Closing in

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...end of chapter three:

"You think?" she stated sarcastically, her voice raspy. "We should get out of here."

Dean couldn't have agreed more, but when he tried to move he found his legs were stuck, like they were buried under something heavy. 'Swell,' he thought, 'I'm gonna die in a fire, how ironic is that. Well at least I'm in my favorite position, on top of it.' He eyed the woman in speak, she didn't look so good. Damn, he had to get her out of here. Now!

He felt his heart beat faster as something penetrated his thoughts, something he would recognize where ever he was. No matter situation, he would always respond to that call.


Chapter four

Dean's heart froze when he heard Sam screaming his name. The scream was lazed with fear and pain. Dean needed to get to his brother, the pain in his back and smoke stinging his lungs forgotten at the moment.

"Dean!" Sam screamed again.

"Sam!" Dean tried, but it came out hoarse and too week for Sam to hear.

In the haze of the young man's need to respond to his younger brother he had forgotten about the position he found himself in. He tried to move his legs once more, but found them unable to follow his command. The heat was closer now, it was like hot tongs licked his back and face, leaving traces of burning skin. If he could just lift himself up enough to see what was holding back his unmoving limbs, then maybe he could get an idea on how to get out of it an get to Sam. Taking a deep a breath as possible with the stinging in his lungs he placed hands on both sides of his body and managed to lift his upper body and inch, but when he tried to turn his mid section to take a look over at his back and shoulder, pain shot up his ribs and he had to stop before he even got a look at his legs.

'Damn,' he slammed a fist in the floor in frustration. This sucked big time. His baby brother needed him and he couldn't even turn to see his fucking legs. In the back of his fuzzy, panicking mind he could hear his dad's well known words: "Calm down, Son. You're no good to anyone panicking." He steadied his breathing in an attempt to calm himself down.

"Your legs' stuck under the bookshelf."

The weak, strained voice made him focus at the woman lying close to him. Her face was flushed from the heat, her dark brown eyes blinked rapidly, caused by the stinging smoke he assumed. She looked calmer than she should be she should be in a situation like the one they found themselves in.

"Look, can you move?" he asked her.

Dean felt his heart fell as he saw her shook her head.

"Maybe if you..." She was interrupted by coughing and when she spoke again, he could barely hear her voice over the crackling from the fire, indicating that she wouldn't last much longer unless they got the hell out of there.

"if you could lift up a bit," taking shallow breaths, "I could wiggle myself from under you."


Ignoring the pain that shot through his body by only the slightest movement, Dean lifted his upper body a little. He hoped to God that the woman would be able to pull herself out and help him loose. He couldn't loose his baby brother, he'd sworn that nothing bad was ever gonna happen to Sam while he was around. Yet he failed time after time. A dark part of his mind told him he wasn't gonna save Sam. He had let down everyone else he ever loved, why did he believe this would be different.

Telling himself he couldn't afford to break down now, he focused back on the task at holding up part of his body. The muscles in his arms shook from the strain at holding his weight and he felt his eyes sting with both smoke and sweat. Watching the young woman struggling her way out inch by inch causing fresh stings of pain in his rib cage, he remembered his brother had stopped calling for him. 'Why?'

"Do you know where my brother, Sam is?" he asked her.

Julia stopped in her movement for a second, confusion in her eyes, 'brother?' Before realization settled in. 'Yeah, they aren't cops they are brothers.' It all made much more sense. Continuing the painful task at pulling herself out she tried to remember what had happened earlier.

"Las thing, I saw him get dragged out in the hall," she said breathlessly. "But I," her voice was nearly a whisper now, "couldn't see anything with him."

Dean studied the girl as she was almost out from underneath him. "No, they are shadow demons." When Julia sent him a weird face, he added; "Their shadows is the only visible part of them."

She released a humorless laughter. "Yeah, well don't think the shadow part of 'shadow demons' was what's bothered me."

Dean smiled weakly, "Sorry." And he meant it, this was a part of the job he wasn't particularly fond of, he hated to have to steal people's innocents by revealing the supernatural. He usually hid it under jokes about the naivety of others, but he wished they didn't have to know. Most of all he wished his brother could have kept his innocents.

Her victorious yelp put a stop to his running mind, letting him know she had finally wiggled herself free from their awkward position and he collapsed back to his stomach with a painful grunt. The relief of knowing there now was hope for his freedom of the bookshelf was short lived as he saw her struggle to her feet and backed off from him getting closer to the door. She didn't leave though, just stood there watching him. As Dean saw the wary glances she sent his way, he immediately guessed what she was thinking. Shit, he hadn't time to deal with this now, he had to find his brother, needed to save Sammy. One more tug at his limbs tolled him he still was depended on help to get anywhere. "Ah, a little help here?"

Julia stood close to the door watching the man she had been trapped under, studied him, making up a decision. The only thing she knew about this man was that he and his brother had lied to her. The independent, distrustful part of her, the part of her that had saved her in more than one occasion wanted to run. But her gut feeling told her he was not a bad person, he hadn't really hurt her, not his fault he had landed on top of her, and she knew that he was not the one who had started the fire. With a sigh and shaky breath she felt the heat from the flames and knew she couldn't really leave him here to die. In the end, it was quite an easy decision to make.

Duking her head, she slid her aching body to the floor where the smoke was thiner and crawled back to him. "Sorry," she whispered, ashamed that she had considered leaving him.

Dean, who had not taken his eyes off of her released the breath he had been holding. "Thank you."

On her knees, in position by his head she could see the relief wash over his face. "What do you want me to do?" She asked him.

"Get that damn thing off my feet would be a good start." And he sent a week smile her way, but she could see the desperation in those green eyes.

She cast a glance in the direction of his legs, and for a split second she felt the knot in her stomach growing, making it's way up her throat at the sight of the huge bookshelf covering his feet. How the hell was she gonna get that off of him, and she didn't dear think of what shape his limbs might be in. Despite her sudden flash of hopelessness, she sent at least what she hoped was a reassuring smile back at him.

"I'll see what I can do about that."

The only response she got was a slight nod as he seemed to be concentrating on something else.

Without more hesitation she crawled over to his feet. She had to shuffle away some random books floating around after their meeting with Dean's back earlier. When she arrive the position of his feet she tried to determined how to do this. The offending furniture seemed to be of massive oak, and she knew from experience that they were heavy. That brought her back to thinking how his feet most feel. 'If he can even feel them.' She pushed the dreaded thought back, rubbed her itching eyes and went to action.

As she started pulling she could feel the ache in her chest increasing. The heat in the room was almost unbearable and her eyes went nervously around the room. Flames licked the surrounding walls reminding her that the time limit was little. A loud crack nearby made her jump and when she turned around she watched in horror as the shelf started burning. The sight made her shrug back with a sob she wasn't able to stifle.

Dean's mind was raising. Laying there unable to do anything was unbearable to say the least. His ears picked up the crackle of the fire together with the shuffling he could hear from the girl at his side. His way out. God he hated to be dependent of others. With exception of Sam, maybe. Speaking of Sam. Where was he? Why hadn't he heard form him in awhile. How long was it anyway? It felt like eternity, but he guessed it to be no more than minutes. Seven minutes maybe? Even that was too long. Seven minutes his brother was alone with that thing. A lot of things could happened in seven minutes. In face with a demon, seven minutes could mean the difference between life and death. His brother's life. He could feel bile rise up his throat of his baby brother alone with the demon. 'Please, let it not be the demon,' he thought. That yellow eyed son of a bitch was not gonna get his hands on his brother, not if he had anything to say about it. He sighed, this was taking way to long. He could feel someone touching his legs, something tugging at his legs. At least he could still feel his legs even though he was unable to move them. His ears picked up her sob immediately. He turned to look before he remembered why he hadn't done that before.

"What happened?" He asked her hesitantly, almost certain he wasn't gonna like the answer.

"The," she stammered. "Oh God," she continued sobbing.

Dean pulled in a shaky breath, it was unnerving not to know what had happened. The woman had been so calm and strong so long, but now he could hear the beginning of her break down. He wouldn't blame her, and he knew she was free to run, leave him anytime she wanted to.

"Listen," he started, realizing he didn't know her name. "What's your name?" He asked softly.

Silence, then some shuffling. "Julia," came the weak answer.

"Listen Julia," he started over again. "I'm Dean. Could you tell me what's happening? Maybe we can solve this together."

He heard her moving and taking some deep shaky breaths before she answered.

"The fire, spread." Her voice came out in small puffs. "The bookshelf is burning."

At those words Dean felt his throat tighten. God he hated fires, why kept fires ruining their lives. After a few heavy gulps of air in an attempt to calm his own panicked mind, he ignored the pain in his ribs and turned ever so slightly to get a look at her. The smoke was thicker now and it was getting harder to breath by every breath they took, but he could still see her sitting at his feet.

"Okay, Julia. It's gonna be okay." He talked in a soothing voice. "Can't feel my legs burnin' yet." he tried to lighten the moment.

Julia didn't answer, but he could see the change in her demeanor and finally their eyes met.

"Why don't you try building it up with some of these books floating around, then you don't have to lift it that much?" He suggested. "Probably don't need to lift it much anyway," he wheezed out. "I can already feel it's a little easier to move 'em." The last was a lie, but as long as it made Julia able to help him he didn't care.

Julia had been struggling with her thoughts, her eyes wander over the room in somehow terrified fascination at the fire consuming the walls, the flickering of flames making shadows in constantly movements, almost like they were dancing. To her surprise she could feel her chest ease up at his soothing words. The way he spoke with a soft and, even though she could hear the pain in his voice, strong voice, he reminded her of Claudia. That made her relax and she met his gaze for a second. She knew he lied when he said it was easier to move, because she hadn't really been able to lift the heavy thing an inch. But she was thankful of his attempt to make it easier.

With renewed determination, she turned back to the important task at hand. And, if it was the adrenalin of watching the fire coming closer or Dean's "That's good," "You're doing fine," "A little bit more," that made her focus all her strength at the right place she didn't know. But inch by inch, book by book she was able to lift the shelf.

Dean could feel the heavy weight on his limbs getting lighter, and when he tried to move, his breath hold in anticipation, he could finally move both his legs. He told Julia to stop for a moment, making sure the shelf not to fall back down again ruining her hard work. With as much strength as he could muster her tried to pull himself out, crawling away from the bookshelf. To his relief he felt his feet coming free, and ignoring the pricking in his right ankle he continued. Finally with a pained grunt he pulled his legs all the way out.

After a few seconds of calming his heavy breathing he turned around to his back, painfully aware of his bruised ribs.

"Thank you," he said studying the woman, he could for the first time see the gash in her forehead, funny he hadn't seen it before. I was still bleeding, but it had probably slowed down a little he assumed as it didn't seem to bother her.

"You okay?" he asked her.

She only nodded, but he could see a faint smile tugging at her lips.

"Okay good. Think you could help me up? I need to get to Sam."

She only nodded again, but made her way over to him. Taking hold under his armpits they slowly made their way up. In upright position for the first time since his encounter with most of the room, Dean suddenly felt nauseas and a little dizzy, luckily Julia didn't let go of him momentarily and gave him time to pull it together. He tried a few steps forward, knowing he had hurt his ankle, probably sprained it. The ankle almost gave out when he put weight on it. 'Damn that hurt.' But he'd had worse. He turned around to Julia.

"I need to get to Sam."

She watched him straight in the eyes. "I know."

Dean gave her a slight nod, pushed past his own pain and walked out in the corridor as fast as his bad leg let him, barely registering that the woman was following close behind. Only one thing on his mind. Sam.


Sam squeezed his eyes shut. His head was throbbing after the rough travel down the corridor. This room was darker, but it still hurt to keep his eyes open, but he forced them open again. He had to see what was going on, what was happening around him. He could feel someone with him, something evil. When eyes were finally open, Sam couldn't really see anything, first he thought they were still closed until he realized that there was nothing there with him. How could that bee?

Then it all crashed in on him. The shadow demons. Must have been that. The Zoroastrian sigil, the formless creature with claws digging in on him. He remembered vaguely seeing shadows in the other room.

'Dean!' Dean had been there. He had called for Dean as he was dragged away from him, but his brother hadn't answered him. He could feel his heart raising. His protective big brother always responded to his call. Unless something was wrong, something keeping him away. 'Oh my god.' Dean had been thrown around and last time he'd seen him, he had been on the ceiling. The ceiling. Sam had to close his eyes for a moment, and took some deep breaths, willing the memories to go away, he had too many vivid memories of people dying that way, too many people ripped away from him by the hands of that yellow eyed son of a bitch, who seemed to have a thing for setting people on fire. 'Please God. Let Dean be okay. Don't let him die.' He was desperate, he couldn't loose Dean. Without his brother he wouldn't be able to face what to come and still keep his sanity. The fear of becoming evil, becoming what they had hunted their whole life was constantly hover over him.

Sam's mind was raising, unable to slow down, unable to thinking any rational thoughts that would help him out of this mess But somehow he knew that, his hunter instincts setting in maybe, telling him to slow down, clear his mind. Focus. His life was not the only one at stake here. He had to get to Dean. If Dean couldn't come to him, he was gonna go to him.

Sam tried to move, he realized it was his first attempt on moving since he got here. Sam shuddered, hadn't understood up till now how numbed his mind really had been. His brain so numbed that it took him 15 seconds to come to the realization that no matter how much he wanted to move, he couldn't. In his slumped position against the wall his limbs was like glued to the floor, the only part of his body willing to follow his command was his head, an it hang heavy to his chest.

The sudden laugh ringing in the room brought a chill down his spine and he forced his eyes open again, staring out in the darkness surrounding him. There was nothing there. Taking some heavy gulps of air he tried to convince himself that he must have imagined the laughter, when he heard it again. The voice was cold nothing human about it. Frustrated Sam opened his mouth to ask who or what it was, but no sound came out. As the laugher increased in volume, Sam's urge for yelling, screaming, doing something, to move his damn body -it all resulted in a major explosion in his head, at least that's what it felt like.

As abruptly as it had started the laughter died out, replaced by a deep voice. "You shouldn't have interfered, Winchester." Sam shook his head, still unsure if all of this was going on in his own mind. "But it was to be expected." That evil laughter again. Blinking rapidly, Sam scanned the room once again, still nothing. What ever summoning this daeva thing was playing with him. Taunting him. "This is the last time you or your brother comes between my plan. Last warning Sammy."

'It's Sam,' Sam screamed inside, bile rise in his throat hearing his nickname spoken in that voice. Then it was gone, the only sound in the room was his own wheezing breath and rapidly beating heart. Tears threatened to fall when he heard the most beautiful sound.


But this time he felt no urge to scream out at the use of his nickname. It was spoken in the voice of his brother, the only one who he allowed to call him that.

"Sam are you okay?"

The simple words were lazed with worry, but Sam didn't dear open his eyes to look, the fear of this being another way to tease him, play with him, mad him staying perfectly still. Then he felt the rush of air as someone sat beside him. Fingers brushing over his chest, his shoulders. Fingers tapping his face lightly.

"Sam? Open your eyes. Please."

The gentle pleading sound in the voice, more than the actual words, made him finally open his eyes and staring in the worried green eyes of his brother's.

A relieved smile tugged at Dean's lips as he saw his brother's eyes flickered open. He had already checked him for injuries and was relieved that beside from several claw marks, which were deep, there didn't seem to bee anything life threatening.

"What happened here?" Dean asked as his younger brother seemed to finally be able to focus.

"I.. I don't know." Sam stuttered. He looked wearily around, longing for a deep dreamless sleep. "But what ever it was, I think it's gone now."

Dean studied his brother, trying to read if Sam was hiding something, or if he really didn't know. The sound of sirens made him spiraling in to action. Talk could wait. They had to move out of here. Now.

"Think you can stand?"

Sam seemed to think really hard on that matter, but this time, with the help of Dean he was able to move and raise up. Dean steadied him as he was hit by dizziness, and he felt someone gently steady him on the opposite side. Looking to the right he saw the woman, he had forgot about her, holding his shoulder.

The sirens were louder, and as Sam nodded they made their way out of there. It was a slow going, two of them had inhaled enough smoke to make them a little dizzy and Sam had lost some blood from the variation of claw marks on him. Dean limped his way down the hall, Sam's arm over his shoulder, while he tried to ignore the shooting pain each step caused his ankle. Luckily Sam was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he failed to notice his brother inability to walk without a limp.

Miraculously they made it out of the building and to the Impala, all three hoping in, Julia in the back seat no questions asked. Dean floored the accelerator and they made their way out of the parking lot as three fire trucks turned to a stop in front of the office building.


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