A/N: This chapter was written by me and Wrestlemaniac829.

The day of the wedding dawned brightly, a clear day over the castle and it's frantic inhabitants. Frederick and Maria stood before the priest, holding hands and facing each other. The only two seemingly unaffected by the preparations for this grand event. Among the many guests in attendance, Miss Doe sat sniffling at the front, as Katrina handed her one handkerchief after the other.

"I now pronounce you man and wife," The Priest finished. "You may kiss the bride."

A roar of cheers and happy laughter followed, as Frederick gallantly seized Maria and gave the warmest kiss he ever gave. Soon, he escorted her to the dance floor and they slowly began to waltz to their wedding song. Lumiere looked proudly at the two, after everything they've went through together, and sighed.

"Ah, l'amour."

"Melts the heart!" Miss Doe sniffed tearfully, as she followed the happy couple with her eyes.

"Yes, my dear," Gutknecht replied, taking a hold of her hoof. "It does indeed."

There was a giggle from behind a velvet curtain. Lumiere turned to see Babette, the long term object of his affections. She fluttered her eyelashes at him girlishly, as if urging him to come to her. Lumiere smirked and ran over, only for Cogsworth to interrupt.

"Well Lumiere," Cogsworth declared. "Shall we leave things in the past?"

"Of course, Cogsworth," Lumiere replied, slightly distractedly, as he tried to peer toward Babette. "Besides, I told you he would break the spell."

"I do beg your pardon, old friend, but I believe I told you."

"No you didn't; I told you."

Finally, Cogsworth had enough and shoved Lumiere.

"You most certainly did not, you pompous paraffin-headed pea-brain!"

"En garde, you… You overgrown pocket watch!"

Things got out of hand between the two men, as Lumiere removed one of his gloves and slapped Cogsworth across the face. Manx turned to see the two men throwing fists at each other.

"Gentleman," Manx spoke, standing between the two bickering men. "Can't we discuss this like civilized chaps?"

"STAY OUT OF THIS!" Lumiere and Cogsworth screamed in unison.

Soon, the two men were on the floor, rolling on top of one another and fighting it out. Manx just simply covered his eyes at this rather embarrassing display.

"Some things never change."

Meanwhile, watching Frederick and Maria together, The La'Belles, Jean-Luc, and Gabriella look on proudly. True, Gabriella was disappointed that Frederick would end up with Maria in the end. But she was no woman to hold a grudge, Frederick simply followed his heart and it belonged to the right girl for him. There would always be other men for Gabriella, she may not even have to look hard this time.

"They sure look happy together," Gabriella replied.

"Maybe we can be as happy as they are," Jean-Luc added, holding her hand.

Gabriella looked into Jean-Luc's eyes, as if a small spark was made at first glance. Perhaps she didn't have to look after all. It was right there in front of her.

"Maybe, someday."

With no other words, Gabriella leaned her head on Jean-Luc's shoulder, smiling. Then, as Frederick and Maria began to slow down, the chorus began to sing a beautiful love song in honor of the newly wedded couple.

Certain as the sun

Rising in the east

Tale as old as time,

Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the beast!

Tale as old as time,

Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the beast!

Then, they closed their eyes and kissed each other with great passion. For to them, this was how it felt like to be at the end of the fairy tale. After all the hardships and struggles, through all of life's misfortunes and miracles. For both Frederick and Maria, this was what it meant... To live happily ever after.