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Contrary to popular belief, all of the members of the Hive had names. They were people too after all. However everyone but they tended to forget that. But they were people. And at one point in their lives they had consciences and things of that nature. Some still had their own personal Jiminy Cricket.

Kyd Wykkyd's name was Elliot. Suddenly he didn't seem so wicked anymore, more like a little boy. Elliot's a sweetie. And he was, he was the kindest person anyone had ever met at the Hive, but you wouldn't guess it from his alias. He got the name Kyd Wykkyd from one of his friends at the Hive, a speedster-teen named Jeremy, that had disappeared a couple of months after Brother Blood came into power. Jeremy had been surprised at an outbreak of Elliot's mischievous side and had called him 'wicked'. Thus, a name was born.

Gizmo was Mikron, and Mikron liked gizmos. One linked to the other and he was too busy creating something new to really bother to come up with a better one. Besides, this name suited him fine. Mikron sometimes smiled when no one else was looking, sometimes Mikron was happy.

Mammoth's name was Baron. It was large like him, but Baron sounded more powerful than Mammoth. It sounded like Mammoth wasn't the raging behemoth some assumed he was. Baron was strong, Baron was capable. Mammoth was too, but you wouldn't think so to hear his name. Baron loved his name because it reminded him of his sister, Selinda, who was out doing some governmental thing, possibly illegal, or another. Baron was the most worshiping little brother who had ever existed; it was Selinda who had given him the name Mammoth out of affection. Mammoth meant love to him as well, so it didn't matter whether he was called Baron or Mammoth. It all went back to Selinda.

X.L Terrestrial had a name. It was Hank. Hank didn't really like his villain's name; he had created it to hurt himself. As a child he was called an alien by other children, by the entire world. Coming to Earth from Termandia had turned out to be his exact version of a nightmare. And he couldn't go home, he had a mission to complete. They called him an alien all because he could make himself big and make himself small. All because he was completely in charge of his body. All because he was green and looked like an extra terrestrial. (He was one but they didn't need to know that.) People were picky like that. It had hurt him so badly that he took in the name out of spite and crushed the town. Extra-large Terrestrial it was, maybe they would be happy now.

Seemore was Seymour. Seymour liked corny jokes, puns, porn, his friends, and Jinx. He didn't have some dark past other than a drunken mother and a father who had left years ago. He was happy at the Hive and that was all that mattered to him.

There were more names, more identities, which circled around the school. It was no secret who anyone was. They were their names.

However a hero wouldn't see their names when they looked at them. A hero would see a jail cell that should belong to them.

If they went to jail their names became numbers.