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Me, or Her


The Letter


By time you read this, I'll already be all moved out. I'm sorry, I just can't do this anymore. I saw you last night. You and Gwen Stacy. Just a girl in your class. Your lab partner. Right. Now, I'm not a scientific 'genius' like you, so I may be mistaken here, but the last time I checked, I really don't think that making out with your lab partner in a dark deserted ally while disguised as New York's favorite super hero is a course requirement.

What was it Pete? Am I not pretty enough? Decide you don't like red-heads anymore? Or did the stresses of saving lives everyday finally make you snap? But, you know what, never mind. It doesn't matter. I never really mattered, so it doesn't really matter.

Peter, you have to know that I loved you. Part of me still does, but, I just can't sit back and be treated like this. Peter, I could have dealt with you never being around. But, not this. Peter, you were kissing another woman.

And it's not here that I feel betrayed by. She had no idea that it was you. None. She just thought that she was getting a little friendly with her friendly neighborhood Spider-man. Gwen Stacy is innocent. She's in love with Spider-man. She has no idea that you are the man who was sitting next to her in the lab today, who was sitting across from me last week at the Constellation Restaurant. Gwen's blissful little blonde brain can't comprehend what you did, not because she's a stupid blonde, but because she doesn't know that it was you who did it.

The truth is, Pete, I miss you. The old you. The you that loved me.

You had a choice, Pete, me or her. And you chose her.

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