What sam did for dean

Dean was his brother his big brother, sam looked upto him and wanted to be like him, wanted to help people, save people but at the same time do it in his own way be himself. When sam was younger sam gave and did so many things for dean.

Age 1: Sams first word was Dean, well not really it was dee. Not that sam could really choose that to be his first word it just was.

Age 6: On deans 11th birthday sam made him a birthday card at school the day before, he had help from the teach but he got to choose what the card said. "Dean you are the bestest brother in the world love sammy".

Age 8: When sam was 8 dean ot the chicken pox and sam stayed up all night with him so he would not be alone, even though dean kept saying he was fine sam knew dean was happy that he was there.

Age12: Sam made sure that his dad did not forgat deans 17th birthday he made sure john got him a present not just a lnew gun or knife something dean wanted.

Age 15: Sam spent all his pocket mony so he could buy dean a ticked to a Metalica concert he was so desperate to go to the smile on deans face was worth it.

Age 19: When sam arived at stanford he wrote a 2 page letter to dean to tell him how sorry he was to leave like he did and how much he loves him and will miss him. Though he never sent it he hoped dean knew anyway.

Age 21: Sam found put his dad and brother had been arrested so he paid for there bail a good $5000 without them knowing then after they were let out hacked in the the police computer system and errased any history of their arrest.

Age 22/23: When dean showed up at his home one day asking for his help to find their dad he said yes even though he had planed to ask jess to marry him that week end, he could ask her when he got bake after his interview.

Age26 to 32: Even though he had died he was allways with dean watching him and making sure he was safe and healthy, dean never got hurt or sick and on the day he did he still did every thing he could to protect him.

Age 32: Sam could finaly talk to dean again after so long they were a family again.