Author: Kingkakashi

Rating: M-MA

Warnings: Adult Language, Violence, Lemons, etc.

Story Summary: The timeline of the story begins immediately after the Sasuke defection and fight with Naruto. The story will convey it's consequences, and how it will subsequently affect many of the other Naruto characters. I've rated this story X or MA for future chapters. However this chapter is more NC17 and not intensely graphic in any way. It begins after Kakashi's discovery of Naruto after his battle with Sasuke at the Valley of the End.

Disclaimer: "Naruto" and all its characters are property of Kishimoto Masashi, and I claim no ownership. I do claim ownership to this story and any original characters created for it.

Naruto vs. Sasuke The Aftermath

Chapter 1 "Regrets"

Hatake Kakashi speeds through the forest with urgency and haste, as one of his students Uzumaki Naruto lies dying in his arms. He glances down at his student covered in blood, with a distinctive hole in his chest that could only have been left by the "Chidori Technique," Kakashi's technique.

"Damn you Sasuke, and Damn myself for teaching you this." He mutters in a voice filled both with anger as well as guilt. Using slight hand movements and voice activation he increases his chakra even further to gain additional speed as he heads toward Konoha.

A rasping gurgling sound reaches his ears, and he looks down again and sees that the bleeding has slowed considerably. No doubt helped by the power of the Kyuubi demon contained within Naruto's body. In fact, it was probably the only reason Naruto wasn't dead. Kakashi shook his slightly head in disbelief. The Leaf village's greatest enemy and a source of pain and heartache for Naruto his entire life was the only thing keeping him alive. At that moment, Kakashi actually felt grateful for this demon and it's powers.

"Gratitude from a leaf villager for me," a voice boomed into Kakashi's head. Startled at this occurrence Kakashi pauses for a moment.

"Keep running you fool, unless you want this brat to die in your worthless arms." Kyuubi shouts inside Kakashi's head.

Shocked back into reality, Kakashi once again accelerates towards the village. However, he is concerned about what has just transpired? Kyuubi sensing this laughs which brings a sense of dread to Kakashi.

"Worry not copy ninja, I have need of you at the moment which overrides any desire I might have to kill you." Kyuubi says in a more subdued tone.

"You have need of me?" Kakashi queries anxious to hear the nine-tailed foxes answer.

"At the moment yes, quite simply you are this brat's only hope of survival and along that perhaps mine as well? Even if you did have a part in this boy's current condition."

Kakashi's anger quickly flares and in his mind he shouts. "Shut up monster, I care a great deal about this child, I would never hurt him!"

"Liar," Kyuubi growls.

Kakashi's anger begins to boil and he begins to argue with Kyubbi in his mind only to be interrupted by Kyuubi's thunderous voice.

"Quiet you insignificant fool, be mindful of whom you address or I'll cease my chakra flow to this child that you care so much about and you can watch him wither and die in a matter of seconds!"

Kakashi realizing this was not an idle threat instantly began to clam down as was befitting his normal behavior and stated.

"I apologize great Kyuubi, I spoke in haste without thinking."

"Yes you did," Kyuubi growled.

Kakashi wishing to change the subject quickly asks "How are you able to communicate with me mighty one."

"Cease you insincere flattery, it is insulting and infuriates my being even more towards you."

"I'm sorry Kyuubi a repentant Kakashi replies.

Kyuubi sensing Kakashi's repentance says, " I will answer your question as it does pertain to the current situation of this kid in your arms, I have always been able to sense the thoughts and feelings of those who this child considers important. However, this cursed seal that the 4th Hokage placed me under that is all I could ever do. Only when this vessels life force is weakened and hence the seal is weakened am I able to exert more of my influence shall we say. And since this child has never been closer to death as he is at this moment, this is the first time I have actually been able to speak to someone in the world of the living."

"And you've chosen to speak to me, why?" Kakashi asks.

"You're the only one here idiot, and besides as I've said you have a usefulness at the moment."

Kakashi feeling emboldened by this statement makes a mistake in dealing with Kyuubi that he will always regret and says.

"You honor me Kyuubi."

"Honor you, honor you!" Kyuubi screams at Kakashi causing a violent stab of pain in his head. Kakashi stumbles in reaction to the pain, but keeps his balance and continues forward as best he can.

"If I had no need of you right now, I would kill you as painfully as I could. I don't honor you, you are simply here. Now, you will answer a series of questions for me, since you chose to dispute my earlier suggestion that you had a hand in this boy's current condition. You will answer all of my questions truthfully, and remember I can sense in you any lie you may wish to convey. If that happens, I'll cease my chakra and this boy will die!"

The last sentence Kyuubi uttered was like a slap to the face for Kakashi, the pain in his head swiftly disappearing.

"I accept your conditions Kyuubi," Kakashi replies.

"You have no choice," Kyuubi growls confidently.

Kakashi braces himself, he doesn't know what to expect from this, but he knows enough to believe that it won't be pleasant.

"First question," Kyuubi asks.

"This boy's injury was caused by the Chidori technique, your technique, yes?"

"Yes," Kakashi answers, "but I didn't use this on"

"Quiet," Kyuubi snaps, "I know this, but you taught this most deadly technique to the one who did use it on him didn't you?"

"Yes, I did" Kakashi solemnly answers.

"But you didn't teach the technique to this child, why not?"

"I don't know," Kakashi replies.

"That is a lie, a penalty will now be assessed." Kyuubi says, and with that he stops his chakra flow on Naruto. Like a dam bursting, blood explodes from the hole in his chest splashing Kakashi in the face.

Kakashi immediately stops and attempts to repack the wound but it is like trying to hold back the tide. In a panic he screams.

"Stop this Kyuubi, I'll answer the question truthfully I swear!"

"Penalty rescinded," Kyuubi, says and with a thought the torrent of blood coming from Naruto's chest becomes a trickle once again. Kakashi upon seeing this lifts Naruto up once again and quickens his pace back to the village. Kakashi feels a sense of relief that Naruto is still alive.

"I wouldn't get to comfortable copy ninja," Kyuubi chuckles. A couple more penalties and even Tsunade won't be able to fix anything on a corpse. I'm sure you're counting on the Slug slut to save this child's life. But, why dwell on what ifs. Now back to my question why didn't you teach the Chidori to this boy?"

Kakashi pauses for a moment before answering, because his answer is very painful to admit.

"I didn't teach Naruto the Chidori because I didn't believe he had the talent to learn it."

"Yes, lets touch upon that subject right now," Kyuubi hissed.

"What subject?" Kakashi asks

"Your belief and support in one Naruto Uzumaki."

Kakashi winces under his mask, in his mind he has been struggling with how things could have been different ever since he found Naruto after his battle with Sasuke. He didn't think Kyuubi was reading his mind but perhaps he was picking up on some of the regret Kakashi was feeling.

"What did you do when the 3rd Hokage assigned to you the 3 students you were to train as Genin? Kyubbi asks.

Kakashi pauses once again, only longer this time annoying Kyuubi.

"Answer the question!"

Ashamed, Kakashi answers, "I requested that he assign me another student instead of Naruto."

"Why?" demanded Kyuubi.

"Because I didn't think he was worth the time it would take to make him into a quality Genin, let alone anything past that. But I was wrong, how is it you know of this?"

"Not just me, Kyuubi chuckled, the kid knew it too. He took it upon himself to sneak under the floor boards in the Hokages office when the students were being assigned"

"Impossible, I or Hokage Sarutobi would have sensed his presence even hidden." Kakashi shot back.

"Well, I guess you can blame me for that one, the kid was so excited about being trained by a actual Jounin, I masked his chakra from detection with my own. I don't know why I did it, out of boredom I guess. He was just so anxious to know because his only friend Iruka had talked about one Jounin in particular that the kid could learn a lot from. Want to take a guess who that Jounin was that this brat was so hopeful he would be assigned too?"

Kakashi could feel his heart begin to race even faster than it had been, he did not want to hear this answer.

Kyuubi sensing this and trying to stifle his laughter said.

"That's right Kakashi, it was you!" Unable to contain his amusement any longer Kyuubi burst forth laughing hysterically.

Confused, Kakashi thought that Kyuubi must have been lying. If Naruto had truly known any of this why would he accept Kakashi as his Sensei? Kyuubi sensing doubt coming from the ninja said.

"If you're wondering why the brat chose to stay with you after hearing your request he just used it as motivation. He was going to prove to you and everyone else that he did have talent and would earn your respect or die trying. Well, at least he got the dying part right," Kyuubi said with a sneer.

Kakashi knew that Kyuubi was telling him the truth, if you could say anything about Naruto he never thought about giving up no matter what the cost or adversity placed before him.

"Next question," Kyuubi growls snapping Kakashi out of his thoughts.

"You begrudgingly began to train Naruto along with the traitor and that pink haired bitch that this kid is so fond of. By the way, be grateful she isn't here at the moment. She also is to blame for this brat's current crisis, even more than you perhaps. If she were around I would take great pleasure in granting her a very long and painful death."

Kakashi did not like hearing a threat against another of his students makes another mistake with Kyuubi.

"Is there a question or do you enjoy threatening an innocent kunoichi?"

Another shot of intense pain followed that statement with Kyuubi's voice echoing in his head.

"Do not test my patience ninja fool, and as for the slut, innocent she isn't in this affair."

For the third and he hoped last time, Kakashi found himself apologizing to Kyuubi in as humble a tone as he could muster.

Kyuubi, satisfied with the copy ninja's contrition asks.

"When you were training these three whelps, did you share your time equally with all of them?"

Kakashi simply stated, "No."

"You trained the other two more fervently than you did Naruto, especially the one who may have killed this brat, yes?"

"Yes," was all Kakashi could meekly state.

"When this kid actually made it through the preliminary Chunin exam, were you proud or surprised copy ninja?"

Kakashi remembered that day vividly, he said to Kyuubi.


Kyuubi then growled in contempt.

"But that wasn't enough for you was it? When this kid came to you for additional training for the final exams, what did you do?"

Kakashi didn't answer, prodding Kyuubi in disgust to state.

I'll tell you what you did; you pawned him off onto that preening fool of a Jounin Ebisu to train him instead. Tell me, what were your reasons for that and remember I'll know if you lie and you can say goodbye to this kid right now!"

Kakashi remembered how hurt Naruto was that day, he knew the answer to this question and saying it would be like a kunai to his heart.

"I chose to focus my attention and additional training on Sasuke, because I believed Naruto had no hope of defeating Neji Hyuga no matter how much training I gave him. In my mind, Sasuke had the talent to move on in the exams not Naruto." In the strictest terms of ninjutsu, Sasuke was like me."

"Yes, you shared that thought with Naruto during that traitors match with the sand brat, tell me did you give any thought to how that made this kid feel when you said it?" Kyuubi asks.

"No, I didn't," Kakashi woefully says.

"No, you didn't. Nor did you give any thought to his well being when you sent him after your precious Sasuke during the Sound and Orochimarus attack on your village. Your only concern was that Sasuke might get hurt fighting the sand brat, yes?"

Kakashi couldn't answer anymore, tears were beginning to surface in his eyes. He looked down once again at the boy he was carrying in his arms barely clinging to life. Kyuubi had succeeded in bringing out what Kakashi has been trying to bury since the start of his race back to Konoha. He had failed this child time and time again, and it was now tearing him up inside. This kid, this number one hyperactive knucklehead ninja had always remained loyal and true to his Sensei. His Sensei on the other hand had not returned those feelings, instead giving that which Naruto craved the most to a traitor and now perhaps a murderer.

"What a fool I have been," the despair ringing in Kakashi's voice as he said it.

Inwardly, Kyuubi smiled upon hearing this. He had forced this Jounin to face some unbearable truths about himself. Granted he had done this for his own amusement. 'If I can't kill any more leaf villagers, I can still hurt them when I get the chance.' However the strain of keeping this kid alive was starting to deplete even Kyuubi's immense chakra. The injury was very severe and he knew he couldn't stave off death for much longer. He had to act quickly and he knew of only one thing he could do at that time.

"Kakashi," Kyuubi growled.

"You've done well to make it this far as fast as you have. You must have copied at some point Gai Maito's speed, but I'm afraid it's not enough. I'm going to grant you a small amount of my own chakra. This will increase your speed beyond what any human has traveled before. You will live through it, but it will be painful. There is a catch however; I can only give you this chakra if you agree to accept it. What say you copy ninja?"

Kakashi looked upon Naruto once again he was barely breathing and his pulse was almost non-existent. Kyuubi wasn't lying; Naruto would soon be dead unless he got him to Tsunade immediately. Looking up he could see the outskirts of the village, but it was still miles away. He knew there was no decision to be made, it was already decided.

"Yes, do it, I grant you permission great Kyuubi."

"As you wish, but remember I told you it would be painful." And with that Kyuubi began to transfer a portion of his own chakra into Kakashi. The scream Kakashi let out would echo for miles, but if he could whether the pain, he would reach Konoha in a matter of minutes.

Authors Note: I have some ideas about where I'm going to take this story, but I will examine constructive input from others. In upcoming chapters you will definitely see more characters and yes there might be some lemons between a few of them. I hope everyone enjoyed the story so far, it is my first attempt at writing a fan-fic but I look forward to writing more. All the best to everyone.