I do not own Inuyasha, I just think there has to be another reason why Mrs. Higurashi is so accepting that her daughter can travel time

Mrs. Higurashi watched the bright glow of magic, so familiar and yet so different from what she knew, appear and then vanish as her daughter jumped down the well yet again to be whisked away to a place so different that it might as well be a different world. She smiled wistfully as she began to remember her childhood adventures.

"Haku, you would be so proud of your daughter." She sighed, knowing in her heart that her Haku truly would have been proud of how brave his daughter was and for a moment she was lost in her memories. A breeze blew a few stray leaves in front of her face, bringing her out of her thoughts. Then she giggled as another thought came to her mind,

"And I wish so much that you could be here if Kagome ever found out how much she takes after me after all the teasing about how much she looked like you!" The matriarch of the Higurashi family laughed as she remembered the day her oldest child had been born. Her husband had been so smug and could not stop proclaiming how much the new baby looked like him, not a trace of her mother in her. She felt her heart ache for a moment and wished that her husband could return, could be there to see everything their children were doing.

With another sigh, Chihiro Higurashi turned away from the well house and went back inside.

Okay, that's the first bit and there may or may not be more to come