This is a list of Abilities/Skills, Bloodlines, Techniques, Weapons and Jutsu that our hero's use. It will be updated regularly.

Abilities/Skills- things that are unique to that person that do not come from a bloodline limit.

Bloodlines- any ninja ability or mutation that is inherited by blood and genetics. It is given a description and sub topic of it's powers.

Weapons- what weapon(s) if any that are used by that person. This does not include weapons that may be made from Jutsu.

Jutsu- the types of Jutsu that the person knows. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu are the sub topics of this category. They are broken down into type and rank and given a description of it's learned origin and effect.

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Uzumaki Naruto-Age:7- A young boy who has the Demon Fox Kyuubi sealed inside of him by the Fourth Hokage, Kazazma Arashi, who has been confirmed to be Naruto's father. Naruto is from the head family of the Uzumaki clan, an ancient an powerful clan that has kept balance in the shinobi world. His mother, Uzumaki Heisui, was the heiress to the clan but died during child birth. The rest of Naruto's clan, that is known of, died while slowing Kyuubi's advance to Konoha, ensuring the Fourth would have time to seal the demon away and putting their hope in the future of the clan in Naruto.

Growing up was painful for Naruto as he was shunned and abused by the villagers of Konoha. This left him in a depressed and unhealthy mental state. However, after just one year into his training he has become much happier, and his mind is in better condition. Being adopted into the Uchiha and Hyuuga clans, a main branch member as a Hyuuga, has helped tremendously. He loves his sisters and has vowed to protect them to the best of his ability.

The only known survivor of the massacre is Uzumaki Nieyu, the perpetrator behind Kyuubi's attack along with Orochimaru. Naruto has decided to bring Nieyu to justice when he is strong enough, but also take the time to enjoy his childhood while it lasts.

Abilities/Skills- Naruto is ambidextrous. Utilizing his chakra coil memory, Tsuki has helped Naruto attain perfect chakra control.

Bloodline-Kawari/Alteration- Naruto's chakra is capable of easily shifting, giving him the ability to use all five basic elements. Naruto has chakra coil memory, allowing him to perform a jutsu with greater easeevery time he attempts it. Naruto has shown some proficiency with one-handed seals, a trait of his bloodline.

Tentai/Heavenly Body- The body of a Kazama, Naruto's body, is stronger and faster than that of the average human. Naruto's muscles are molded to fit his daily life and activities. His bones are stronger than steel and his senses are heightened to a much higher level than normal humans. Naruto's chakra coils are large and malleable, allowing for a vast supply of chakra to be molded in ways no other human can, making him a master of shape manipulation. The chakra gates in his body can supposedly be opened with relative ease as he ages.

Kyuubi- Kyuubi refills Naruto's, already massive, chakra reserves at a fast rate. The most notable benefit Naruto receives from Kyuubi is the healing of his body; Naruto may survive even a broken neck.

Weapon(s)- Naruto has no special weapons as of yet; though he does seem to favor double edged kunai.


A. Taijutsu

1)Gekirin/Imperial Wrath- Naruto's original Taijutsu style, a culmination of the Hyuuga's Jyuuken and the Uchiha's Sekkendou. This style uses the rapid movement and counterattacking of the Uchiha Taijutsu with the chakra burst strikes and area awareness of the Hyuuga fighting style. Tsuki describes it as 'an evolving form of hand-to-hand combat the likes of which the world has never seen' as it has yet to be perfected. It is likely that, because part of the style is from an Uchiha, Naruto will take Taijutsu from other styles and adapt them to his own.

1A)Kasei/Force of Flames- Subdivision of Gekirin. Naruto creates flames without the use of hand seals. The effect this has on the chakra coils is unknown; though Naruto suspects it would burn up the enemy's chakra coils.

a1)Uzumaki Gome Hi Ryuu Danmaku/ Five Eyed Fire Dragon Barrage- A Rank- Using 4 Kage Bunshin, Naruto attacks the opponent while calling out the syllables of his last name. When they are immobilized, Naruto and his clones attack the enemy as the image of a dragon appears from their auras, and they attack the mid-section and each limb.

2)Hakkesho Kaiten/Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin or just Kaiten/Heavenly Spin- The ultimate defense of the Hyuuga clan. By expelling chakra from all 361 tenketsu at once and gyrating rapidly, Naruto creates an impregnable dome of chakra that can supposedly defend against any attack. Tsuki claims the jutsu to be perfect.

B. Ninjutsu

1)Kage Bunshin/Shadow Clone- B Rank- Creates an exact replica of the user in whatever state they are in when the clone is formed, including damage and equipment the user possesses. Any experience the Shadow Clone has during it's 'life' is transferred to the original. Shadow Clones are capable of using any Jutsu the original can.

2)Katon: Fire Release

2a)Gokakyu/Grand Fireball-C Rank- A technique taught to Naruto by Motoko Uchiha. User gathers a large amount of chakra to their mouth with numerous hand seals while taking a deep breath and forces it all out by blowing through their fingers. The result is a perfect fireball varying in size based on how much chakra is used. (Also known by: Motoko Uchiha)

2b)Hinotama Hakkyou/Fireball Madness- B Rank- Naruto's first original jutsu. Using the normal hand seals of a Gokakyu but ending with a one handed Uma/Hose seal. By properly molding chakra the fireball splits into a series of smaller fireballs all with one attack.

2c)Kasen/Fire Arrow- A Rank- Sharpening Katon chakra in his hand, Naruto shoots a perfect arrow from any of the tenketsu on his fingers. It has proven capable of cutting through the flesh of a Kage Bunshin with ease.

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Hyuuga Tsuki-Age 20- A kunoichi of the main branch of the Hyuuga clan. Her parents were apparently from the Branch House and sacrificed their lives for Tsuki to be adopted into the Main House. The man who adopted Tsuki, Ohisama, is someone she loathes, blaming him for the death of her parents. She mockingly and coldly refers to him as her father in a strained tone of voice. She has vowed to 'coat her hands in his blood'. Otherwise, Tsuki is kind and unfailingly polite to those she meets. She trained diligently for six years in preparation for the mission to guide Naruto. Tsuki has adopted Naruto into the Main Branch of the Hyuuga clan.

Bloodline- Byakugan- Born with the doujutsu of the Hyuuga, Tsuki has a Byakugan powerful enough to see the tenketsu, as well as hundreds of feet ahead in any given direction.

Natsuin Byakugan- A rare development in the Byakugan that happens only in women. It is for his reason that Tsuki was adopted by Ohisama into the Main Branch, as he feels she is a tool to be used by the clan for it's benefit. This is also the reason she was chosen for the six year mission. The Natsuin allows Tsuki to create, control, destroy, strengthen, or weaken seals.

Weapon- Tsuki doesn't have a weapon per se. Rather, she carries seals that she created on tags of paper.


A. Taijutsu

1)Jyuuken/Gentle Fist- Tsuki is a master of the Gentle Fist style, though uses it only as a precursor for her own fighting style.


Uchiha Motoko-Age 21- A powerful and somewhat perverse kunoichi of the Uchiha clan. After witnessing the death of her parents by the Kyuubi, Motoko awakened the ability to suppress Kyuubi's chakra and prevent it from entering Konoha. She has lived in Kemurigakure for six years after the attack, believed to be KIA by the village, and prepared for the mission to guide Naruto around the world. She seems to have had a personal relationship with Hatake Kakashi at one point, though that was significantly damaged due to the death of Obito, her younger fraternal twin, and Kakashi having his Sharingan eye. Even though that 'ended' their relationship, Motoko seems to have a minor longing to be reunited with Kakashi (or at the very least dominate him sexually). She has adopted Naruto into the Uchiha clan and given him her late brother's memento(his white goggles) as well as charging him with carrying on Obito's memory.

Abilities/Skills- Motoko has a seal of some kind on her shoulder, allowing an advanced use of Katon chakra.

Bloodline-Sharingan- Motoko has a three tomoe Sharingan, which she obtained at the age of seven. It affords her all of the powers the Uchiha bloodline possesses, as well as the ability to suppress the youki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Weapon- Motoko has a 'crimson sword', which she used to kill a cursed seal monster.


A. Taijutsu

1)Sekkendou/Way of the Intercepting Fist- A fighting style designed to fully utilize the insight and tracking abilities afforded by the Sharingan. Motoko is a master of this.

B. Ninjutsu

1) Kuchiyose no Jutsu/ Summoning Technique- Motoko has a summoning contract that allows her to call forth Phoenixes.