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Summary: When Haley's mom dies, she moves in with her brothers, father and step-mother. And meets a certain someone. There are a few challenges in getting Haley to stay with them. Will she be able to live with her dad and brothers, or will she have to go back to Andy? (Sorry I am so bad a summaries, its better than it sounds!) This is mainly Naley, and some brucas Brucas and Jeyton!


Lucas and Haley are twins, who are 16. They have three older brothers, James who is 18, Michael who is 21 and Bryan who is 25. Michael and James go to Duke University. James is a freshman on a basketball scholarship and Michael is a senior who is a business major and the captain of the basketball team also on a scholarship. Bryan graduated from duke playing basketball and got his degree in Pre-Med. Bryan is currently at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland in the medical program in his last year until his residency. He wants to specialize in OB.

Lucas lives in Tree Hill with their dad and their step-mom, Keith and Karen. Haley is in LA with her mom, Lydia, who got sole custody of Haley when she was one. Their parents divorced when Haley and Lucas was around one years old, they decided to spilt the twins and that Keith would keep the older three boys, he wanted Haley too but Lydia said that if he fought it then she would make sure that she got all of the kids. Lydia only wanted Haley because she didn't want to have to deal with boys. She really wanted Haley around because it was good for her image to be a single mother who was proving her self by being an awesome designer. Lydia loves her kids, but she loves her work more. She makes sure she sends them gifts for the special occasions. Lydia is a famous clothes and handbag designer who owns her own boutiques all over the US and some international. She works all the time and leaves Haley all alone.

Keith owns several body and car repair shops on the East coast. Keith met Karen 2 years after his divorce. Karen owns the local café, and an all age's club "Tric", which is very popular. All Haley wants is to meet her dad. Her mother has never told her that she has a twin; all she knows is that she has four older brothers. She loves her mom, even though she tries her hardest to get her mom's approval and respect on everything. What she really wants is to be with her whole family, or to at least meet them. The boys know about her and have fought with their father about trying to get her to come live with them or at least to meet her. Bryan and Michael have tried, they have even gone out to LA, but were not able to find them, or when they did no one would allow them to see them. Their step-father would always make sure that they wouldn't get near Haley.

Lucas only learned about her being his twin about two years ago. He was furious that his father didn't tell him sooner and that he didn't fight harder for Haley. All three of the boys are insanely protective of their little sister, even though they have never met her. They want her with them where they know she would be safe. They are determined to get her to the East coast; they know that living with their mother is not a good arrangement. They don't like Andy (who happens to be Haley's step-father) and don't trust him. They love their mother, but she wasn't too much of a mother figure, she was too much into her work and her status as a famous designer.

Lucas goes to Tree Hill High, who is best friends with Nathan Scott, son of Deb and Dan Scott. They are both juniors and stars on the basketball team. Nathan is known as a player and big man on campus, as such he is not in a relationship, instead he has hook-ups. Lucas and Nathan are two of the most popular boys on campus. Lucas is dating Brooke Davis the Captain of the Raven Cheerleaders. Brooke's best friend is Peyton Sawyer, who is dating another Raven basketball player Jake. (No Jenny) Lucas hasn't told anyone about Haley mainly because he only learned about her two years ago, and he feels it's to complicated to bring her up and explain the situation, not to mention it only gets him angry.

Haley goes to a fancy private school in LA, she likes to blend into the crowds and stay unnoticed. She is the school's top tutor and is on the schools gymnastics' team. Haley has a couple of good friends, who are also on the gymnastics team, Sarah, Josh, Justin, and Sandra. Haley was dating the star basketball player Damien West, until she caught him with the captain of the cheerleading team, Elizabeth Macy. He said that he was tried of waiting for her. Haley has been a little depressed, but her friends are around to help her get through it. They keep on reminding her that if he can't respect for values then he's not worth it.

Haley doesn't understand why her mom hates her dad so much. After one year of being in LA and making a name for her self, Lydia married Andy Hargrove, a very famous movie director and actor. Haley hates him, she tried to get along with him in the beginning, but he doesn't like kids and he treats her like she's a pain and is in his way. The only time they get along is when they have to go to a benefit party for either her mother or for Andy and have to pretend to be one big happy family. He's not abusive, but he doesn't always say the nicest things to Haley, especially when her mother is not around. Haley is often left alone in her mansion when her mother takes her many business trips. Sometimes she's left with Andy, but that is when she makes her self scarce. Haley tries to stay out of his way and that is one reason why she tries to keep so busy with her tutoring, and gymnastics.

This story starts with Haley in LA on a very rainy afternoon, in the middle of July. Haley just turned 16 last month, and for her 16th birthday her mom bought her a brand new silver Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Spider convertible, mainly because Haley hated having a driver. She wanted to be more independent. She was on her way home to her Beverly Hill's home. When she got home she noticed that there was a lot of activity going on around her house, she noticed that Andy was home, but couldn't see her mother's car. She got as close to the house as she could and when she got to the door she realized that there was 2 cop cars. As soon as she realized this, she ran into the house into the living room. Where she saw her mom's best friend, Janet, who was crying and Andy talking to about four cops. Once she set foot into the room, the six grown-ups all stopped talking and just stared at her.

"What's going on?" Haley asked while looking a little worried.

"Haley I think you should sit down for a minute we have something important to tell you, involving your mother." Replied Janet trying to control her tears.

Haley was getting a really bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Just tell me what is going on, right now! Where is she! Mom! Mom, where are you!" Yelled Haley, trying to go through the house, but Andy stopped her and grabbed her shoulders, "Haley, you have to stay calm!" "Your mother is not here, she's not coming home, she was involved in a very terrible car accident. She didn't make it." said Andy with a few tears in his eyes. He might not have liked Haley but he loved Lydia more than anything.

Haley immediately broke down and collapsed on the ground and started crying. Andy let her go, and Janet immediately went to her side. They weren't that close but that didn't matter; they both found comfort in each others arms. Andy went over to the police to finish what they were talking about and then showed them to the door.

Even though Haley and her mom were not close, she still missed her; she was the only family she knew. Yeah she had brothers and a real father, but she never met them.

After a while Haley went to her room and just collapsed onto her bed where she stayed for the rest of the night. Wondering what was going to happen. She was hoping and praying that they wouldn't make her stay with Andy. Now was her chance to meet the family she never knew.