This is a sort-of interactive fic that includes the basis outline of the TV show, "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction", which had stopped airing three years ago. I loved it to death and still miss it... The story also includes Mario characters, which I do not own. Nor do I own the theme of this fic, or the first paragraph below. Please enjoy!

We live in a world where the real and the unreal lives side by side. Where substance is disguised as illusion and the only explanations are unexplainable. Can you separate truth from fantasy? To do so, you must break through the web of your experience, and open your mind to things…Beyond Belief.

Host: What is truth? The noble certainty? Reality? Or is there something else to it? How close can truth be connected to fiction? Is there really a line separating both from one another, or is the merge more visible than we think it is? We have stories for you tonight, some which are created from the creative mind of…someone named krisetchers…and some from the mind of truth itself. Just remember, names, situations, and places have been changed, nearly dramatically, but one thing stays same in all the fact stories: the plot, and the truth. Readers, you are welcome to predict and speculate on these strange tales, but we have other people as well in our VIP section.

Luigi: It's a me! Not my brother this time, just me. Is it just me or does this occasion make me as happy as when I was in my own game?

Wario: Which involved a house full of ghosts? Ha! What a game of stupidity.

Host: You might want to reconsider that Mr. Wario, at the end of our show.

Wario: I only came here for the appetizers in the lobby room. And would I ever lose this game? Nah.

Peach: Hi, it's Peach. I'm here to test my wits and try my best. Although I'm very skeptical about these kind of stuff.

Flurrie: Hey sweetums, I'm here all sweet and special. Can I win this, or will I mess up as much as I did with my makeup this morning?

Klepto: And I'm here too, not only to return this hat back to Luigi, but also to see if fiction will strike out to me as obvious in this episode's stories. Not to mention I might have the potential to win.

Peach: Win? What's everyone mentioning something about winning? We're just here for fun and to guess!

Host: Actually you're mistaken. There is a special prize for the one who can get the most accurate predictions on the stories for tonight.

Peach: Oh, that's just all right I guess. Tee hee, what fun.

Host: Okay then, take a look at this poster.

Protruding from the upper right corner is a line, going down diagonally down to the bottom left corner of the square. Midway, a thick block is vertical, and blocks the path of the line going diagonally down. However, there are two lines that protrude out from behind the block, both leading to the bottom left corner. But only one of them is the real one, connected to the single line from the upper right, and one of them is a fake.

Host: The line goes down behind the block, into two ends. But only one of them is actually connected. Which one is it?

Wario: Hahaha, so easy, as if I were seeing behind the block. It's the one on the top.

Flurrie: Yes, I believe it is end #1 that completes the line.

Host: You're both mistaken, unfortunately.

The host got a ruler and placed it against the line going down from the upper right corner, and it connected with the end on the bottom. Wario mumbled.

Wario: Come on, it's obviously a rigged line.

Luigi: Just admit it Wario, this just shows are fooled you can a be. Mario will look up to a me when I win this show! I used to love this show, and I still do.

Peach: Now that there's a prize, I'm trying extra hard from now.

Klepto: Ahem, when do we start? I can't wait.

Host: Just like this line shows, it can bend the possibilities of the truth and lies. Can you separate fiction from reality and break that line…or is there not really any line between them at all?

The scenario shows Mr. Host in the room, standing in front of a grandfather clock. The pendulum is swinging at a slow and steady rate, as the second hand on the face of the grand clock is ticking slowly and slowly. The hour hand is on the seven, the minute hand pointing right up.

"Look at this clock. It's nearly exactly 7: 00 P.M, just on time. Time is seen as the ever flowing river. It goes on till the time infinite, until the end of the world. But even at the end of the world, its still keeps on continuing to exist and flow past us at its same exact rate hundreds of thousand years ago."

"Kenny Dreyer is a young toad who had discovered something beyond what time really was. He had discovered something that would affect his life and everything that surrounded him. He discovered the true fact for himself that time was truly the everlasting flowing river. But he also discovered how it could flow out of control, in fact, too out of control for young Kenny to handle."

Rocky Edges

I always had that sense of adventure that never stopped me. It was as if I was born to walk all the time, to explore, to learn stuff, and even best; to feel free. I had come to Rocky Edges Hiking Tours for a better experience away from home.

My mom was always too occupied in sewing to mind me leaving the house. In fact, she knew how fine I would be. She had always been interested with my exploring actions as a child, and she would laugh at my strong sense of imagination. I had always explored the forest behind our house as a kid numerous times. I walked for miles away from home, just to explore. And then I would return back. Well, not to mention that one time where the police was called by my worry-struck mother after I didn't arrive before midnight. I felt so free as if I had all the time I wanted to spend in the entire world. Then in my high school years, I was a camp counselor. We explored not only forests, but desert lands and water fall regions.

I was already twenty two, and I had signed up for exploring one of the most mysterious mountain cliffs in the entire world, Rocky Edges. It was a tour with six people, with an experienced leader guiding us for an entire week. The mountain cliffs were arid in the beginning, and then as you went higher, people described the air as a piercing cold. Of course, I had never even heard of this place before. But it was said to be only for those with a strong heart and strong will. Over a hundred of people as the brochure said had quit before reaching the top cliff: 18,000 feet above sea level. What wusses I thought. But then again, what's a person to insult others when they themselves haven't gone through what those others have?

"Name?" the magikoopa at the counter asked, who was wearing a unique red hat at the top of his head. The Rocky Edges Hiking Tours Station was a fairly large structure. It was also a sleep away camp for younger kids as well, and in front of the main office building, nearly fifty eager children had just been deposited from a few buses. As Kenny was dropped off, he saw to the right of him an active tennis court. The players were so active and free, it gave him a sense of freedom in the center of his body. It was a large crowd of children for Kenny to pass through, but he made it through with ease.

"Kenny. Kenny Dreyer."

"Yes, your hike starts in an hour at 7:00 in the morning. Hope you have everything ready. It's a predicted seven days for the trip to the top, and back. If you happen to have any trouble and want to return back, then special emergency helicopters will have to bring you back, blah blah, all these requirements." The front office magikoopa leaned in closer to Kenny, the rim of his red cap nearly touching Kenny's forehead.

"Kid, don't make us do that."

"Are you kidding me?" Kenny replied. "The reason I'm in this travel is because of my past exploring experiences." He looked at the magikoopa; his red hat gave him a matchless look.

"The most experienced might still lose his place in time," the magikoopa said.

I had pondered those words in my mind. Why did he have that strange, unnerving smile on his face? I just couldn't wait for the long trek to begin.

"Sign these papers," he said, stacking a packet in front of Kenny.

An hour later, I met with my group of six others. The tour guide was called by the name of Hiker, which I found amusing. All the others seemed to be experienced explorers, just as experienced as me. I had talked to the five tourists and found out how much in common we all had. I was in charge of carrying a large, yet neatly stacked pile of folded tents. I had a water bottle stuck in the back pocket of my pants. And before I knew it, our group of seven started our voyage into the rocky cliffs.

I had never seen anything so strange and mysterious. The mountain went higher and higher, or rather, mountains. As I looked up, it stared right back at me as if it was threatening to pile its giant rocks all over our tiny bodies. Hiker had gas masks in his backpack, required for later if the air was limited in the increasing height of our elevation. Another person named James was carrying three huge containers of food, dragging them in a special type of bag. It was like three refrigerators were coming along with us. As I looked back, I looked at the large station of Rocky Edges Hiking Tours. Before I knew it, the place was out of sight behind a cliff, and we were all alone.

"First time climbing a mountain?" Hiker asked ten minutes later as he turned around to look at his group. Some of the others nodded and replied in response.

"Well, seven days with nothing but wildlife will be a challenge," he told them. "But let's keep spirits high, hmm? In one hour, we'll stop and take our break."

We did nothing but talk about ourselves to the others. We took turns saying what we did for a living in our lives, and our reasons for deciding to climb the enormous length of the Rocky Ledges. When it was my turn, I didn't have much to say. I was too nervous and anxious about how we would take on our journey. But why was I feeling so nervous? I had never had that feeling before in my life.

And then we saw a cactus, exactly square in the middle of a fragment of cliff land. It was so fresh and green, with the prickles of the plant standing straight out from every part of its body in a healthy manner. I wiped the perspiration on my forehead. How long had we been walking for? It felt no more than thirty minutes.

"Whoo!" Hiker said enthusiastically. "Three hours already and this place is as hot as ever. I've climbed up and down this ledge mountain at least ten times so far in my entire time working here."

"Has it really been three hours?" Kenny managed to ask him.

"Kid, it's felt like five hours for me already," he replied, opening something from his backpack. "But for some people, time is as slow as ever."

"I haven't eaten all day," one of the hikers said.

"Wow, I'm really dying for a hamburger," another hiker said.

"The only thing you'll be dying for this whole week is canned beans and carrots," Hiker replied, and they laughed.

"Let me set up the cooling thing in this cooler," James said, as he started to open up one of the large containers of food. The others sat down and put their equipment down, as Kenny put down the folded tents besides all the other baggage.

I know I should have been staying with them, but I couldn't help but look over the side of the cliff we were on. We had made it quite a distance in three hours. Although we weren't far at all up in the sky, I could look out at the horizon and forest below it. The view was amazing, and for a second, I felt that feeling of being free again, that feeling I always held onto when I was a child. I could never explain what had happened, but I distinctly remember a sharp, twisting pain in the center of my ankle. Then, my head started to spin, and then, blackness. I had passed out

I felt the pain still in my foot when I woke up. Large amounts of dust had collected all over my hands, and my clothes too. I didn't know what had happened, but when I had woken up from the rocky ground, I remembered everything. I was aware that I had passed out, and I was aware that I had fallen six feet onto another ledge. But where was the group?

I realized to my panic that the sun was not rising anymore, but it was doing the opposite. It was slightly going down into the horizon of the darkening sky. I wondered to myself where the group had went. I climbed onto the ledges, and farther up until I reached the small plateau on where my group was eating breakfast, lunch, or whatever it was. There was no one present.

How much time had passed by while I was knocked out? was the question that entered my mind hundreds of times. I was frustrated with the fact that I had no watch with me. I realized that the bottle of water was still in my pants pocket, so I took it out and attempted to take a sip. I wasn't lost, I told myself. I can make it back. But could I?

Then I saw something right in front of me. It was that cactus, that same plump and green cactus I had seen that morning. But something was definitely not right. It was shriveled up, gray. Split in half from the top. The sky was darkening, and I knew I was not imagining. Perhaps the group had brutalized the poor plant before they continued on? And another question entered me: why did the group leave without me? Why didn't they look down the ledge to see me, passed out just six feet below? The question was burning inside me, not with hate or wrath, but with confusion and bewilderment.

All I could do was walk as the sun started to set. I was so confused and had never felt so frightened before in my life as I walked down the ledges. That feeling of being free had changed within me. I think I might have had a remarkable sense of memorization, cause I started to vaguely trace my steps, recognizing shapes of the cliffs as I became more quicker in my stepping. I couldn't stop moving, and didn't hesitate to think which way was correct or not. I needed to get back to the Rocky Ledges Hiking Tour station as soon as possible and tell them a member had gone back safely.

After what felt like an hour, I finally saw a glimpse of light from somewhere down below. I gave out a sigh of belief, and even let out a shout of excitement. I had made it back, just when the last bit of sun disappeared in the sky, and when the moon made its first shade of visibility.

But something struck me as different. The camp station was smaller. What used to be a wide set of at least six buildings from the morning I saw it had turned into one. It was a deserted waste land. I froze in my tracks, bedazzled. What had happened? Where did the other four or five large buildings go? Where were the cabins that littered all around the place? The possibility that struck me first was that there was some major constructing going on. No, it was impossible. I needed to find out.

I literally ran till I was at of breath to the remaining building. This was impossible, I thought, was Rocky Ledges Hiking Tours Station suddenly torn down in hours? There was no sign of debris anywhere as I approached the cabin-like building with the lights still on. I remembered almost perfectly, the tennis court with the playing players that morning. As I stood in disbelief, I saw that to the right of me was that same tennis court, hardly recognizable under the new layer of piled mud and dirt. I was starting to go crazy, as I burst through the doors of the building. I saw a freezer, then a row of food, then a stack of magazines. I saw a magikoopa.

Kenny nearly stumbled his way to the counter, as the magikoopa looked at him in worry.

"Wow, you must be some tired traveler," he said. "Need some gas? There are two pumps right outside."

"No, no," Kenny gasped as he looked around. A gas station? What was this?

"Look, tell me what happened here!" Kenny demanded, his hands placed on the counter in a threatening way as his eyes became bloodshot with dread. "I want to know what the hell happened! Why did everything disappear? Where is the hell did Rocky Edges Station Camp go!? Where-" He stopped yelling at the stunned magikoopa as Kenny looked at him.

"Your…red hat," Kenny said suddenly. "You're that man in this building, the man at the counter, who signed everything up for me in the front office."

"My red hat," the calming magikoopa choked, before relaxing at the toad's outburst. "I have no idea what you're talking about. But about this red hat, I think I might be having a clue at…what you're heading at." His face had a look of confusion on it, as he looked at poor Kenny in concern.

"My uncle owned this red hat," the magikoopa said. "He used to own a place, which closed down. I owned the land and turned it into a small gas station to live a humble life."

Kenny stood silent as if a hypnotizing hush had gone over him.

"Well, the place previously was a camp, and a touring hike station before this gas station I built. It closed down."

"Why…why did it close down so suddenly?" Kenny asked him in a quivering voice. He was shaking at the same time as he listened, dazed.

"Not suddenly," the magikoopa replied. "Gradually. I heard that a group of seven people had been lost one day on a hike journey, over those old cliff mountains, and they were never found again. This meant bad business, and soon later, the station closed, and I was given the rightful owner of these acres living a mediocre life."

"That's…not possible!" Kenny cried out, this time in horror and ultimate misunderstanding. "The group got lost, and the place was shut down all in the hours of today?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't seem to understand what you're saying," the magikoopa said with a perplexed face, his eyes full of puzzlement. "After the reporting of the lost hiking group, Rocky Ledges Hiking Tours was shut down nearly twenty years ago."

"How do you explain this situation? What really happened to Kenny on that day of his timeless hike? Reports showed that none of the bodies ever showed up twenty years ago, the day the hiking group was reported lost. Was Kenny really one of those hikers who turned out to be alive, perhaps, having past hallucinations of the terrors he had encountered years before? Or did Kenny really experience a time traveling flow in time during his passed out session? But explain this fact; why did Kenny never age? The remaining info on the travelers indicated a man of 22 years of age, the exact age Kenny resembled to officials that following day after the gas station, was a hiker in the tour. Our story ends with the fact that Kenny entered himself into a mental institution, still haunted by his unforgettable experience. Does this tale show the true existence of a gap in the ever flowing river, time? Or does this story fall into the category of time...put into the efforts of creating a story of fiction?"

The pendulum is swinging at a faster rate on the grandfather clock now, faster than before. This time, on the face of the clock, the hour hand is placed directly at the nine.

"That's odd…wasn't it just 7:00 a few minutes ago?"

Luigi: Ayayaya! That's crazy.

Peach: Agree tenfold! Yeesh.

Flurrie: Beyond belief, and mysterious.

Wario: Huh, time travel? Not on my watch, get it? Haha, anyway, this is so fricken' fake. FICTION

Flurrie: You know sweetums, I might disagree with you. It sounds like it might have a tint of truth in it. What if that poor Kenny was just a hallucinator the entire time? Hmm, but now that I look, it seems kind of false. FICTION

Luigi: Yes...and his age stayed constant? That's just puzzling.

Klepto: That mentioning and sights of the Rocky Edges reminds me of my hometown a long time ago.

Luigi: Hmm Klepto, I've noticed that you've never aged before. Oooh, mysterious!

Klepto: That's because I've never been in a game before that shows a younger or an older form of me.

Luigi: Oh yeah, okie dokie, so what you a think Peach?

Peach: Is that story even…possible? Wow, you know what, I just have to say no. It's too much. But amazing story if it's fake. Or if it's real. FICTION

Klepto: I believe it's just truth and all it is. It had potential. FACT

Host: Everyone entered their predictions?

Luigi: Wait! Okay, okay, umm…what the heck, it's not true! Time travel is one of my disbeliefs. FICTION

Klepto: Ahem, you will discover that you've been mistaken later on

Wario: Come on already, let me win the game! Next story, next story. Don't make it absurd this time.

We'll tell you if this story is fact or fiction at the end of our show. Next, an awful truth is let out from the mouth of a doll, on Beyond Belief.

Thanks for reading part 1! If you want to guess whether this story is fact or fiction, you can include it in your review. The next part of this show with a new story will come soon.