Chapter 4

It wasn't long before the golf cart reached the Slifer red dorm. They parked outside and Jaden helped the injured teenager to stand before following the chancellor to their new room.

It was slightly larger than Jaden's previous home, but with a large single bed and a sofa, along with the usual wardrobe, desk and fitted sink.

Yugi moved towards the bed, assisted by the brunet duelist and lay down, shifting only slightly to make himself more comfortable. Jaden turned back to the chancellor, who still stood in the doorway, and smiled his usual bright smile.

"Thanks sir, this is really great."

"It was no problem my boy, happy to do it. Here's the keys." Sheppard held out the set, dropping them into Jaden's open palm. "Hope you get better soon Kai." He smiled widely at the prone teen, who smiled back tremulously.

"Thank you sir." Yugi said quietly.

"I'll leave you two to it." And with a wave, Chancellor Sheppard left the dorm, closing the door behind him.

"How you feelin'?" Jaden questioned.

"Tired, and sore." Yugi replied, yawning.

"You sleep a lot." Jaden teased. "Do you want any pain killers?"

"No, I'm good. What's the plan now?" The injured teen tilted his head to see the brunet better.

"The plan is that you sleep while I pick up some stuff for the cut above your eye." Jaden smirked at the prone form.

"You sure about that? Shouldn't a doctor do those kind of things?"

"Do you want someone else to see everything? Because I doubt they would allow your hat to stay on for everything. And don't worry, you're in safe hands. I've done courses and volunteer work."

"Really?" The brunet nodded. "Okay, but I better get a reward."

"Alright! Let's get you settled then," the energetic duelist pulled the covers over Yugi, making sure he was comfortable before heading for the door. "I'll be back soon, okay? I'll stop off and grab some stuff from my old room as well." Yugi waved tiredly and closed his eyes. Jaden smiled as he locked the door from the outside to keep Yugi safe while he was gone.

Jaden headed up the hill towards the main school building, completely focused on his task, so much so in fact, that he completely missed walking past his friends who were on their way to the Slifer dorm. This also meant he missed the looks that the group shared before they started following him not so stealthily.

Bastion was genuinely surprised when they had followed Jaden all the way to the hospital wing, not only because of the destination but due to the fact that they had not been caught following him, Syrus and Chumley in particular had made a lot of noise, and that did not include Chazz's complaining.

He watched as the brunet talked to the school nurse before receiving a first aid kit and turning to leave. Bastion quickly made sure that everyone was out of sight, just in time for Jaden to pass them by.

Jaden held the first aid kit under his left arm as he manoeuvred his way out of his old room, his luggage grasped in his right. He smiled as he closed the door behind him, he had, had some fun in there. ~I have to talk with Syrus tomorrow~ He thought, as he headed down the stairs to the room he now shred with 'Kai'.

Easing the door open, Jaden slipped inside as quietly as possible, in case 'Kai' was still asleep.

"Jay?" A hoarse voice murmured from the direction of the bed.

"Yeah, it's me." Jaden dropped his bag by the sofa, before moving over to the bed with the first aid kit. "Come on, let's get that wound stitched." He helped Yugi to sit up against the pillows, then switched the lights on, Yugi blinked rapidly, his hand shielding his eyes slightly.

"Did you have to do that?" Kai grumped, sounding much more awake. Jaden grinned, unrepentant, but didn't answer, instead, he looked through the box for what he needed. Yugi flinched at the sight of a needle but didn't comment. "I'm going to need to use a phone later." He said offhandedly.

"Uh-huh." Jaden moved nearer and started to clean the wound again. "We'll ask Professor Banner, he has a vid-phone in his room." Jaden smirked when he picked the needle up again, he could see Yugi's eyes bulge slightly out the corner of his own. "Keep still, this may sting a bit." He filled a small syringe with local anaesthetic and quickly injected it close to the area of the cut. "It'll take a few minutes." Kai, who had scrunched his face up, warily opened his eyes again.

They waited in silence, Jaden staring at Yugi, while Yugi stared at the needle. When Jaden's hand entered Yugi's line of vision, he jumped, before squeezing his eyes shut once again. Jaden chuckled quietly, but seeing how nervous Yugi was, started up the conversation again.

"So, who you gonna call?" He started.

"Ghostbusters." They laughed lightly at the lame joke, then Yugi answered. "You'll see." Yugi could see Jaden concentrating on the area above his eye now that he had opened them, but all he could feel was a slight tingling sensation.

"So, I'm invited then?" Jaden said happily, thinking that Yugi would have preferred to take the call in private.

"Of course, he would want to see you anyway." Yugi smirked, that part would be funny. ~He has become awfully overprotective of me~ Yugi thought.

"Done." Yugi came out of his thoughts and saw Jaden packing the first aid kit away. "It'll be quite painful after the numbness wears off, so tell me when that starts to happen, okay?" Yugi nodded.

"Right then, let's go see Banner, I seriously want to know about this guy, right now." He started bouncing slightly in his impatient curiosity, as he waited for Yugi to slowly lever himself out of the bed, chuckling as he was at Jaden's behviour. Jaden moved forward when he started to sway but was stopped by a pale, shaking hand.

"I want to do this myself, I'll tell you when I need help."

It was a while before they reached Professor Banner's room, even though they were both on the ground floor, due to Yugi frequently stopping to catch his breath.

Jaden knocked on the door, and as soon as it was opened, he voiced their request to the ever complacent teacher.

"Sure Jaden, I'm going to start on dinner, so you know where to find me when you're done." He wandered off, Pharaoh meowing in agreement.

"Strange man." Yugi huffed.

"Definitely." Jaden agreed, as he was allowed to help Kai into the room. He sat the other in front of the vid-phone and stood back a bit. Jaden didn't want to crowd Yugi but he still wanted to be close to him.

Yugi dialled the number and waited while it rang. When it was picked up, no one said anything. Jaden was about to speak when a voice said angrily:

"Who the hell is this?!" Jaden recognised the voice but couldn't place it.

"Switch the vid screen on already." Yugi said with a grin. There was a pause before the screen filled with static , and finally a face appeared. Jaden gasped. Yugi was calling Seto Kaiba. "Hey Seto." Yugi said cheerily.

"Where the hell are you, Mutou?" Seto's face seemed to soften slightly, but his voice was just as angry as before. "And what the hell happened?" Yugi shrugged with a wince.

"Got beaten up, they wanted to take His deck." Yugi looked at Seto meaningfully, and then grinned cheekily. "But you'll never guess where I am!" Seto pinched his nose in exasperation.

"I hate guessing games, just tell me already." Yugi pouted and Jaden found it adorable.

"You're no fun." He huffed, but relented at Kaiba's glare. "I'm at Duel Academy."

"How the hell - no, never min, I'm just gonna send a helicopter."

"No Seto, I'm staying. I've always wanted to see it." Yugi said with determination, looking at Kaiba stubbornly.

"Fine, but when you're discovered, don't blame me."

"Don't worry, Seto. One of the students is helping me." Seto leaned forward and his eyes narrowed.

"Who? Show them to me now!" Yugi smirked at Kaiba's predictable behaviour, reached back and tugged on Jaden's sleeve until he was visible through the screen.

"This is Jaden Yuki." He saw Seto scrutinizing every inch of the brunet that he could see. "He's the one I gave Winged Kuriboh too." Yugi said, hoping to surprise Seto. He was rewarded with widened eyes and the clacking of Seto's keyboard. Yugi knew that he was looking up Jaden's duel data.

"He'll do." Seto said finally. "Keep in touch." Then the line screen went black - Seto had hung up.

"Wow." Jaden said, before shaking himself out of his awe and turning to the even greater duelist next to him. "So, dinner?" Yugi shook his head.

"Bed." It was obvious that Yuigi had used up what little energy he had regained.

"Okay, let's go."