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Usual setup here.

"Character Speaking"

"Character Thinking"

"Inner Sakura Speaking"

"Inner Sakura Thinking"

Flashbacks are italicized

Girls are weird

She keeps glancing over to the other side of the classroom towards him and inwardly smiles every time. She often imagines what her life would be like if they were married. She pictures him wrapping his strong arms around her waist and tenderly embracing her in a gentle show of affection. His beautiful hair all messy and wild. His gorgeous eyes that seem to be deeper than chasms. His muscular build that's quite defined for a 12 year old. She often found herself inwardly mesmerized at how perfect he is to her. Yes to Sakura this boy was an Adonis. A god among men in the form of a 12-year-old boy. She was in love with …Uzamaki Naruto.

It began like any other day. She woke up and went through her morning routine before heading off to school. However, today was the Genin Exam. Sakura was more than ready to pass but she sighed deep down at something that pained her deeply. She was worried that Naruto wouldn't pass the test and that she would miss her chance of being on a team with him.

Now to anyone that merely glanced at her everyday actions in class, one would think that she hated Naruto. She would make fun of him, hit him, berate him and basically make his life hell. It was all her weird way of trying to win his affection. She knew that he had a personality that never gave up. She didn't want to make it so easy on him to come and get her. Sure sometimes she would feel a slight tinge of guilt when she would see his downtrodden face but she knew that he would never give up on her. She felt that he would always be there for her in some way. But a girl does have to keep up appearances. How else can you explain her actions? She personally tortures the one she loves but openly professes her undying devotion to the one she loathes so much…. Uchiha Sasuke.

Sasuke was a stuck up, arrogant prick. He would insult people, especially his fangirls. He would act extremely cocky in his abilities to the point of being obnoxious. His pompous attitude about being the last of his clan makes it damn near impossible to feel sorry about their murders. Everything about him just rubbed her the wrong way. Sure he's had a tough life but so have others. Like her love. She didn't know why, but people hated her Naruto even when he was a little boy.


When she was about 6, she saw a group of citizens surround the golden haired orphan and begin to beat him for no apparent reason. She cried her eyes out at the sight as her heart went out to the boy from her position behind a tree. Being only 6 at the time, she was afraid to help him for fear of being attacked as well. She would later curse her cowardice. As she sat there helpless after the poor boy had been beaten she was about to go to him and help to get him medical attention. It was what happened next that made her fall in love with him even at her young age. After they were gone, he stood up and defiantly yelled that he could take whatever they threw at him. It wasn't going to stop him from achieving his dreams. His raw determination made Sakura's heart swell with pride and affection. She knew that this boy was special. From that day, she declared that Uzamaki Naruto would be worth fighting for.

End Flashback

Yet there she was, everyday professing to Ino-pig that she would win Sasuke's affections. She would attempt to show her pure determination and prove her fangirldom while Inner Sakura was on the verge of puking at her daily actions. Ultimately, her inner persona knew that it was all part of the master plan.

Yes girls do things a little differently than boys. When a girl likes a boy she pretends to not like him. When she really likes a boy, she pretends to hate him in order to get him to like her even more. Makes perfect sense right? It does in Sakura's mind. So why the fake affection for Sasuke? Simple really. She didn't want anyone to catch on to how great Naruto really was. If she began showing outward affection towards him before she was certain that he was madly in love with her, then other girls might swoop in and steal his adorable self from her grasp. Sure she noticed Hinata's blushes and glances at him. She fought hard not to get up and simply punch her through a wall out of mad jealousy. If it wasn't for the fact that Hinata was so damn shy, the urge to do so would have been too overwhelming to ignore. She knew that Hinata ultimately posed no threat to her plans since she would never gain the confidence needed to express her feelings towards Naruto. She would simply bide her time till she got her lovable dobe onto her team and all to herself.

Anyway, Sakura now roused from her thoughts realizes that she must hurry to get to school for the exam. She races down the steps, grabs a quick energy bar and sprints through the streets of Konoha towards the academy. Luckily she makes it there on time.

She walks in, glances towards her golden haired, dream boy and inwardly smiles even if her outer appearance displays annoyance. Naruto notices that she has entered and walks up to her.

"Hi there, Sakura-Chan!" Naruto exclaims in his overloud but extremely cute way.

Inner Sakura is doing back flips and cheering up and down, and Sakura nearly gives in to her urges in an attempt to lunge at the boy and smother him with passionate kisses. However, she composes herself and remembers the master plan.

"Ugh, what Naruto?!" Sakura growls but inwardly wishes she could purr in his ear.

"Just wanted to say that …umm… you look pretty today!" as his cheeks blushed slightly while a sheepish grin plastered on his face.

God she we wanted him so badly it hurt her but she had to remain strong. She couldn't let all this planning go to waste. She had been at this for too long to fail now when she knew she was getting close to her goal of making him crazy for her. Maybe today was the day to start the new phase of her plan; slowly make it seem like he was breaking down her defenses and getting through to her. No she had a timetable in mind and knew that she wanted to wait till they were on a team to begin phase 2. She just had to have patience.

"Baka! You're in my way! I need to get a seat near Sasuke before Ino-pig does." Again growling at him, while Inner Sakura was apologizing.

"Pfft! What do you see in that teme anyway? He's an arrogant prick that makes sure to let you know all the reasons for his arrogant prickdom. I should kick his ass so that you'll start to like me instead of him."

"HELL YEA! Kick the shit out the Uchiha-Teme!" proclaimed Inner Sakura.

"Oh I so wish you would!" as Sakura readily agreed in her mind but appearances needed to be maintained for the moment.

With a large fist to the top of his head, Sakura crushed Naruto straight into the floor and hovered over him.

"Don't you dare hurt Sasuke-kun!" She protests while Inner Sakura hurls at her use of the suffix.

Suddenly, Sakura remembered the Genin Exam and inwardly hoped that Naruto was ok to take it after such a large punch to the cranium. Silently cursing herself at her over-zealousness, she began to panic inside. Fortunately, he began to get up as he always did. She didn't know why she had such lack of faith in him. He always bounces back.

He had a pouty look on his face that made him almost irresistible and she resisted the urge to smile and run her fingers through his hair.

It was at this point Iruka-sensei came in and demanded everyone to take their seats. They were about to begin the exam.

One by one, each student went up and performed their test. So far every single one of them passed. This tests were almost too simple in her mind. She was happy when she was handed her hitai-tai having achieved one of her goals of becoming a ninja.

Now hopefully her next goal would be attainable as she waited for object of her affection to take his test. She was a little worried. She knew that he was the class dobe but it wasn't because he was dumb. It was because he always goofed off to get attention. There was the one part of the test she had the most apprehension about though. That was the bushin. She had seen him try before and knew that he struggled with it. His chakra control just wasn't anywhere near hers.

This started to make her sweat. What if he couldn't do it? What if he failed? What if she'd never be able to get on her team?

All these thoughts raced through her mind and causing her to zone out that she missed his test. When she looked up after the eruption of laughter occurred, she feared the worst. Her fears were confirmed when she heard what Iruka-Sensei announced next.

"Naruto, You Fail."

Her heart nearly broke at the pained expression on his face. She didn't have the strength to even fake her annoyance at him for the moment. All her plans. All her dreams. They were gone. She would not be on Naruto's team. She wouldn't be able to win his affection. Her dream boy was going to drift away from her forever.

She fought the urge to cry when Inner Sakura gave her some reassurance.

"Don't go down without a FIGHT, GIRL! We're gonna get him no matter what!" her inner persona vehemently reassured.

"You're right. I can't give up! He wouldn't give up. Just because we're not on the same team doesn't mean I can't still win his affection." She thought.

With her newfound confidence, Sakura renewed her vow to win the love of her life, Uzamaki Naruto.

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