his only relative that he knew would even speak to him was sitting right on his pillow in a dent, indicating that he had eventually rolled over onto it for some strange reason. (a/n: are you people happy? I SPELLED IT RIGHT THIS TIME! YEAH! So please stop the yelling, it's hurting my little head -turns into a chibi and holds his head in pain-)

After making a mental note to himself to talk to the Hokage about his suspicions of someone going through his things, Naruto got dressed and headed out the door into the hallway, and began to look for his team mates.

Even if he really didn't feel like talking to them, he knew that they needed to know about a possible spy, and they also would have to know about someone going through his stuff if he was right.

After turning down a new hallway, Naruto came face to face with the one person that he hated more then Sasuke.

"Hey Naruto! What's up?" said an annoyingly cheerful voice from a teen with white hair and glasses that seemed to always shine light right back into Naruto's eyes.

"Hi Kabuto, if your hear to ask more questions about Sasuke, then I-" Naruto started, only to stop when something clicked. 'someone went through my stuff, he's my roommate, a spy who is connected to that snake bastard who wants Sasuke is running around, and this guy keeps asking about Sasuke, more so then his fan girls ever did, and I've never seen him in the village before, and I've been beaten or insulted by just about everyone in the village!' he though as he faned a cough to cover up his pause. In talking. (A/N: yes, I know, out of character a bit for him to catch on to stuff this fast, but I want my Naruto to actually have a brain, or at least part of one :D)

"sorry, I was saying I don't know where he is and I don't feel like talking." he said, looking back up at the white haired teen with an annoyed look in his eyes, hoping that the man wouldn't figure out what it was he was thinking.

Lucky for him, Kabuto thought he was an idiot.

"Maybe you should have someone look at the cough, I do specialize in medical jutsus, maybe I can help?" he said, going through a few hand seals while approaching Naruto.

"No! Really! I'll be fine, I prefer healing the long way anyways, I have a thing about doctors." he said, rubbing the back of his head, and inadvertently adding to the stupid look, thought he didn't know this.

'he really is an idiot isn't he?' Kabuto thought, while letting the chakra he had summoned to his hands dissipate. Putting back on his nice guy smile Kabuto began to say what he had practiced for the past hour, hoping that the idiot would fall for it. If Orochimaru's plans were to succeed then he would need to actually poll this off. Sense that was what his master wanted.

"actually, I'm here to talk to you about something, there is a rumor that there is a spy somewhere and I wanted to know if you knew anything about who it might be. I mean, you do seem to have the ability to read people prity well." he lied, all the while thinking 'he's an idiot, all I have to do is complement him a few times, and he'll see how nice Orochimaru's people are, compare them to the way people treat him here, and he's in.', of course, he had no idea that Naruto was onto him, and that his plan had pretty much backfired.

'bingo, and we have a spy. Shesh, he doesn't think I'm that stupid does he? Well, let's just go with it anyways.' Naruto thought while putting on his idiot smile.

"So you noticed did you? " Naruto asked with a huge, yet believe able fake grin on his face. "I'm totally awesome aint I?" he asked, keeping up the act. 'all those years of playing the idiot are finally paying off.' he thought, while Kabuto smirked.

"yeah, it's easy to tell that you have some talents. I'm surprised your still a genin, I would have thought that you would have already passed this test years ago!" Kabuto said, adding some icing to the proverbial cake.

"You think?" Naruto asked, mentally rolling his eyes.

"I know so! I'm kind of shocked your on the same team as Sasuke, the usually put the dead last with the top in the class, but it's weird, isn't it? You would think that you have the dead last on your team instead of being stuck on Sasuke's team!"

"I said the same thing!"

"really? I should have known, great minds think alike. Your probably going to manage to come up with your own nin-info cards after seeing mine, darn, maybe I should make a new set? Can't fall behind now can I?" Kabuto said while giving a fake laugh.

Naruto sighed, wandering when this was going to end. He now had twice as much to do then he did before and only a couple hours to do it all in.

"well, I'm sorry, I really don't know anything about the spy, I have heard the rumors thought, maybe I'll ask Sasuke and Sakura if they've seen anything strange?" Naruto asked, hoping that it would end the conversation quickly. He REALLY needed to find Kakashi now.

"Cool, you do that, but can you do me a favor? Can you not mention any of this to anyone? I don't want whoever the spy is to find out that we were talking about this, he might come after one of us, and that would probably be a bad thing!" Kabuto said while looking around to add to the feel of what he was saying. 'he's falling for it, the demon is so easy to trick!' he thought while mentally smirking to himself.

Naruto nodded to Kabuto while the white haired man thanked him and headed off in the opposite direction that he had came.

Meanwhile in Naruto's head, A chibi Naruto was bowing while holding a trophy that was a good 3 times his height, while random people though flowers, and every girl in the rookie nine were jumping on him screaming his name. All the while all said chibi was able to say was "thank you, thank you". all this was going through his head for his good performance that seemed to have Kabuto right were he wanted him.

- few minutes later in the Hokage's office in the forest of death-

"Hokage sama!" Anko said as she entered the room.

"Yes Anko?"

Uzimaki would like to speak to you, he says he has information on who the spy might be." she said, in a rather psychotic way that let you know of what she would want to do to the spy if she ever caught him or her. Yes, she would have a lot of fun with them. (a/n: can someone please tell me why she isn't with Ibiki in the anime or manga? They are the perfect couple, don't worry though, I said they would be a perfect couple in the anime and manga, not my fic though, I have a man in mind for Anko, and what a dolphin he is :D)

Saratobi almost hit the floor at the look on her face, it was so sadistic that he was almost willing to run out of the room screaming just get away from it, but being the Hokage meant that he couldn't do something like that, well… that and there was a huge stack of the most evil thing in the world sitting in his path to the door. 'kami I hate paper work.' he thought, before bowing his head to indicate that she should let the young blond in to speak with him as soon as possible.

Shortly after Anko let Naruto into the room, Naruto explained his findings to the Hokage and told him about the nin-info cards as well as about how someone had gone through his stuff in his room. Shortly after that, Naruto and the Hokage both went down to the arena and prepared to start the next part of the test.

(1) - Keki Genki - it means bloodline limit.

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