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Everything was calm as the waves hit the ship, but Gabrielle's heart wasn't one with the ocean as she headed for Egypt, land of the pharaohs.

It's time for me to pick up where Xena left off. Somehow, I knew this day might come, but I was hoping for Xena and I to die together, as it should have been. Gabrielle thought.

Just as she finished, a golden shower of sparkles flashed before Gabrielle's eyes as Aphrodite appeared before her. Although, instead of her usual fluffy pink clothes, she was dressed in all black and a carrying a very depressed expression.

"Oh, honey, I heard what happened. Are you all right? I hope I had got here before Ares, who knows what he is thinking now that Xena is…" Aphrodite's throat caught on the last word as she embraced the bard in a full emotional hug.

"I'll be alright… in time. Aphrodite, can I ask a favor of you? It's nothing huge or anything, just some quick transportation." Gabrielle responded.

The goddesses' frown turned back into her charming smile quickly as she replied,

"Sure, anything for you sweet pea."

"Well would you mind transporting me to Amphipolis, so I can bury Xena's ashes next to her brother? It's what she wanted."

"No problem!" Aphrodite chuckled as the two friends disappeared in a flash of golden light.

Screams sounded as Aphrodite and Gabrielle appeared in Amphipolis. Quickly, the active bard handed the ashes of her warrior princess to the goddess.

"Protect Xena's ashes while save the town. I'll call you when the coast is clear." Nodding in understanding, Aphrodite hurriedly took the urn and disappeared.

Arming her sais, Gabrielle headed towards the mayhem. Blood was everywhere as the soldiers added up the damage.

"These villagers are innocent, the one you want is me." The battling bard yelled at the pre-occupied fighters.

Just as expected, the small army charged at Gabrielle. Then, suddenly, she saw a familiar face charging at the soldiers. Following him, she recognized the villager. "Virgil!" Gabrielle exclaimed, while her sais met a soldier's head.

"Thought you could use some help!" Virgil exclaimed as he knocked out a remaining attacker.

Smiling, Gabrielle had new determination from seeing her old friend. Using this to her advantage, the bard sent the cowardly army home running.

Chuckling as he watched this sight, Virgil strolled over to Gabrielle. "You clean up nicely. Tell me, where's Xena?"

Gabrielle choked back tears as she answered, "I'm here to bury Xena's ashes next to her brother. Speaking of, Aphrodite!"

With a confused expression, Virgil muttered, "the Goddess of Love…?"

As if to answer his question, Aphrodite, the goddess herself appeared in front of his very eyes. However, her depressed tone was back in place, and she held Xena's ashes close to her heart. "You ready, Gabrielle?"

Slowly, Gabrielle nodded and disarmed her sais. "Yes, and he's coming too." The bard pointed Virgil out to Aphrodite. "He was a good friend of Xena's."

The goddess nodded in agreement as the three of them vanished together into oblivion.

Reaching the tomb of Xena's brother, Gabrielle placed the urn of her lover's ashes next to her brother's coffin.

"We should all say a few words for Xena. First, I have a song I would like the Warrior Princess to here in her name."

Aphrodite watched sadly as Gabrielle broke into a sad, Xena version of Joxer's "Joxer the Mighty" song. Next to her, Virgil was reminded sadly of his dear old father, Joxer, while tears slithered down his cheeks.

When Gabrielle finished, she sat down on the table next to her best friend.

"Xena, where do I start? When I met you, I knew there was something special about this warrior that saved my village and myself. You and I bonded instantly, and somehow my heart know that we were soul-mates. Ever since I started traveling with you, I treasured every moment of our time spent together. Eventually I realized that we could die on our adventures, this made everything more worth while. You made me what I am Xena, you complete me, in life and death, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Tears started streaming down Gabrielle's face as she finished. Squatting down next to the table, Gabrielle unsheathed Xena's sword from it's scabbard on the bard's back and she placed it next to the warrior's urn.

Walking past Aphrodite and Virgil, she choked, "I'll be at the local tavern."

A slam echoed throughout the room as the voice of Gabrielle could be heard, "10 dinars for your strongest stuff."

Sitting down at the bar, she laid her head on the counter. "Here ya' go miss. Aye, but ya don't need to worry about paying for that. It was you that saved the village after all! Drinks on the house, in this warrior's favor." The barkeeper growled.

"I'm a bard." Gabrielle informed the man at the sound of clinking glasses and cheers of free drinks.

Gabrielle twitched as she felt a warm hand on her shoulder. "Honey, are you okay? You seemed a little down when you left the family tomb." Aphrodite smiled sweetly at her friend as the bard looked over her shoulder at the goddess. Noticing she was back in her usual pink garb, Gabrielle managed a slight smile.

"I'm fine." She managed to spit out. "Why don't you and Virgil join me for a couple of rounds, drinks are on the house."

Aphrodite laughed at this invitation. "And ruin my good composure? I suppose Virgil will want to join, he seems like one that kind of thing. I'll go see if I can find him."

Gabrielle was sure she heard the goddess mutter 'mortals' before vanishing. Laughing slightly as this, the bard took a sip of ale.

Xena, I know you heard me back in the tomb, so hear this: I want to talk to you, I need to ask something of you, a small favor.

The bard opened her eyes to find them meeting those beautiful blue ones of her soul mate's.

"Gabrielle, what you said…. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard escape those soft lips of yours. Now… about what you wanted to ask me." Xena remarked before Gabrielle could get a say in.

Seeing Xena almost made the depressed bard break down again, but she held her emotions under control.

"Actually, I was wondering if it was possible if you could teach me how to use the chakram." Gabrielle asked plainly.

Expecting something larger, Xena smiled, "You don't NEED lessons, Gabrielle. All you need is trust."

A bemused expression crossed Gabrielle's face as she stared at the warrior princess, hoping she would offer a more detailed explanation. When it became apparent that was all Xena had to say on the subject, she asked, "Trust? That's it?"

"That's it. Nobody can win a fight if they don't trust their weapon. Although I suppose I could supervise you're training. We don't want another unplanned haircut." Xena teased, ruffling up her bard's hair with her strong hands.

"You always know just how to cheer me up." Gabrielle said as her soul mate dissappered.

To think we are so close, yet so far…

Seeing Aphrodite and Virgil enter the tavern, Gabrielle called out to them, "Let's sit over here." As she took a seat at a table in the corner, away from the bustling chatter.

Perfect for private conversations… Virgil thought, sitting down.

"One ale for the virgin… I mean, Virgil." Aphrodite called out tipsy.

"Aphrodite, are you sure you don't drink this stuff?" Virgil asked, with an expression wrought with anger and amusement at the goddesses' condition.

"So I took a few big sips, what's the fuss about?" Aphrodite replied playfully, slapping Virgil's arm lightly in the process.

"Well, we need you sober when we head out to Egypt in the morning." Gabrielle said, half-serious.

"Egypt! Land of the Pharaohs!" Aphrodite said, holding up her glass in toast.

"No, to Xena." Gabrielle replied, also raising her glass.

"To Xena!" they all called out in praise, as their glasses clinked together.