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Raising Darkness.

"We've found her, my Lord."

"Where?" he demanded to know.

"She's at Hogwarts, my Lord."

'Of course, right where I didn't think to look.'

"Prepare my travelling cloak Malfoy. It's time I paid my daughter a visit…"

"I demand to see her at once Dumbledore! You will not keep my daughter away from me!"

"But Tom, did you really think I would just let you waltz in here and take her away? You will not see her. In fact, I forbid it."

"You know quite well what I'm capable of, old man. Don't be a fool Dumbledore. Bring her here, before I have to fetch her myself."

"Fine! As you wish Tom, but do you really expect her to believe you?"

"Oh she'll believe me alright… just not at first."

Professor Flitwick toppled of his stack off books with a squeak when the phoenix soared in through the open window.

"Miss Granger… the Headmaster requires your presence in his office immediately."

"Ahh, Miss Granger… lovely to see you, so glad you could make it."

"Sir, why am I here?"

"It's about your… heritage… so-to-speak. Tom, if you please."


"Why is… he… here, sir?"

"Well, Miss Granger, I'll get straight to the point. Tom Riddle is… well, he's… he's your father."


"What did I tell you Tom?"

"Oh shut up Dumbledore. You made your point."

"Take her to the hospital wing, and try not to scare Poppy, please."


"On second thoughts… I'm coming with you."

The younger one rolled his eyes.


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