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Fallen Idol

Chapter 2

Jayden stared down at the face of the King of Games himself, Yugi Mutou. The brunet could not believe that he'd not recognised his idol at first glance. It must have been the hat, it hid his hair completely He thought to himself.

He traced along the jaw of the teen in his arms with a gentle finger and sighed. Yugi's normally beautiful face was swollen and bleeding, and it would soon be riddled with bruises. Winged Kuriboh landed on his shoulder and cooed sadly as she looked over her former master.

The teen's clothes were baggy on his tiny frame and the two onlookers both knew that these clothes had once fitted him tightly. There were bags under the now closed eyes, suggesting that Yugi had had many sleepless nights, and his skin was pale, almost ghostly.

Jayden lifted the battered form of his idol in his arms and the teen shifted subconsciously into the warmth from his body, making Jayden hold the light weight even closer to him.

Turning to go, Jayden halted when he spotted the hat. Sure that the tri-coloured teen had a good reason to wear it he knelt down, carefully balancing the duelist in his arms and lap as he picked it up. He fitted it carefully over Yugi's head, hiding the tell-tale hair from view completely once more.

Standing again, he adjusted his hold on Yugi and started walking back to the pier, his eyes and feet following the ever helpful duel spirit given to him by the duelist in his arms and occupying his thoughts.

Everyone had started to get restless, everyone but Zane and Professor Banner that is. Chazz had started pacing and Bastion tapped his foot in an annoying way. Alexis and Chumley spent their time trying to calm a shaking Syrus, who was almost in tears.

A soft noise was heard from a nearby alley and Chazz, Zane, Bastion and Banner turned towards it. The sound grew increasingly in volume and was soon identifiable as steady footsteps. Alexis shook Syrus' shoulder slightly and they too turned towards the alley.

A shape started to appear, which soon defined itself to show none other than Jayden Yuki. Although this one was very different to the one they last saw. The brunet was quiet and withdrawn, and had a slight figure held close to his chest.

Jayden headed straight towards them and then past them, back onto the ship. They watched him with confusion written on their faces, except Zane, whose face was as blank as ever.

The group followed Jayden onto the ship and down to the sick bay. They watched as the brunet placed the teen he had carried carefully on a bed, before sitting down quietly.

As Professor Banner tried to approach the bed to look at the injured form, they heard a low warning growl. Looking towards the source they saw Jayden, standing once more, leaning lightly on the bed and glaring fiercely at them. Fascinated, they could not look away. They saw his eyes flick towards the door and then back before doubling the glare's ferocity and growling again.

Professor Banner held up his hands and turned around to go out the door, ushering his students out in front of him. The group stopped a ways down the corridor and stared back towards the sick bay door. Professor Banner sighed.

"We should leave them be for a while." He stated. "It is obvious Jayden knows him or he would not be so protective. He should calm down once the other regains consciousness." Which could take a while He added to himself.

Each of the group nodded and headed back to their respective rooms on board the ship. Only Zane stayed behind for a while longer so no one saw when he glared at the infirmary door, and in his mind, through it to the sleeping boy on the bed who had gained Jayden Yuki's affection and protection. Something Zane wished for himself alone. Bowing his head and replacing his emotionless mask, Zane stalked off to his room.

A few minutes later, Chazz returned to gaze at the sick bay door longingly.

"You will be mine Jayden Yuki, I guarantee it." Chazz whispered in promise to the fiery duelist that could neither see nor hear him, before walking away once more.

After the door was closed, Jayden sat back down and looked towards the bed, only to see wary amethyst eyes staring back at him. He smiled reassuringly.

"It's alright, you're safe." Yugi frowned, before quickly sitting up, gasping in pain, and digging ferociously in his jacket pockets. He calmed slightly when he pulled out a deck and started to go through the cards. Once each card was checked thoroughly, for what Jayden did not know, he replaced it in his pocket and sighed happily before lying back down.

"Safe." He murmured. Jayden smiled at Yugi's happy tone of voice. With the King of Games now resting peacefully on the bed, the brunet settled down to wait for him to wake once more.

Heavy eyelids fluttered open to reveal sleepy violet eyes. Yugi pulled himself up to a sitting position gently, wary of the pain this movement caused the previous time. Leaning his back into the soft pillows, he heard the sound of deep breathing. Looking down, he saw a mess of brown hair resting on tanned arms at the edge of the bed.

Yugi smiled slightly, but then jumped as a soft cooing started. He searched his surroundings before seeing the edge of wings popping up from behind the brunet's head. His smile widened.

"Come out old friend." Yugi commanded, cringing slightly at the voice that reminded him so much of Him coming out of his own mouth.

Winged Kuriboh shyly came out from her hiding place, before rushing at Yugi and nuzzling his head, cooing loudly. Yugi laughed softly at the duel spirit's antics, however he stopped quickly when he felt the brunet stir.

Jayden awoke to the sound of laughter. He stretched his stiff muscles before looking up at the source of mirth. The brunet snorted at the sight of a wary Yugi being headbutted by an excited duel spirit, which quickly turned into a fit of hysterical laughter. When Jayden finally calmed down he held his hand out to Yugi.

"Sorry about that. I'm Jayden Yuki, nice to meet you." Yugi shook the outstretched hand.

"Nice to meet you too, and thank you. I'm…"

"I know." Jayden interrupted. "But I didn't when I saved you and I'm not going to tell anyone if you don't want me to."

"I appreciate that Yuki." Yugi tilted his head curiously. "How did you find me anyway?"

"Jayden, or Jay if you like. And it wasn't me, I just followed my little buddy there." Jayden gestured towards Winged Kuriboh and Yugi nodded.

"I see. You sensed something was didn't you, old friend?" Winged Kuriboh cooed softly.

"Thank you, by the way." Yugi turned to the brunet. "For giving me Winged Kuriboh. I wouldn't have been able to get through half as much as I have without her."

"You're welcome. I knew she would find a good home with you." Jayden blushed slightly. The tri-coloured teen looked around. "Where are we?" Yugi asked confused.

"Infirmary of the Duel Academy ship at the pier." Jayden replied. "We came to Domino City for a field trip and as soon as I got off the boat Winged Kuriboh led me to you." Yugi frowned.

"I've ruined your field trip."

"Course not." The brunet reassured him. "Helping and meeting you is well worth missing out on a field trip." Yugi looked at the clock.

"You could catch up and do what's left of the field trip, it's still early."

"No," Jayden stated firmly. "There's no way I'm leaving you when you're in this condition."

"I don't mind, honestly, you go if - "

"I said I was staying, it's what I want, and who knows what could happen to you if someone found you here without me to protect you." Yugi blushed darkly, which was accompanied by a similar flush across Jayden's cheeks. Like earlier they both thought, remembering Jayden's growls.

"Besides," Jayden redirected the conversation after a few moments of tense silence, "you could take me on a tour when you're better. You would definitely know the city better than my teachers." Yugi flushed slightly, embarrassed. "Speaking of, how would like to come to Duel Academy - sorta like a vacation, so you can rest and heal properly."

"I'd love to. I've always wanted to see it since Seto set it up." Yugi's grin faded slightly. "Are you sure it would be okay?"

"Don't worry, I'll talk to the Chancellor myself. Although we might have to tell him who you are." Jayden finished worriedly.

"Will he keep it a secret?" Jayden nodded. "Then that should be fine, but only if it's really necessary." The brunet grinned.

"Hang on, I'll call him on the video phone." Jayden moved over to the infirmary phone and quickly dialled. It rang a few times and when it was answered, Jayden switched the video screen to two-way.

"Jayden my boy, to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?" The brunet grinned back at the beaming man on the screen.

"Hey Chancellor Sheppard, I was wondering if you could do me a favour."

"Oh? And what would that be my boy?" Jayden fidgeted nervously.

"Well, I was gonna ask if a friend of mine could stay at Duel Academy for a while."

"Who would this friend be?" Jayden glanced over towards Yugi who stared back impassively. The two teens were unaware that Chancellor Sheppard had also seen Yugi and jumped at his next words. "Oh dear, what happened to the poor lad? Never mind. Of course he can stay Jayden, my boy. I'll get a room set up for you both in the Slifer dorm and you can move over there when you get back. Come and get the key from me when you arrive."

"Will do Chancellor. Thanks. See you later." Jayden hung up the phone and moved back towards Yugi. "See? Nothing to it."

"Thanks Jay, for not telling him."

"Don't mention it Yugi. What about your stuff?"

"All I've got is what I've got with me." The brunet nodded, frowning slightly.

"We'll have to sort something out when we get there. My stuff should fit you, although it would be on the baggy side."

"That's fine Jay." The tri-coloured teen smiled and Jayden returned it.

"Yugi - " Jayden paused. "Ah crap, we need to find you a new name for public things, can't have me calling you Yugi now can we?" Yugi smiled again.

"That's sorted. I've been using an alias for a while now. It's Kai Gentari."

"KG - nice, I like it, 'Kai'."

"I've always like the name 'Kai'." Yugi yawned.,

"You should get some more rest Yug. I'll wake you when the rest get back on the ship so I can fix your wounds."

"Not if you fall asleep again." Yugi laughed sleepily. "Night Jay." His eyes closed and he drifted off, but not before he heard Jayden's reply.

"Night Yugi."

For the next four hours, Jayden sat by Yugi's side. He dismantled and reconstructed his deck, he dozed, he even studied - doing homework that he had put off for weeks. A couple of times his friends tried to come in but all they got were glares and soft growls.

He eventually let Professor Banner in as he'd brought an offering of food, something that Jayden welcomed heartily. He gently shook Yugi's shoulder to wake him and the teen opened bleary amethyst eyes.

"Kai," Jayden started, stumbling slightly on the different name. "Wake up, my Professor brought us some food - you should try and eat some." Yugi nodded, and Jayden helped him to sit up, carefully avoiding the heavily bruised areas.

"Jayden?" Professor Banner inquired, "would you like some help tending his wounds. Some look pretty serious."

"That's okay Professor, I can manage."

"We shall see you both later then I hope?"

"Yeah, sure Professor, see you later." Jayden answered distractedly as he went through the first aid boxes. Banner sighed, shaking his head, and left the room.

"That was a bit uncalled for, wasn't it?" Yugi asked the brunet who had straightened up as soon as the door had closed.

"No. Arms up." Jayden commanded tugging on Yugi's jumper. Yugi obeyed and the brunet pulled the jumper over his head, knocking the hat off once more and freeing Yugi's hair. "That's why I got rid of him, couldn't have anyone asking questions. And about this too." Jayden gesture towards the ribs jutting harshly from Yugi's torso. "That would not have been ignored."

"You're right. Good thing one of us is using their head."

"Well, don't get used to it being me - I'm usually rash and impulsive. This is a real brain workout for me." Yugi laughed as Jayden grabbed a ball of cotton wool and some antiseptic. Yugi hissed when the stinging liquid met his wounds as Jayden cleaned them.

Soon Yugi was bandaged and reclothed, a few band-aids dotted across his face. Jayden moved closer to examine a cut above Yugi's eye.

"This one's gonna need stitches, so it'll have to wait until we get back. Until then take these." Jayden handed Yugi some high strength painkillers, which he swallowed, followed by a glass of water, before putting a few pieces of steri-strip over the cut to hold it together. Yugi lay back down on the bed.

"Thanks Jay, how did you know how to do all this?" Yugi whispered as sleep tugged him towards it.

"Personal experience. Now sleep." Yugi nodded and let sleep claim him for the fourth time that day.