Blackness. Complete and utter blackness. It wasn't dark. Just black. Why not dark? He could see his hands. No longer bloody and beaten like before. His clothes were no longer torn and ripped. He didn't feel any pain either. He tried pinching himself.



This...wasn't right. Where were his friends? His enemies? His fangirls (you know who you are)! Where was anybody for that matter?! What time was it? Was Dallas (1) on? God, he hated that show. Where was his magic stick? Did soda and pop rocks really make your stomach explode? He had a lot of questions, but the most important one was:

"Isn't there anything to do in here?"

He was so BORED. By god, he'd rather be back fighting that ass Nelo Angelo. He was given no time to complain, however, as a voice seemed to seep into his consciousness. Pervading his mind. Euw.

"My, my...what a surprise. To think that someone like you could be defeated by the measly forces of a self-proclaimed "prince of darkness". the mighty have-"

"Okay, woah dude. That lines way too cliché and you know it."

He felt kinda stupid for talking to himself like this, but hey. He was in a gigantic void of blackness. What else could he do?

"Hmm. You have a point there. And yes, you do look rather silly. Talking to yourself like this."

Crossing his arms and Legs Indian style, he let out a huff.

"Hey,'re the one who decided to pervade my mind...ya pervert."

"Fhn Fhn…I suppose you're right. But I couldn't help myself. It's not as if I meet celebrities every day you know."

"Yeah yeah…"

He remained silent for some time.

"So….where am I?"

"Well…" The voice, for a moment, seemed uncertain. "You could say that you're inside me."


"10 years too early for that!"

"Which just makes me ahead of the game."

"But, on the other hand, I suppose you could say that you're in Limbo."

"I suck at that game."

"Don't we all?"

"Yeah…except for that one annoying kid who can always do it perfectly. I always hated that guy…"

"Yes…he always got a prize for winning too…every time…"

He stopped to consider this. Yes. What was up with that kid? How did he bend his back like that? Why the hell did he care anyways? And more importantly, was that his voice?

"Yes. I find it easier to converse with people when I use a familiar voice."

"Yeah, but do you have to use mine?"

"I could use the little girl's voice." And he did so, verily.

"Gah! Fine! Use my voice! Jeez…ya pervert. You're worse than-"

"AM I?"

"…no….not really."

"damn straight."

"So…what now? Is this the divine comedy or something?"

"What do you mean?"

"What am I supposed to do now? I can't just sit here talking to you all day about the mysteries of life. I've got friends, family, and most importantly, rabid fangirls waiting for my return. So tell me how to get back already!"



"You may be surprised to hear this, but…some of your friends have already passed through here."

"What? Where are they?"

The voice was serious now. It also no longer took on the jovial tone it had become known for, nor did it keep his voice. It didn't really have a voice, anymore, but he still hear it, clear as day.

"They…were unable to move from this spot. A pity, really…they were interesting individuals."

"What? Bastard! What the hell did you do to them?"

"Nothing. If anyone did anything to them, it was you. Did you really think your past deeds wouldn't catch up with you? Are you that Arrogant? Naivety? Or perhaps a little bit of both? Well, regardless, there's little you can do to help them now. Pray for their eternal rest, I suppose…"

"Shut the-"

"You may retort all you want, but the fact of the matter is, you led them on this venture."


"You took the little girl."

"No!" Angry.

"You proclaimed your strength to the whole world."

"No…" Desperate.

Did you really think you could just take her with you and you'd all live happily ever after? After all you did to get to her?"

"N-no…" Defeated. Tears were streaming down his face.

"Of course not. Face it, the demons were one thing, but you killed them."

"Dammit…" He clenched his fists. The voice was right. Saying he was the strongest, saying he'd protect her without a problem, forcing everyone to come with him. It all came back to him in one fell swoop. Gateau. Al. Kratos. (2) They were all dead. And it was all because he'd forced them to stay by his side, even when they'd been ambushed in the middle some forest. He couldn't deny anything. This voice knew everything. His hands were bloody again.

"My, my… you haven't cried this hard since you were what? Five? Six? Stop blubbering already. Bloody hell." It was using his voice again.

"Shut up…"

He remained that way for quite some time, just sitting there staring into the annoying blackness of Limbo. He chuckled. Al always won at Limbo (3). He wiped the tears away.

"I've decided." He said, voice steely with determination.


"I'm through getting people involved with my problems. I've gotta take responsibility."

"You? Ha. I doubt it."

"I've still got people to protect. But I won't put them in harm's way ever again. I'll protect everyone, even if I've gotta do it myself."

His eyes had that old fire in them again, but it was different. There was a sort of seriousness there. Something that had never been there before.

"I'm gonna get out of this black hole, and when I do, there'll be hell to pay."


"I'll never…" His hands began to crackle with bright energy. "fail my friends…" Takamichi, Gateau, Kratos, Eishun, little Asuna, who'd become like a daughter to him, his father, Eva… "AGAIN!" His body exploded with bright lightning. Space seemed to contort around him, and everything became bright.

"Hey little girl, how about becoming my partner?"

The little pigtailed girl shook her head.


"I want Nagi…"


His friends proceeded to beat the crap out of him. "Why the hell are you so popular?"

The first thing he realized was, his entire body (most noticeably his head) hurt like hell. The second thing he realized was, there were 3 demons standing over him.

"Well, looks like he's done for, but just in case…" It raised it's mammoth fist.

He jumped away just in time, summoning his old staff as he did so. (4)


"How's that possible? His energy was completely spent!"

"Tch. Guess he doesn't call himself "Thousand master" for nothing."

Charging up, he didn't even bother with a retort. It was true, he proclaimed himself as the Thousand Master, though he only knew 5 (maybe 6) spells, and his spells were only about 100 times more powerful, not 1000. That'd be obnoxious.

That day, he earned that title (5).

However, no one saw him after that.


"You're still here?"

"But of course! Now then, to get acquainted, let's have a round of 20 questions!"


"Question1: Why are you such a loli-magnet?"


Things looked bleak for our hero.

(1) If you haven't seen that show, then... you lucky #.

(2) The crazy huge guy behind Nagi in the picture of Crimson Wing (vol. 6). I don't know his name.

(3) Just take a moment to picture that…good…good…now picture chibi Nagi on his knees in defeat.

(4) You can't handle the magic stick. He only shows it to his fangirls, anyway. Head outta the gutter!

(5) Seriously. If that's not the most bad-ass way to earn that kind of title, I don't know what is.

Yo! I made an OC just like I promised on the forums! Sort of… only with absolutely no distinguishable features other than it's ability to pervade your mind and use random voices. Euw.

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