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The Kitten and the Killer

Chapter 5 - Emancipation from Manipulation

The man, literally from his dreams, stepped closer. He tilted his head to the side as he breathed deeply of the new surroundings, his eyes flashing in the light from the street lamp.

Harry felt frozen, but not from fear. He was completely unafraid of the new presence. It was the instincts from his new animal side that told him not to move until the more powerful predator had acknowledged him. Not even his ears twitched.

"I know you." Riddick stated, his voice rough and deep. Harry tilted his head curiously. "I saw you in a dream, Jade." Harry nodded, not really understanding completely but knowing it was true, he was also comfortable with the name Riddick had created for him. "It's been a long time since I smelt beautiful." Harry blushed as Riddick smirked. "But what's with the ears and tail?" Harry's blush deepened to a dark crimson.

"No idea." Harry said clearly. "I just woke up like this."

"I know, I saw." Riddick glanced around quickly. "We should go somewhere else - your school."

"Hogwarts?" Riddick's eyes fixed on Harry's cat-like emeralds. "I'll send a letter to Dumbledore, even though I hate relying on him, there's no other way. And I won't give him a chance to say no." The brunet saw a slight inclination of the shaved head before Riddick turned to the window. Harry followed his gaze and saw Hedwig perched on the sill. "Hey girl, I need to send a letter to Dumbledore, do you think you can take it tonight?" Hedwig pulled herself up haughtily and hooted in a dignified way. "That's my girl."

Harry moved over to her and stroked her downy feathers. Her head nuzzled into his palm when he moved away, before she flew in to rest on Riddick's shoulder. Her talons squeezed gently in acceptance, making holes in both his skin and his black wifebeater. The gryffindor smiled when Riddick reached up and stroked her head, making Hedwig coo happily.

Harry quickly grabbed some parchment and a quill, before jotting a fast note to Dumbledore.


I need to come to Hogwarts early due to an unexpected visitor, although I will also go back on the Hogwarts Express on September 1st. This is non-negotiable. Arrange a floo connection or a portkey, or I will not be held accountable for my actions. Harry Potter.

"Hedwig," Harry moved towards Riddick and the snowy owl, who stuck out her leg so that he could tie the letter on. "Make sure no-one sees you okay?" Hedwig nipped his finger affectionately before sweeping out of the window.

He watched her until she was out of sight before turning to Riddick. The man in question was staring at him, or more precisely at his tail, which he could obviously see even with the glamour on. Harry confirmed that notion when he looked in the mirror to see an earless and tailless reflection.

"Hungry?" Riddick gave another slight nod and followed as Harry moved to go down to the kitchen.

Six hours later found them both sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee - black for Riddick, milk and heaps of sugar for Harry - in a comfortable silence, although Harry's ears twitched every so often. Soon however, both ears turned towards the window at the quiet rustle of wings, and Harry saw Riddick's eyes fixed on the dark shape of Hedwig outlined against the sunrise.

The snowy owl was soon resting on the back of one of the kitchen chairs being fed some bacon by Riddick, while Harry ripped open the bulging envelope. Tipping it upside down, a ruby pendant and a note hit the table. The brunet picked up the note and saw the familiar curvy script of the Hogwarts headmaster. After seeing Riddick start to eye the pendant, Harry began to read quickly.

All organised dear boy, the pendant is the portkey. Just hold it and say 'Brian', and you will transported to my office - hopefully you are packed and ready to go when this reaches you so I'll see you in a few minutes. Albus Dumbledore.

Harry's eye twitched at the 'dear boy' comment. The brunet grabbed the pendant and stood from the table, with a look towards Riddick, they made their way back upstairs, Hedwig swaying slightly on Riddick's shoulder.

As Riddick leaned against the doorframe, Harry grabbed everything from the room that was his and throwing it into his trunk, including Hedwig's cage, after enlarging the inside wandlessly. The brunet then willed the trunk to shrink so he could fit it in his pocket.

Harry walked back over to Riddick and placed the pendant chain in Hedwig's beak, which she had opened immediately when Harry had reached towards her.

"Hold onto the chain." Cat-like emeralds looked steadily into mirror-shine orbs as Riddick grasped the golden links. Taking hold of the ruby, Harry spoke the activation code "Brian". Feeling the familiar tug on his navel, Harry knew that the portkey was indeed working, and soon he felt his feet hit the floor of Dumbledore's office. He heard the quiet thud of Riddick landing beside him. Hedwig clicked her beak as she let the chain drop to the floor, while her brunet master turned to the speechless headmaster.

Glancing at Riddick, Harry was shocked to see a cold, frightening look of rage and hatred directed solely at the Professor. Safe to say that he saw Dumblefuck's actions in his dream - the thing Riddick hates most is the loss of freedom Building up the walls of his mind, Harry looked Dumbledore straight in the eye. He soon felt the prying presence of the headmaster in his mind before swiftly pushing it back out. Glaring at Dumbledore, Harry snapped coldly.

"Stay out of my head!"

A look of shock passed over the normally twinkling blue eyes before it was replaced with curiosity.

"Harry, my boy," the brunet's eye twitched. "How has your summer been? I hope the Dursley's weren't that bad." Harry flinched and saw Riddick's face darken out the corner of his eye. He saw that too Harry started to panic but a quick look from Riddick was enough to bring him back to the present and help to calm him down.

"It was fine, same as normal."

"Ah, I also wanted to congratulate you on your O.W.L. results. I see that you were still able to study hard, even with all those interferences." Harry frowned slightly at the tone, which was both smug and proud. "And Harry, (eye twitch) who's this fine gentleman?" This time it was Riddick's eye that twitched. Never had he been called a 'gentleman' and Harry knew he would consider it as an insult of sorts, which was confirmed by the definite sneer twisting Riddick's lips. Although Harry found this slightly amusing.

"Professor," Harry said sarcastically, "meet Richard B. Riddick, a close friend of mine from very far away." A frown increased the wrinkles of Dumbledore's brow.

"How far away my boy? (twitch) I've never heard mention of him before." Harry smirked slightly at the disbelief in the ancient man's voice.

"Oh, extremely far." Harry tilted his head in thought. "At least a couple of galaxies, um, a few no daylight prisons on murder charges, and many years." Harry had realised Riddick had to be from the future, as well as a distant galaxy, from the images he had seen. "I think that's it." He looked to Riddick, who nodded slightly.

Harry smirked internally and slipped unnoticed into Dumbledore's mind. Feeling the surprise still pulsing through it he decided it was time to leave.

"Right, well, if you'll excuse us headmaster, we've had a busy night and would like a few hours of sleep. I already know where we'll be staying so need to worry. And if you need anything just send a message with Dobby or Hedwig. Good morning, Professor." Harry quickly made his way out of the circular office and down the spiral staircase, before coming out from behind the stone gargoyle.

Hearing the soft footfalls of Riddick behind him, Harry headed towards the second floor, past Moaning Myrtle's bathroom and the sign in blood, to a corridor hidden behind a tapestry, which had previously been masquerading as a wall.

Harry had been led to this hideaway the previous year by a lonely serpent portrait. It had heard whispers of a parselmouth during Harry's second year, but did not seek him out until the beginning of fifth, after Rita Skeeter's articles had brought the information to light once more. It had waited until he was alone to talk, and this had continued until Harry had voiced a need for somewhere private to study.

One night, Seth had guided him to this corridor that apparently was only available to parselmouths and whoever was with them at the time. Then he had been brought to the same door they were standing in front of now.

The large black wood door was covered in writhing snakes. Quickly spotting one with emerald eyes, Harry stroked it's head and spoke it's name in parseltongue.


The snake in question grew larger until it covered all the door up to Harry's height.

.:Master:. The snake hissed gleefully. .:How can this Asmodaeus be of assistance?:.

.:Three things, Asmodaeus. Master wishes for you to call forward a serpent with an understanding of human speech first of all:.

.:Yes Master:. Asmodaeus' green eyes dulled slightly as he moved over to make room for the new snake on the surface of the door, which was growing out of the writhing mass.

.:Yes snakespeaker?:. The new serpent hissed, this one obviously a female, with black eyes.

"Do you understand me?" Harry tested.

.:Yes snakespeaker, I understand the human tongue, what is it that you wish?:.

.:This Riddick requires entrance to the chambers beyond. He is not a snakespeaker but he is of my pack:.

.:This Riddick is granted access. This Riddick must claim me and know my name before the password can be set:.

"Riddick, touch the snake on the right," Harry watched Riddick's fingers glow green as they connected with the serpent, and as he slowly stroked the back of the now mirror-eyed snake, Harry spoke. "Speak her name."


.:Tell him the password is 'shiv warrior' snakespeaker, then this Calisto can return to the collective:.

.:Thank you Calisto:. Harry turned to Riddick. "Your password is 'shiv warrior', apt don't you think?" The Furyan nodded slightly, staring at the space where Calisto had been. .:The second thing Asmodaeus, is a way into this corridor without being, or being with, a snakespeaker:.

.:Oh master, that is being easy for this Asmodaeus. Just use the door at the other end of the corridor. It is like this door that is Asmodaeus' home, but it uses creatures other than serpents. They will only accept those who have exited this corridor via their door and have a token on this door, this Asmodaeus' home:.

.:Thank you Asmodaeus, master is happy with that information:. The snake's head nodded at the praise.

.:What is the third thing master is wishing of this Asmodaeus?:. Harry smiled.

.:Access to the chambers beyond, Asmodaeus:.

.:The password, master?:.

.:'Uncontrolled pawn':.

"'Uncontrolled pawn'." Harry and Riddick both replied simultaneously.

Harry grinned at Riddick, who smirked back as the door swung open. It was accompanied by two hisses, a farewell from Asmodaeus, and a greeting from Seth.

The brunet gryffindor had moved the asp's painting to the room the evening after he had been shown it, making it easier to easier to converse with the lonely serpent. Even if talking to Seth ate into his study time, Harry enjoyed the snake's strange mix of sarcasm and dry humour.

.:Good morning Seth, this is Riddick, he'll be staying here with us:.

.:Morning Ri. Not that I'm not glad to see you but why are you here? School doesn't start for another month:. Harry felt Riddick move into the room to look around so he moved closer to the painting.

.:Riddick turned up unexpectedly at the Dursley's not long after my inheritance, which was also completely unexpected:.

.:Sorry I didn't mention anything Ri, I would have if I knew you didn't know, you know? Anyway, anything good happen?:.

.:That's okay Seth. Apart from the excruciating pain?:. Harry sighed. .:Hang on a sec:. the brunet concentrated on his glamour, changing it so Seth could see the changes. .:I've got wing's too:.

.:Nice, I especially like the hole in the trousers:. The snake snickered. .:Anyway, this Riddick, is he a snakespeaker? I could do with someone else to talk to, not that I'm bored with you Ri, but sometimes you're too busy to talk to me:.

.:I know I am, and I'm sorry about that. Unfortunately for you, he doesn't speak snake, but he doesn't speak much at all anyway. I'll work some more on that translation charm for you. I know how much you would love to argue with Hermione:. Harry teased.

Seth held his flat black nose in the air and looked down at Harry, sniffing indignantly, but at Harry's knowing look he broke down, and if snakes could pout, Seth would be now.

.:Thank you Ri, for trying to find something for me. You know how lonely I get, and well, thanks:.

.:You're welcome Seth, it's no problem:. Harry yawned. .:We should get some sleep. Seth, we'll talk later yeah?:.

.:Yeah, sleep well Ri. Pass on the same to tall, dark and handsome:. Harry laughed.

.:Night Seth:.

Harry moved through the room, his eyes fixed solely on the door that led to the bedrooms. Stopping at the first on the left, the brunet pushed the door open and gestured for Riddick to enter.

"Sleep here for now. If you don't like it, tell me later and we'll sort something out. There is an ensuite bathroom, and my room is at the end of the hall." Harry moved forward and hugged Riddick quickly before moving away. "Come Hedwig." Harry said through a yawn.

Hedwig fluttered onto Harry's shoulder from Riddick's and they headed to door at the end of the corridor. As soon as it was opened, Hedwig swooped over to her perch, while Harry flopped onto the bed still in his clothes and fell fast asleep.

And for the next few hours, all was peaceful in the former suite of Salazar Slytherin, and now of Harry Potter.

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