20 Facts about Edward Elric

He will go psycho if you mention his height.

He will go psycho for food.

He will go psycho if you touch his brother.

He will go psycho in the presence of his father.

He will go psycho in the presence of Roy Mustang.

He will do sarcastic impersonations of Roy Mustang.

He claps his hands and things go boom.

He will steal his brother's head to use as a bucket.

He will make dummies that mock you while he escapes.

He will jump out of a flying airplane.

He will make strange objects in his own image.

He will sit in the same place for several weeks.

He will navigate speeding trains from the outside.

He will enter the bathroom from the ceiling.

He will stab a bunny.

He will turn falling towers into pretty pink flowers.

He will jump into a crowd of innocent bystanders to avoid being blown up.

He will point a huge cannon at you.

He will give his life for his brother.

He will go super hyper midget on your behind.

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Well I wrote 20 Facts about Roy Mustang last night at 1am, and I wrote this this morning while running on four hours sleep. Yay me. Hope it at least entertains someone.

Like before, all of this is pretty much stuff that happened in the anime or manga.