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Interlude I

Before I go on any further, I must digress. I must digress because I left something out, something that I just now realized was important.

I know why Peter's telephone message scared me so badly; not only was I scared that Harry was dying (actually, according to Peter and the doctors, he actually was dead for a few minutes…), my first instinctive that was 'Why wasn't it Peter instead?'

I know how that sounds, but, I rationalized it away, or tried to, at least: "Peter has super-human strength,' or 'He could have webbed the car's wheels before it hit him,' or 'Being Spider-man makes Peter heal really quickly, it would take a lot more than a hit and run to kill him'. Then, I didn't know the real reason behind what I was thinking.

Peter left me that message at exactly four twenty-six in the morning. I was home a conked out by two.

Why is that important, right? Who cares what time I fell asleep. Ah, no. I had what I thought was a nightmare that night. I dreamt that it was raining, and cold, we were all at a graveyard, the graveyard where Uncle Ben and Norman Osborn are buried. I was staring at Peter from across a gleaming black casket strewn with white roses. Tears flooded our eyes.

I stepped away from the safety of the emerald green canopy that sheltered us, to lay another rose down, never averting my gaze from Peter's eyes. I kissed my fingertips, pressing them to the mirrored onyx surface.

The name on the tombstone was Harry's.

And now, having lived that very same tragic scene in my waking hours, I know that my nightmare was a premonition, my premonition a nightmare.

"Nightmares can't kill people, MJ." Harry said to me after I told him what I dreamed the night of his accident.

(Oh, Harry, of what then did you die?)

It was a nightmare.

It was a nightmare.

It was all just a nightmare.

It was a-

Maybe if I tell myself that enough time, repeating it like a mantra, over and over, I can make it true.