Issei! Chapter 2!

Rainmaker, Rainmaker….

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"Did you see it?"

"Why are you still here?" He asked for probably the millionth, if not the billionth time. Sure, the voice wasn't going to answer him (truthfully), but he could still ask, right?

"I'm a disembodied voice, so technically, I'm not really anywhere."

"You know what I mean…" Currently wandering about a distinct savanna bathed in a surreal sunset, Nagi Springfield sighed to himself. He could distinctly hear some birds chirping in the distance as he continued down the simple dirt road. The orange sun slowly lowering itself behind the distant moutains cast a very peaceful atmosphere on this otherwise foreboding savanna. However, all this beauty and contentment was quickly foreshadowed by a sudden thought. When the hell had he gotten to Africa?

"You ask this now? After all we've been through together?"

"Of course!" He sighed again. 10 years since the voice had entered his head (quite rudely), and he still got pissed at its annoying tendency to start conversations with no real intent or purpose. Something that constantly kept him on edge, for while the voice usually did little to help him in any situations, he couldn't let himself forget that even 6 years ago.

"You didn't see the giraffe did you?"

"Go away!" Though he said that, the voice, being all-knowing, was much more useful than he originally had thought. Not just 6 years ago, but it had in fact helped him get out of a jam more than once. His escape from the Sand Country(1)coming to mind. Yes, he had much to thank it for, and he would, but it was just too damn annoying!

"Fhn. Fhn."

"What are you chuckling about now?"

"You're talking to yourself again."

"Agh! DAMMIT! Would you at least stop using my voice?"

"This better?"

"No. No it is not, and you know it." The vein in his forehead throbbed. He'd probably developed some extra muscle or cartilage there by now. Why did this pervert like to use Asuna's voice? Why didn't he use his voice? Or at the very least use the voice of someone they met on the street so conversations wouldn't be oh so unsettling?

"I told you, familiar voices make it easier to converse with people."

"That's a horrible excuse…" Stupid, perverted, all-knowing voice.

"Oh, hush. It's not that bad." It grunted back to his voice.

"Easy for you to say…" He really needed to go see a doctor. Sure, it didn't really impede him in any specific way, but come on! He had a voice in his head! Surely there had to be something wrong with him?

"Of course. Speech comes quite naturally to me."

"It wouldn't be so bad if other people could hear you..."

"But wouldn't that ruin the fun?"

"Cheh." Always a comeback. Not even the charismatic and decidedly witty "Thousand Master" could compete with this guy (at least, he assumed/hoped it was a guy).

"By the way... I hear your son's been looking for you."

"No shit. I've only been hearing about it from you for roughly 3 months!" Of course his son had to make things more complicated. Sure, he'd love to go see Negi right now. He was his son for crying out loud, whom he hadn't seen in years! But that would only complicate matters for all parties involved. Even as he kept a low-profile, there were constantly people chasing after him. No real threat to him, thanks to the skills he'd developed during the war (and a decidedly psychic voice), but Negi was only 10. He wasn't ready for the kind of crap Nagi had to deal with.

"No need to be snappy. I still don't understand your need to stay away from him. Not only is he with Asuna, Takamichi and Albireo, but he's in one of the safest mage cities in the world. Could it really hurt to go see him?"

"Perhaps not, but that's not a risk I'm going to take. Didn't you say something about that "Wilhelm" guy getting in there almost undetected?" He'd almost gone straight to Mahora when he'd learned that such a high-level demon had shown up to confront Negi and his partners. However, as it turned out, not only were his partner's extremely attractive for their age, they were more than capable of protecting Negi for him. At least for now. And, much to his relief, Al was indeed at Mahora, though he was virtually powerless.

"Hmm, I suppose you're right… after all, like father, like son."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I just meant that just like his father, he attracts tons of allies cough women cough to him wherever he goes."

"Damn straight. He's the son of the Thousand Master. What do you expect?" Indeed, he'd actually been kind of surprised when he'd seen how many partners had. It kinda made Nagi jealous inside, since the majority of Nagi's partners (that stayed with him) were male. He found himself wondering why such a serious kid could attract so much attention from the opposite sex without any inherent charm.

"Though clearly he's not a loli-magnet like you…"

"Grrr…" Vein. On forehead. Throbbing. Profusely. He wished he could strangle this voice. He hated when people brought up that point.

"Fhn Fhn"

"Hmph." Nagi continued down the now dark path at a brisker pace. He'd need to find shelter or something. He continued on in relative silence for a while.

At one point, he came upon a small tree and settled down to sleep in one of the lower branches.

"You know…" It spoke up just as he was about to fall asleep. "By the time you actually decide whether or not to become part of your son's life, it might be too late."


"What I'm saying is, he may get tired of waiting for you."


"And we can't have THAT now can we?"

True. His son might just give up on him entirely, with all those pretty girls around him. Who needs a father when you've got a harem? (AN: Snicker)


He sat there, not sleeping, but not really awake. Just lying on a tree branch contemplating the true importance of a father. This continued for what seemed like hours.


Truly, if Negi was surrounded by all those great partners, did he really need him?

"Don't ignore me."

Surrounded by pretty women who are at your beck and call…

"I hate it when you do that…

A stable job, a few good friends….

"You're a dick."

And plenty of Chupacabras running about in case he got bored.

"Ooh, another giraffe."

Negi definitely didn't need some vagabond like him for a father.

"You really think too much you know that?"

He hadn't realized he'd been sleeping until the voice woke him up.

"You know you're just gonna show up on his doorstep at some random point and act like everything's perfectly normal. Quit playing the role of a responsible man."

He sighed. So true. So true it was almost sad.

"Now go to sleep. The giraffe left already, and you still didn't see it."

He'd just have to think of what to say to everyone when he showed up again. Well, no use thinking about it now. That was still a long ways off. Drifting off to sleep, Nagi found himself thinking of everyone's reactions... Would they be happy? Sad? Would they kick his ass for being gone for 10 years? He never got to finish that train of thought as his mind seeped into a dream-filled sleep.

had no choice.



The man fell out of his chair.

"Hey! Don't die on me now! You haven't even bought me a drink yet!" He yelled at his passed out friend.

"How subtle." Eishun's voice this time.

"Damn straight."

Satsuki just chuckled.

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"You're still doing it wrong."

points at plastic scissors

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