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Chapter 31

Haley's House, Sunday; Day after they all arrived home…

All of Haley's family and friends were driving her crazy. Like predicted she came down with a horrible fever, but luckily, she was already treating it with the antibiotics. Karen cooked Haley her famous homemade chicken noodle soup. However, Haley was barely eating, even though everyone knew that you feed a fever and stave a cold. She was also always switching from being very hot to extremely freezing. Yesterday as soon as they landed Bryan met them with the family car to take them and Haley straight to their family doctor, Dr. Alexander. Nathan wanted to go with them, but his parents and Haley convinced him to go home and get some rest and she would see him later.

Bryan being the eager Resident, he tried to take over her care, but that was right before Haley and Dr. Alexander threw him out to the waiting room where Lucas was already waiting. Bryan was furious with everyone for letting Haley go so long with out getting the proper medical help and he made sure everyone knew it.

Dr. Alexander was a little more worried about her condition then Dr. Khan, with the still high temperature and elevated white blood count. He had his nurse start an IV and ran in a dose of erythromycin (an antibiotic) in the office before he let her go home. Right before she left the nurse took out her IV. She had an appointment to see him again a week from Monday and he would put a new cast on. She was banned from school at the minimum of three days and that's only if she was feeling better and the temperature was completely gone. Much to her protest, but she met glares from both Keith and Karen.

Nathan made sure to make regular visits to Haley's house at least twice a day, before and after school. He was always bringing flowers or some little gift. On Friday, she finally convinced Nathan and with her brothers and parents approval to take her outside for some fresh air. Her fever was finally gone and she was starting to feel better. Haley felt bad that she made everyone worry about these last few weeks. She apologized for not telling the whole truth about how bad her ankle actually was. She just wanted to make everyone happy.

As March ended and April came around and quickly left, they entered into their last month of their junior year of high school and the start of their senior year. Haley was able to take her hard cast off about a week ago, but she had to keep a soft brace on when she was out or walking on her foot. She was seeing a physical therapist twice a week to help get her foot back to doing her gymnastics at the level she was at.

The boy's basketball team came in 3rd place for the state championship but instead of pouting about it, they decided that next year would be their year. In addition, Whitey announced that it would also be his last year coaching the Ravens.

Brooke and Haley were able to work on 'Clothes over Bro's, which they were extremely excited about the new summer line that already had Janet's approval. They all had some great ideas for both Brooke's line and the stores of Haley's mother. They all had a great junior year and were ready for their senior year, as Brooke would say 'to rule the school'.

One Year later… Graduation Day…

Haley, Nathan, Lucas, Brooke, Peyton, and Jake were all graduating today. A day that they all thought would never come. Haley and Nathan were still a solid couple, who had hit a few bumps the last year, but were stronger than ever. The same goes for Brooke & Lucas and Peyton & Jake.

Everyone's families were in the audience, including Brookes, which completely threw her off. Karen and Keith had an after party all planned for all graduates and families at 'Tric', to celebrate the great occasion.

Mr. Turner got up and went to the mic, "I have the privilege to announce this year's valedictorian, who has shown us what an amazing student, friend, and classmate she has become in her two years with us. It is very rare for a transfer student to become our valedictorian, but she has proven to us how dedicated and smart she really is. She has tutored a bunch of our recent and past graduates, and just shines in everything she does. Please help me welcome Miss Haley James!"

As Haley walked to the center of the stage, the whole class and her family gave her a standing ovation and deafening applause. "Thank you! It is so good to actually be here on this day ending our high school careers together. We have all worked so hard these past four years to be at this point in our lives. Some of us are going to the school of our dreams; others are making career choices that fit them personally. Nevertheless, no matter what the path we choice we are starting the next chapter of our lives. Only we can decide where it leads. It is up to us to make a difference for our generation and those that follow us. So remember when we head out today that we have and can still make a difference. Thank you!" Haley said to her graduating class, as she kept her eyes located with Nathan's the whole time, silently receiving encouragement directly from him.

After Mr. Turner passed out all the diploma's he introduced the class of 2007. "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my extreme pleasure to give you the graduating class of 2007! Congratulations all!" After each student marched to "Pomp and Circumstance".

All the teens tossed their hats nice and high and went to their friends and families with laughter and tears. Everyone was hugging someone. They then headed to 'Tric' to continue in the celebration. Karen with the help of Brooke, Bevin, Skillz, Fergie, and Junk all put together a slide show of the gang and friends from the last four years. Peyton did the music choice expect for the first song which Bevin and Brooke choose which was "Graduation (Friends Forever)" by Vitamin C. They were all sad to be going different directions. However, were all enjoying their last moments together as a group. Because after tonight everyone will begin their next lives journey.

Jake and Peyton were planning on heading to LA to pursue their dreams in the music industry. Jake wanted to focus on his music and guitar playing and hopefully get a record deal. Peyton was taking an intern position at epic records, with the dream of starting her own record company some day.

Brooke was headed to New York City to a very prominent fashion institute on a full scholarship based on her work with 'Clothes over Bro's', which she already had offers from "Victoria Secret's," which she was joining their summer program for young designers. Which she hoped would help her build her experience.

Lucas was headed to Duke on a full basketball scholarship where he was also going to pursue English lit as his major. Someday he wanted to become a writer; he already had one novel done and another in the making.

Brooke and Lucas were planning to try the long distance relationship, and see where it takes them.

Haley and Nathan were both planning on Duke. Haley received a full academic scholarship and Nathan received one for basketball. Both Lucas and Nathan have to spend the summer at Duke for an early training session for the new freshmen recruits. Haley planned on working locally on ideas for her mother's stores and volunteering locally for teens in summer school programs for that extra helped needed.

10 years later…

Tree Hill High School 10-Year Reunion…



The two young women embraced each other. They turned as two guys laughed at them. They both gave them glares, which quickly quieted them down.

"You look great!" Brooke said to a stunning Haley, as they both chose to ignore the men.

"Well I should since you designed this amazing dress." Haley replied while lightly laughing.

"You two talk like you haven't seen each other in years, when in fact you saw each other last week." One of the guys stated to the girls, as the other silently agreed.

"You know what you two should be nice to us or you both will be very lonely tonight." Brooke stated, making both of the men stay very quiet and apologize profusely.

"Brooke! Haley!" All four of them turned to see a very bouncy Bevin coming towards them.

"Hey Bevin! How are you?" Haley asked the bubbly girl, who embraced both girls.

"I'm great girls! Isn't it awesome to be able to be here again?" Bevin said happily.

Before they could say anything else, their old principal, Mr. Turner stood up and announced the beginning of the reunion. They all found their respectful husbands and took their seats.

As Haley's husband sat down he went to give her a kiss but she turned her head. "I'm still mad at you." Haley whispered, faking a pout; she just loved teasing him.

"But Hales, you know I didn't mean anything by it." He whined to her and gave her his best puppy dog eyes, which he knew she couldn't resist.

"You're just lucky that I think you're hot." She replied.

"Right back at you, Mrs. Scott." Nathan replied with his famous smirk.

"I love it when you call me that." Haley responded, before they turned their attention back to the stage after both Brooke and Lucas gave them glares, and harsh whispers to get a room.

"Look who's talking." Nathan mumbled under his breath before Haley quieted him down.

"Today we celebrate the 10 year reunion for the class of 2007. Welcome back guys! Today is a day for us to find out who got married, who has lived their dreams, and who went a very different path altogether. I first want to say how sorry we all are for the losses of some of our past students from 2007; Tiffany Martin, Jeff Watson, and Peyton Sawyer-Jagielski. For those of you who never heard, we lost Tiffany to a drunk driver five years ago. Jeff to lung cancer two years ago. Peyton was lost to Kidney failure four years ago. Peyton's husband is here today with their seven year old daughter, Jenny." He said as everyone took a minute to adjust all of the sad moments being remembered. Haley, Nathan, Lucas, Brooke, Jake, Jenny, Skillz, and Bevin shared glances, all remembering the very sad funeral services for their best friend, mother, and lover.

Mr. Turner went through all of the moments that were important enough to make his list, the good, and the bad. For our gang here where they stand today (2017):

Lucas Eugene Scott became a famous writer with three best selling novels, after college. He played four years of basketball, but then decided he didn't want to pursue it after college. Brooke Penelope Davis is the famous B. Davis with the very famous clothing line and magazine. Right after Lucas and Brookes last year of college and fashion school, they got married, despite a two-year break. Nevertheless, they found their way back to each other. Now at the 10-year reunion they have a 2-year-old boy and are foster parents for kids that need homes while they are in the states for surgery. Right now, they are hosting a one-year-old girl with heart problems from birth.

Skillz and Bevin married right after college too. Bevin became a professional cheerleader, while Skillz plays professional basketball for the Washington Wizards. They have one set of four-year-old twin girls and a six-month-old baby boy.

Jake made it big with his music; he has four platinum records that have sold millions of copies each. Peyton, before she passed away succeeded with her dream of owning her own record label. Jake was her first act. They married three years after high school and then had Jenny four months later. From complications of pregnancy and gestational diabetes, that led to type two diabetes. Peyton's kidneys failed her from complications of her diabetes and died two years later.

Nathan went to Duke like planned, and stayed for the whole 4 years and graduated with his business degree and a NBA contract with the Charlotte Bobcats, who he has been with for the last six years and is still going strong. His wife, Mrs. Haley James-Scott has three award wining, Grammy winning records. She is also a silent partner with Brooke, who both are like sisters. At Duke Haley doubled majored in music and education. She takes time to teach a class or two, either musically or at a local high school in English. In college, she kept up with her gymnastics but gave it up after her college years.

In their second year of college, Nathan and Haley got married on the beach and then had James Lucas Scott a year later. He was their honeymoon child, which no one will let them forget. Haley was always true to herself and waited for that moment with her Husband. Nathan never once pressured her. Both families were shocked but in the end, both gave their total support. Andy was at the wedding with out Janet who left him for a younger model. She gave all control over too Haley, but is still a silent partner. Much to Janet's disapproval, Haley gave some of her stores to Brooke in the beginning of her career to help her promote her line better. It helped her see the business aspect of the fashion industry. Now the two stores merged into one, "Clothes over Bro's" took over globally. Haley knew that without her mother making original designs she needed a new designer to take over. Surprisingly it was Deb who helped the girls by being the CEO of the company, and did an amazing job at it.

Two Years Later…

Haley and Nathan's 10 Year wedding anniversary…

"Nathan! I can't believe you did all of this!" Haley exclaimed with surprise and pleasure. Nathan 'kidnapped' her and would not tell her where they were going or for how long, all he would say was that Jamie was with his grandparents, Keith and Karen.

She was currently standing on the balcony of their private suite on board an exclusive cruise headed for the Caribbean for 10 days and 10 nights with only her husband.

"Why not? You're worth it and more!" He sweetly replied with a kiss, which received him a smile and a seductive look.

"You know when I first met you; I had this strange feeling when I was around you. I was wary about you but you crushed all of those insecurities fast and strong. Thank you for being you and loving me." Haley said passionately.

"Hales, I have loved you from the moment I saw you. You are the one that convinced me that true love is real! I found it in you." Nathan said back with a few tears. Both becoming very emotional.

For the next 10 days and 10 nights, they spent every moment with each other. In the bedroom and on the beautiful beaches, re-lighting the love full force from when they were 16.

True love is real, trust your heart, you can find it!


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