The bunny bit me again, darn it, and to make Mrs. Higurashi into Chihiro I had to do something with the grandfather so this came about

His joints ache in the cold and he knows that he is moving more slowly each day. It is a strange thing to truly grow old and it makes him wonder sometimes, just what it would have been like if he had not followed that impulsive dragon into the human world?

But that is an easy enough question to answer. It would have been miserable. Even with the wrath of her sister hanging over her head, Yubaba would not have hesitated in taking out her anger and frustration at losing two of her most prized workers, the Kohaku River Spirit and the human girl Chihiro, out on the rest of her staff, even those bound to her by their own free will such as he was. She would have broken the spell that had kept his little soot sprites at work on the fires, forcing him to haul coal himself as well as keep up with the orders for herbal soaks. It would have been miserable because he would never have found the sweet shrine maiden who had married him and had not only given him a legal name and but had been willing to adopt Haku to give the dragon a human identity so he could properly court Chihiro.

He looked at the little girl that he had claimed as his granddaughter and smiled before shifting his gaze towards the shed that housed the well. The telltale blue glow had just disappeared and with it, his great granddaughter.

"Oh Haku," the former spider spirit sighed, "You just had to have a daughter whose just as stubborn as you."

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