20 Facts about Roy Mustang

He regularly engages in romantic phone calls with his subordinates and convicted axe murderers, while referring to them by women's names.

He loves dogs, because he can do whatever he wishes to them and they can't complain.

He snaps his fingers and things go boom.

Old men dress in drag to meet him.

He roasts pork and claims he caught a criminal.

He admits he's a liar.

He admits he's an idiot.

He aspires to bring busty women to their knees.

He likes to complain about the injuries he received while being where he wasn't supposed to.

He will spontaneously wash the windows.

He yells at people in the hospital.

He refers to people by how well he's cooked them.

He does a good snowman impression.

He does a good pirate impression.

He does a good shish-kabob impression.

He likes to wear one glove at a time.

He likes to blow up his fellow officers in clouds of pastel colored smoke.

He gets into arguments with children on a regular basis.

He becomes helpless when doused in water.

He will go pyro on your behind anyway.

Disclaimer: Jessi does not own Fullmetal Alchemist.

Everything on this list happened at some point during the manga or anime.

Heh sorry if this wasn't very funny, I wrote it at 1am while wracking my brain for anything I could ever remember him doing.