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Painful Truth

It was a dark and rainy night. Most were in bed at this hour, with the exception of a few bustling villagers, trying to finish their tasks so they could go to sleep in their nice, cozy beds. However, as Sakura noticed, one boy was just leaning against a tree, sitting in the rain. Sakura had been out taking a walk after dinner when it had started raining. She was on her way home when she saw the boy. She couldn't see who it was due to the rain, but wanted to see if she could help at all, since she got the strange feeling that something was wrong.

As she got closer, she realized that the boy leaning against the tree was none other than Sasuke, her (not so) secret crush and classmate. Now that she recognized him, she wanted even more to make sure that he was all right. He didn't seem to realize that she was there, he was too preoccupied with his own thoughts, so Sakura wasn't surprised that he jumped when she called out his name. When he looked up at her, she could tell he was soaked. Though, something seemed off about the water running down his face, some of it didn't seem to start at the top of his head…

It was at that thought that it started to make sense. The water on his face was because he had been crying, and still was. Sakura had never seen him like this; she didn't know what to say; yet she knew something needed to be said. "What's the matter Sasuke?" Sakura finally tried, sounding somewhat hopeful.

"What does it matter to you? Why are you even out here? It's raining you know," Sasuke pointed out, being rude as usual. Sakura wasn't fazed in the slightest, however.

"Why wouldn't it matter to me? I care about you after all, and you know that," Sakura replied, showing that she meant Sasuke no harm.

Sasuke sighed sadly, and then began what sounded like a much-pondered thought, "You already know about my brother murdering the rest of my clan, right?" he paused as she nodded her head yes, "Well, tonight is the anniversary of that night, and I was thinking about my vow to have revenge on my brother… but, when I thought about it, I realized for the first time that when I kill him, I really won't have anyone left. All my family will be dead, and this time, it will be my fault," Sasuke said, looking as unhappy as he had before Sakura had arrived.

"Oh Sasuke! You don't have to kill your brother you know. And even if you do kill him, you will never be alone. There are so many people in this world that care about you. I care about you, Ino cares about you, and even that idiot Naruto cares about you. And… I don't just care about you… I… I love you Sasuke…" Sakura said, voice quieting to a near whisper by the end.

"Do… Do you really mean that? Could you truly love me as I have always, secretly, loved you? Is that possible? Could I really finally have found a bit of happiness?" Sasuke muttered allowed in disbelief.

"Of course it's true! I would never lie to you," Sakura said as she leaned in to hug Sasuke, who turned the embrace into a chaste, but loving kiss. "I will always love you," Sakura murmured to him, and she felt Sasuke finally relax like he had a weight lifted off his shoulders that had been there for years.

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