Happily Ever After

By Galinda05


Mary Jane Watson has never asked for much. But she did want her happy ending. Just like in the fairy tales…

Disclaimer: I don't own Spider-man. Or Harry Osborn. Darn…

Authoress Note: First things first: I was dared to do a prologue under a hundred words. The chapters will be MUCH longer, I swear.

Also, this story dedicated to my friend, Danny Phantom SG-1 who hates Mary Jane. Go review her stories!




Hello, my name is Mary Jane Watson, and I'm here to tell you what could have happened.

I could have had my happily ever after. My fairy tale ending. My Prince Charming.

But no, Harry Osborn had to go and get himself killed, and leave me here alone. No, worse than alone. He left me with Spider-man.