this is my first try at doing a fanfiction by my self.

so any help would be nice, any tips on how to make it better would be great.

He was his brother and would do anything to make Sam happy, He would give up everything he had and wanted in life that to happen.

Age 9: Dean took the blame for when the mirror in the hotel they were staying at was shattered; he was not allowed to have dessert for 2 weeks.

Age 12: He invited sam's friends over for a surprise party because he knew Sam wanted a birthday party but was to scared dad would say no. Sam was happy and John never found out.

Age 14: Dean had a date with the most beautiful girl in school but canceled because Sam was upset about a fight at school and they stayed up all night talking about how to deal with bullies.

Age 16: Dean spent three months of is allowance just to by Sam this very expensive book on...well everything it was an encyclopedia, He could have gotten some new tapes and allot of beer if he wanted but Sam wanted this and it made him happy.

Age 18: Dean took the blame for when Sam accidentally put the wrong bullets in to a gun and dean got hurt. He was not allowed out except for hunts and school for a whole month, he did it because Sam was his brother and he was all ready in the middle of a fight with john.

Age 22: He let Sam go he let him be happy even though he was not there with him any more. He let him go even though it killed him inside because he knew this is what Sam has wanted for the last 10 years and he has all ways found it hard not to give Sam what he wanted.

Age 26: He held Sam all night while he cried over Jessica even though he did not like to show how he felt on the outside.

Age 27: He held Sam again while he cried for the loss of Madison the first girl he truly let him self feel for after Jessica.

Age: 30: He kept his promise to Sam, he did not let him turn he saved him, he stopped him because he knew it was what Sam would have wanted, He lost his brother a long time ago and he had accepted that all he had done was to kill the demon that took Sam away from him, took away his life.

He did it because Sam was his brother and it was his job to look out for him

Age 36: Dean and Sam were reunited dean and Mary were reunited dean and his father were reunited, he was with his family the Winchesters were a family again.