Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime


A black haired teenager walked behind his group of friends lost in thought. Suddenly he slips, falls and tumbles down the side of the hill they are walking on, flying off the edge into a ravine. He clings to the side and desperately calls out for help, but his friends do not hear him. They walk on, laughing and chatting between themselves. Even Draco, his brother in all but blood.

The raven keeps shouting, hoping someone, anyone, would come. And then he appears. A tall, lithe body in a black cloak covered in red clouds. His hair, black as night and tied at the nape of his neck. A blue headband carrying a scratched metal plate lying above eyes as crimson as blood, but turn a deep ebony when focused down on him. A hand emerges from the cloak, which the teenager grabs hold of and he is pulled up easily. The man's strength hidden by his slim frame.

The raven hugs the stranger to him and feels the hug returned slowly after much hesitation.

"Who are you?" The teenager asked curiously.

"Uchiha Itachi." The man stated.

"I'm Harry Potter." The raven hugged the older to him more tightly than before. "Don't leave me Itachi."

"Never." The teen snuggled into the man's chest.

In two different beds, a great distance apart, two black haired males awoke. The older in a hidden base of a secret organisation, confusion dancing in normally blank ebony eyes. The other in a white hospital room, with no idea of where or who he was.

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