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Authoress note: Just a drabble concerning my favorite line in the movie. I would love to elaborate on it, so, let's treat this as a test run. Want a continuation?



Everyone attributed Mary Jane Watson's seclusion to opening night jitters. They couldn't have been further from the truth.

"He got me…pretty good."

"I'll get help."

"No." Harry grabbed my hand. "Stay with me."

Tears burned in my eyes as I took him in my arms. "Sorry. About everything."

"Don't be sorry for what we have, Harry. And in the end, you came. For Pete and me."

"I was kind of brave back there, wasn't I?"

A warm tear plodded down my cheek as I stroked his brown hair. "I'm so proud of you. I could never be that brave, like Peter or you."

Harry shook his head, although I could see it in his eyes that the movement caused him pain. "No, it's there, inside you. We're only strong because you're here." He coughed, a rasping death rattle. "Hold my hand."

I took his hand and pressed a kiss to it. And, although Harry's eyes fluttered, he fighting to keep them open. He'd been fighting his entire life, why stop?

A flick of her wrist and Mary Jane deftly applied a thin line of eyeliner. For the forth time. Tears, after all, had a nasty way of making the non-waterproof stuff run. And she wasn't too keen on looking like a raccoon. Not tonight, not ever.

I kissed the tips of my fingers and pressed them to the black coffin.

Harry, what am I supposed to do without you?

The curtain rises.

Harry, why did you leave me? I can't stand waking up alone. I just can't do it.

But I have to. For you.

"I've been everywhere, Richard. The mountains of India, the open plains of Africa, the isles of ancient Greece. What's wrong with dreaming? Nothing like a little self-deception to get you through the night."

"Oh god, did I write that?"

"Harry, it's beautiful."

"Would you like the part?"

"Thank you. I'd love to be in your play."

And now she was.

And, as she said the last line, the spotlight on her alone, she thought only one thing. This is all for you, tiger.