Note! Do not read this final chapter if you have not read the previous five stories yet! The truths will be revealed, and I recommend you go back and take your guesses before you view this page. Thank you.

"How do you think you did tonight? What were your opinions for these unusual tales? While the VIP members' opinions are shown as well, the one actually being tested is you: the reader. We will now go through all five stories and see which were fact, and which were actually fiction."
1) Rocky Edges

"Our first story was about the explorer in his hiking group who returned back to the camp, only to discover that he had been lost for longer than he thought he was. What did you think?"

L: F, W: F, P: F, F: F, K: T x

"Well, this place previously was a touring hike station before this gas station I built. The camp station was closed down."

"Why…why did it close down so suddenly?" Kenny asked him in a quivering voice.

"Not suddenly," the magikoopa replied. "Gradually. I heard that a group of seven people had been lost one day on a hike journey, over those old cliff mountains, and they were never found again. This meant bad business, and soon later, the station closed, and I was given the rightful owner of these acres living a mediocre life."

"That's…not possible!" Kenny cried out, this time in horror and ultimate misunderstanding. "The group got lost, and the place was shut down all in the hours of today?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't seem to understand what you're saying," the magikoopa said with a perplexed face, his eyes full of puzzlement. "After the reporting of the lost hiking group, Rocky Edges Hiking Tours was shut down nearly twenty years ago."

"Did this story seem too far-fetched for you? If it did, then you're right on time with your prediction. It's pure fiction."

Rocky Edges: FICTION

2) Betty Knows

"The story about the witness of a murder, who turned out to be a doll; Fact or fiction?"

L: F, W: F, P: T, F: T, K: F

"And these dolls of Mrs. Parson's," he continued. Clara looked up as he stepped forwards to the bed. The detective had admired the details of the dolls in the living room, and saw one of them in the center of the bed, face up.

"I was told that she took very special care of them, and even talked to them," the detective said with a smile.

"Oh, yes," Clara said, managing to smile herself. "She was such a unique person. That one is Betty, on the bed."

The detective reached forwards and grabbed the doll, bouncing it lightly in his hands. He noticed the string on the back, and he pulled it.

"Mommy and Daddy, I love you very much" the doll spoke.

"Oh," the detective said in an interested voice. "How cute." Clara smiled.

"No, please don't hurt Mommy and Daddy, Ms. Stevenson!"

The detective froze, and turned to Clara. She had sunk back into the wooden chair she was sitting in, her face pale and stricken with fear.

"I…" she stammered. "I don't understand! Why did she say such a thing?" The detective could do nothing else but pull the string again, his fingers trembling the slightest bit.

"Please Ms. Stevenson; don't put that stuff in their mouths!"

"Did you think this story about the humanized doll was false as well? If you did, then you're mistaken. A story like this did happen."

Betty Knows: FACT

3) The Other Identity

"How did you think of the story about the two people who happened to fall in love, only to discover that they had been living with each other's parents their entire lives?"

L: F, W: T, P: T, F: F, K: T

"This person was born the same day and at the same time in the emergency room, exactly the same place and time my fiancé was delivered."

"And look at this," Kate pointed out. She pointed to under the Gender section of the other file, and underneath, 'Girl' was written and crossed out, and besides it was the word' Boy'.

"This baby boy who was born on the same day as me has the opposite type of mistake," she pointed out. "This has to mean something."

The lady pondered the fact before talking. "Well," she said. "Obviously, it could have just been a small mix up. The record papers were probably switched between you and the other baby, before the necessary corrections were made."

Suddenly, it all made sense. I couldn't believe I hadn't of considered it before. Could it be, with all the evidence I finally had? Could it be possible?

"Is it possible," Kate said, her voice becoming more certain, "It is possible that it wasn't the record papers that were switched, but…the ones switched were the babies?"

The lady suddenly stopped moving and looked up at her. Her eyes were wide, and her expression was stunned in place as she looked at Kate in alarmed uneasiness. Kate and Jason exchanged glances.

"Did a story like this seem to be possible in any way? If you thought so, then you'll be happy to know that it is. An event like this did occur."

The Other Identity: FACT

4) Curse of Hatched Huts

"What about the tale of the mysterious painting that cursed the family generation who had stolen it years before? What was your opinion?"

L: T, W: F, P: T, F: F, K: T

"Perhaps you're not into the artistic works, but almost every artist or person in an art museum will recognize this painting, always in pictures. The painting is called Hatched Huts by an Island."

"Hatched huts by an island," Clear's father repeated. "Can you tell us about it?"

"Well, not much is known," Mr. Hera said, "But people still question whether it exists or not, and you've answered the question right in my office. It's an unfinished piece of work, and was guarded and kept preciously by the artist who never got to finish his last touches to the painting. He committed suicide later on."

"Committed suicide," Clear said, and then something was suddenly remembered in her mind that she had learned about in school the previous day. "That, that painting! It's drawn by Ludweg Van Gough!"

"I believe this is the genuine copy," said Mr. Hera in an amazed voice. "Since that day it was stolen by Skinner 'Skipper' Anwhistle over a hundred years ago, I can't believe you actually found it! It's probably worth hundreds of thousands of coins!"

Grandma's life support system had failed, and had died just minutes after we left the office. Mr. Hera had hung the painting on the wall when we had left, only for it to fall seconds later. It shattered into pieces, and the curse was gone.

"Do you think a story about the cursed painting of Van Gough's could have happened? Not this time, however. It was made up."

Curse of Hatched Huts: FICTION

"Our last tale was about the chess-loving man who never seemed to be separated from his beloved friend, or white chess pieces. True or false?"

L: T, W: F, P: F, F: T, K: F

"Have a good game, you two," Gloria told them. "And keep your fighting down."

"We'll try, we'll try," said Jose. "Oh, and Wendell says your new recipe meal smells marvelous." Gloria smiled happily at across of Jose at the empty chair.

"Why, thank you Wendell!" said Mrs. Gimmons, flattered that her recent cooking experiment was a blossoming success.

"Okay, your move first," Jose said, looking from across from him.

I would always wait for the first move of the white piece before I left to test my new recipes. And every time, the pawn in front of the king would move up two spaces. Jose would shake his head and chuckle.

"You never change!" he would say as he proceeded to make his next move And as I would be in the kitchen testing my blooming kitchen skills, I would keep the kitchen window open so I could keep my usual eye on them. Of course, I didn't really think I actually believed in such things before. But with my real and only eyes, I could see how those white pieces were moving by themselves. I guess my husband and his best friend can never be separated after all.

Oh, how I love Sunday afternoons.

"Did you think this story was made up? Then you're absolutely wrong. The occurrence of these unusual chess games had taken place in the 1980's."

Let's Play Chess: FACT

Host: Comments?

Luigi: Yeah, that doll story. More proof please?

Host: Occurred somewhere in the west coast of "America", in the 1970's. Did I mention that afterwards, the revealing recordings of the doll were never found again? Then the doll disappeared suddenly a day later?

Luigi: Ahhh! Stop it, it's scaring me.

Klepto: I really thought that painting story was true.

Flurrie: And I thought those marrying people who were switched at birth was false! Now nearly nothing is impossible.

Wario: HAHA, I was right about the time traveling weirdo and the falling hut picture. So fake, I knew it.

Peach: I don't mean to swear or use incorrect grammer in any way, but what the hell with that chess story?!

Wario: Ghosts don't exist!

Host: The truth does seem stranger than fiction, doesn't it?

Luigi: Yeah, I guess.

Host: Okay, now that truths were revealed, here is the tally of the number of stories you got correct:

Luigi: 2

Wario: 3

Peach: 3

Flurrie: 4

Klepto: 1

Host: The winner of the most predictions is…Flurrie!

Flurrie: Oh, yes! My adorable tactics has made me quite the winner!

Peach: Yeah, Flurrie!

Wario: Grrr, so very close…

Host: Well done. May I award the prize?

Flurrie: Oh! I was so caught up with all this supernatural stuff that I forgot about this prize. What is it!

Congratulations Flurry! For being the winner with four correct stories, you win a two night journey on the Daisy Cruiser cruise ship! You can't imagine its luxurious qualities that'll make you want to swim for more. When you arrive back home, receive will a free edition of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction DVD, Season 1!

Flurrie: My word! Such luxurious prizes indeed.

Host: Second is tied with Peach and Wario. You both receive a blue-purple T-shirt that says, "Is there a line between Fact and Fiction?"

Peach: Okay!

Host: Luigi, thank you for participating for tonight

Luigi: It's been a fun with guessing. And at least I'm not in last place.

(All look at Klepto)

Host: Klepto, you will now receive a special "reward" for being the most wrong. Since you incorrectly stated an even number of stories of both sides, you can choose wither Skeptic's Sentence or Truster's Torture.

Klepto: Dang…umm, Truster's?

Klepto, you are now going to enter in the Truster's Torture area, while the others can watch through a window and laugh or pity.

Klepto: What? Oh shoot.

Host: Thank you for watching this night's episode of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. Klepto, please enter through that room.

Honorable Mentions:

(Firekai) So close with four correct out of all five. But well done! That last story was a throw-off

(Meowth's Toon Dragon) You got all of them right! You can't be cheating, could you? Anyway, congratulations for a perfect record!

(PeasleysParakeet) Really educated guess for Story 4! But alas, it turned out to be made up.

(Marioman173) You got three right! And I appreciated your belief in frozen time traveling. I wish that was true. Edit: It's good you didn't succumb to the doubts of ghosts, and with that, you got 4/5!

(An Ordinary Reader) Three right! Great ! Haha, you were so skeptic for all the bizarre stories, but even I can't blame you.

"How well was your accuracy for this night? Two of these stories were made up, while three of them had actually happened. Were the stories too strange to believe, or did you cross that line into believing that some of the stories were truth? Sometimes, it can be said that there is no line at all between fact and fiction, and that they simply lay besides each other in the same world. I'm Mr. Host, and thanks for watching."

The stories titled "Betty Knows" and "Let's Play Chess" were true, according to the research of Mushroom Kingdom author Toader Tralins. Join us next epsiode for more.

Thank you host, and that concludes the end! How do you think this was? Should any formatting be done? Should the stories have a theme? Depending on what reviews I get, I'm considering a second episode of Beyond Belief. Thank you all for reading these strange tales!