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Chapter 3 - Where Have All the Libraries Gone?

Sam was in deep concentration when he heard a commotion at the library entrance and saw Libby dash past the coffee shop. Without a thought Sam ran after her, "Libby, wait!" Just as she stepped off the curb Sam grabbed her, pulling her out of harms way. "Are you okay? Sam asked as he took in the fear in her eyes, the tears streaming down her face and her eyes roll into the back of her head.

Sam eased her to the sidewalk as a crowd began to gather. Looking around for someone to help Sam spied Ed, the security guard. "Ed, can you keep these people back while I get Libby back to the library?"

"Sure, take her around the security desk to the office there's a couch there. Should I call for an ambulance?"

"I don't think she'll need an ambulance, but if you could give us a few minutes I'll check her over," Sam said as he lifted Libby and carried her to the door. Once inside the library Sam made his way to the security office. Laying Libby on the couch with her feet propped above her head he thought of the hunt. He and Dean would need an ID to get into the library and this might be their best chance at getting one.

Even knowing this, Sam hesitated not wanting to take advantage of the situation. Libby lay unconscious on the couch but how much longer would it last? Finally Sam made his decision, he'd lift the ID, get it to Dean to have a forgery made and get it back in Libby's backpack.

Reaching into the backpack Sam easily located the ID card. Looking over his shoulder at the slight sound coming from the couch Sam pocketed the card and closed the bag, almost instantly regretting his decision. Libby came to just as Sam zipped the backpack closed.

With a gasp and cry Libby tried to sit up on the couch only to fall back weakly. "What's going on? Where are we and how did I get here?" Libby asked in a jumble.

"Its okay, Libby, we're in the security office at the library. I'm not sure what happened to cause it but you passed out on the sidewalk," concern obvious in his voice and in the worry lines on Sam's brow. "What happened in there?"

"Sam, you wouldn't believe me if I told you," Libby said as she sat up, this time getting to an upright position and putting her feet on the floor.

"Try me. I've heard and seen a lot of crazy stuff. Not that this is crazy, if it's what I think it is," Sam said leaning towards Libby, taking her hands in his and looking into her eyes. "It's ok, Libby you can tell me."

"Sam, I don't know where to start," Libby pulled her hands free and stood to pace the small office. "It was so weird, I went in to find a quiet place to sit, and you wouldn't think that would be hard with the library closed to the public. I wandered toward the Children's section and heard a voice saying, "Where are the children? What have you done with them?" (then the voice shrieked.) "Why have you taken my children from me? Then I felt her grab me by the arms and it hurt," absently rubbing her upper arms. "That really freaked me out. I swung my backpack and I saw it pass through her, then her grasp was broken. I started to run and the last thing I remember was being grabbed again, but it felt different somehow." Libby stopped pacing and sank down on the couch next to Sam. "It was you that grabbed me the last time wasn't it? I could tell it was different than when the ghost grabbed me."

"Yeah, Libby it was me. You weren't watching where you were going and you ran into traffic. I'm just glad I saw you in time to keep you from getting hurt. Now, let me look at your arms," he said pulling the denim shirt off her shoulders.

The bruising was deep and already a dark purple, tenderly Sam probed the bruise to check for any hidden damage. While helping Libby back into her over shirt Sam turned towards the door when he heard the knock, followed closely by the entrance of Ed.

"So, young man, how's your girl? She doesn't look much the worse for wear." Turning his attention to Libby, Ed said, "You are one lucky lady, you were out past me before I could stop you and this guy of yours was out the door and pulled you out of the path of a car. The driver stopped to check how you were. She didn't think she'd hit you but she wasn't sure." Turning again to Sam, "You're quite the hero, the local TV news is heading this way, seems some of the kids in the library said it was that ghost. They'll want to talk to both of you."

"Sam, I don't want to talk to anyone about this. Let's get out of here before it's too late," Libby said pleading with her eyes.

"It's too late, they just drove up. Since the closure the other exits have been locked. The only way out is through the front doors. Sorry," Ed said with an apologetic smile.

"Look, Ed is there any way you could let us out one of the other exits," Sam said looking for an alternate route out of the office and building. "Libby really isn't up to talking to reporters right now. Maybe you could point us in the right direction and delay the reporters long enough for us to get away. Could you do that, Ed? I'm just trying to protect my girl," he said with a conspiratorial wink.

"I really shouldn't but she still looks pretty shaken up," seeming to weigh the options Ed finally made his decision. "If you head out to the left back corner near the campus you can get out there. I go out that way for a smoke every now and then. Be sure to close the door behind you."

"Thanks, Ed, we really appreciate your help," Sam said taking Libby's hand and hefting her backpack Sam headed in the direction Ed had indicated.

"Wait just a minute," Ed called after Sam and Libby.

Sam turned as panic began to rise.

"You forgot your satchel in the coffee shop. I picked it up on my way in. I didn't want our hero to lose his laptop."

Relief flooded through Sam as Ed brought his laptop to him. "Thanks, Ed. I had forgotten all about it with all the excitement." Shaking hands with the helpful security guard Sam shouldered his bag and lead the way out of the library.

"Libby, does this exit let us out near where we parked the car?"

"Its going to put us about two blocks from the car, but its easy to cut through the next building and back around the corner."

Before exiting the building Sam stuffed a wad of paper into the lock then closed the door and made a production of checking to make sure the door was secure before following Libby into the next building. Taking mental notes of the path they took Sam followed closely thinking, "This may be the way for Dean and I to get to the old girl."


As Sam and Libby drove off Dean smiled at the picture Sam had made folding into the small Ford. Maybe now Sam would stop whining about the leg room in the Impala. "You know maybe I should have given Sam some weaponry for fighting the ghost, instead of providing personal protection if Sam put the moves on Libby," Dean thought as he got into the Impala and headed to townIt wasn't likely Sammy would run into the ghost today anyway.

Now it was time to find his new friends from last night, score an ID card and figure out the best way to get into the library. This was one job Dean wanted to finish quickly. He hadn't been around when Sam had met Jess, but he'd seen the way his baby brother had looked at Libby.

Pulling into the bar Dean noticed a sweet ride parked at the back of the lot. Parking next to the classic Pontiac Dean let out an appreciative whistle. The GTO was in excellent condition, a medium metallic blue with a white interior, and not a ding or dent anywhere. Walking around the car Dean checked for any indication of an alarm system. Not seeing any of the obvious indicators Dean stepped to the front, reached under the hood to release the latch.

Again Dean whistled as his eyes devoured the scene before him. A 428 cubic inch race engine, Edelbrock polished aluminum heads, chrome valve covers, chrome air cleaner cover with the Pontiac emblem, chrome on everything that could take a chrome finish. "Man, the dude driving this ride must be compensating for a lot. The car was obviously a chick magnet. Chicks rarely knew anything about what went on under the hood but this was sure to impress," Dean thought as he became totally enthralled with the mechanical marvel before him.

"What the HELL do you think you're doing?! Back away from the car and you may not get hurt."

"That voice does not belong to a dude," Dean thought as he put up his hands and backed away from the GTO. "Sorry, I just couldn't seem to help myself. That is one beautiful car!" Turning around Dean came face to face with the bartender from last night. She had looked good behind the bar but that didn't prepare him for the beauty standing before him in the broad daylight.

"You… I should have known. Don't you have any understanding of private property? That car doesn't belong to you so keep your friggin' hands off. You're lucky I just don't kick your ass."

"Damn, she looks mad enough to kick my ass without even breaking a sweat," Dean thought as he put his hands out in a submissive manner. Making sure the she devil in front of him couldn't mistake the gesture as one of aggression. "I'm really sorry. Your car is beautiful! I drive the Impala there and classic cars draw me like a bee to honey. Before I knew what I was doing I raised the hood," Dean babbled, her attitude and the look in her eye slowly began to change. "Did you buy the car locally?" Dean asked.

"Are you kidding? I may own the bar but even I couldn't buy this car," Morgan answered. "I restored the car over the last six years. Everything I have is in that building," she said pointing at the bar, "and in this car. What I couldn't do myself I scrimped and saved until I could get it done. She really is beautiful, but it took a lot of time and money to bring her inner beauty out."

"You know, Morgan that is your name isn't it? You are probably the perfect woman for me," Dean said with his mega watt smile. "You're beautiful, you own a bar and you certainly have an appreciation for mechanical muscle."

"You're just saying that to keep me from kicking your ass," Morgan said with a smile of her own. "I noticed your car last night when you left. I didn't know it was you until I got back into the bar and figured out who had left. There's nothing like a muscle car to draw my attention. What have you got under the hood? After all, you've seen mine, how about you show me yours?" The twinkle in her eye said more about her interest than her words ever would.

"Sure, I'll show you mine, but you'll have to at least buy me a beer," Dean said as he raised the hood on the Impala. Although his engine compartment couldn't compare to the GTO he still spoke with great pride of the work he had done to restore the Impala after the wreck that nearly cost him his life, and had in fact cost his dad's life.

Stepping back from Impala and gently closing the hood Dean turned towards Morgan, "So, how about that beer? I hope you weren't disappointed by what you saw."

"Not at all, you've done a great job in a short amount of time," Morgan shot back at Dean. Reaching out to close the hood of the GTO her hand met Dean's as he covered hers and closed the hood gently. The shock that rocketed through her body staggered her; she had never reacted this strongly to anyone. Warning bells sounded in her brain as they made there way into the cool, dark interior of her bar, "I have to stop this now!" Morgan thought as she made her way behind the bar.

The change in Morgan didn't go unnoticed by Dean, outside Morgan had been warm and playful with him. Walking into the dim interior had cooled her considerably. She became cold and distant in the moments it took to get behind the bar.

Once behind the bar Morgan was again in control of her emotions. This was her comfort zone, here she was boss and in total control of the situation. "What will you have, Dean?"

"Whatever you have on tap is fine. Nothing light, you may as well not drink, if all you're drinking is light beer. Great taste always wins over less filling."

"It's a little early if you're looking for Lisa and the girls." The change in subject was abrupt to say the least but there was no going back to the light banter of just a few minutes ago. "They usually don't come in until after five, but they are here every night. Not big drinkers any of them they just like hanging out and unwinding. Watch yourself with Lisa, she'll come on to you but if you try anything with her she's liable to cut your heart out with a dull knife."

"Ahhh, you're warning me off your friends," Dean said teasingly. "That must mean you want me for yourself," Dean said with a smile.

"No, I just don't want you playing with my friends then leaving town when the wind changes. I've seen the damage your type can do in a small town. The aftermath could rival one of those tornadoes you hear about on the news. Just stay away from us!"

Reaching across the bar and grabbing her hand as she set the pint down Dean said, "It's too late, I'm already too close to you right now and you are scarred! Don't run from this. Don't run from me. I'll leave your friends alone but I can't promise to leave you alone."

Jerking her hand away Morgan said defiantly, "Look, Dean I don't need this kind of aggravation in my life. I've got the bar to run. I'm here sixteen hours a day. I've got a bartender to hire and train, and I don't want you here."

"Morgan, I can help, at least for a while and you need me." Softening his tone Dean continued, "Let me help, I've spent quite a bit of time in a bar and have some experience as a bartender. As long as I can end my shift between midnight and three I can certainly fit it into my schedule."

"You can help as long as you understand it's just business!" Morgan was fighting to stay calm, a fight she felt sure to lose. "I'm still going to look for a new bartender, when I find one you are out! Is that clear?!"

"Very clear, I'm working for you for a few days. I can't hit on your friends and you would prefer that I not hit on you," Dean continued with a devil may care attitude, "like that's going to stop me. That about sums it up, right?"

"Here's an apron, let's get busy. We've got to stock the bar, check the levels on the kegs and get this place opened. We'll have a bunch of guys from Bear Creek in here in about thirty minutes.


Sam and Libby made it to the car without running into any reporters, although the news van was still parked in front of the library. Handing Libby the backpack Sam offered, "If you'd like I can drive you home. I'll call Dean and have him pick me up later."

"Thanks, Sam I'm not sure I'm steady enough to drive. Are you sure you don't mind?" Handing Sam the keys she asked, "What about the paper you're writing, did you get any research done?"

"Yeah, the people at the book store were a great help." Getting into the car Sam adjusted the seat and mirrors as best he could, there was more leg room but it would be a pain to drive the stick shift. "I got a lot of background information; I'll have to go talk to the commissioners to get their point of view."

Pulling into traffic Sam made a couple of significant lurches before he was comfortable with the clutch action.

"You'll need to make a right at the next light," Libby said after the second lurch. "My aunt lives in the historic district. It's a great house built in the 1920's it's the house Aunt Jennie grew up in. Her parents bought it just before Aunt Jennie was born in January of 1938. Turn left on Oakdale, it's the third house on the right."

Pulling to a stop in front of the light blue craftsman Sam said, "This looks like a great neighborhood. I love houses with big yards, big trees and not a single car up on blocks." Sam said as he glanced at the craftsman styled homes. "Looks like a great place to be a kid, plenty of space to play, lots of places to hide."

Libby twisted in her seat to look directly at Sam, "Oh, where you a big hide and seek player growing up? This house has all kinds of nooks and crannies, I wish I had grown up in a place like this one. I grew up in an apartment building with too many people around. I don't want that for my kids. That's part of the reason I came here."

"Yeah, Dean and I were big on hide and seek. This house reminds of the house in Lawrence, I never really lived there but the feeling is the same. There was even a big tree in front," Sam said wistfully. "You said you don't want apartment life for your kids, are these kids in your future or kids in the present?"

Libby glanced towards the house and then turned to face Sam, "Yes," she said simply. Not a moment later two children came running down the stairs of the porch racing towards the car parked at the curb.

"We'd better stop them before they get to the street. I'm not sure I have it in me to be a hero again today," Sam said as he climbed out of the car.

"Rachel! Michael! Stop where you are!" The words were sharp and result instantaneous, both children skidded to a halt before reaching the sidewalk.

"You're home, we missed you!" the children cried in unison.

"Yes I am, now march inside and come out of the house like civilized children, not the heathens you appear to be. Now go, close the door and try it again!" Libby said in a stern voice. As the children complied with the command Libby turned to Sam to explain. "When we lived in Denver they weren't allowed to rush out of the house because it wasn't in the best of neighborhoods. Here it's a game we play almost daily."

Turning his attention to the front door Sam watched as the children walked sedately onto the porch, waved to their mother and waited until she gave the signal.

Again the children came bounding down the steps but this time their mother was running towards them, meeting in the middle of the lawn, scooping both children into her arms and falling to the ground in a heap of squeals and much laughter.

Sam stood on the curb not wanting to break up the reunion. The love of this family brought a tear to Sam's eye. It wasn't that he ever felt unloved growing up, but he and Dean had never had this sort of homecoming with their father. It was always quite late when John would return from a hunt. It seemed now that all the parting and returning of his father happened after the sun had gone down or before it rose.

Sam was pulled back to the present by an insistent tugging on his pant leg. Looking down he saw a miniature of Libby staring up at him. "Hey mister, come on you're going to miss cookies if you don't hurry."

"We must hurry then," Sam said as he scooped Rachel up, ran up the stairs and into the house. "Where do we go to get cookies, Rachel?"

"The kitchen, of course, silly," Rachel said as she squirmed out of Sam's grasp and ran towards the back of the house.

Sam followed at a more sedate pace, entering the kitchen he found Libby and Michael at the table with a glass of milk and a pile of homemade cookies. Rachel climbed up to the table in front of the last glass of milk.

"Auntie Jennie, please get a glass for Mommy's friend, he wants cookies, too."

Sam turned to see Aunt Jennie bringing another glass of milk and a second plate of cookies. "Please don't go to any trouble for me," Sam said as he extended his hands for the cookies and milk.

"Its no trouble, we always have cookies and milk when Libby comes home from class. Dear, you are early are you not feeling well today?" Aunt Jennie asked as she carefully took in Libby's appearance, thinking, "Her color is a bit high, perhaps the young man has something to do with her coming home early."

Libby looking a bit uncomfortable under the close scrutiny of her aunt replied, "Really Aunt Jennie I'm fine. This is my friend Sam. Sam, this is my Great Aunt Jennie and my kids, Michael and Rachel. Say hello to Sam."

"Hello, Sam," chimed the voices of the children. "We're four exactly the same but we don't look a like. We're fraternity twins. Isn't that right Mommy?"

Coughing to cover her laugh Libby said, "Almost, you are fraternal twins, not fraternity twins. Fraternity is like brotherhood or a social club for men in college."

"Are you a fraternity, Sam?" Rachel asked.

"Not now, but I used to be in a fraternity when I was in law school," Sam answered seriously.

"Why aren't you in school anymore? Mommy says you must finish school to better yourself," Michael said shyly from his mother's side.

"My big brother and dad needed my help. I'm just taking some time off from school. It's kind of like summer vacation for me right now," Sam explained, until now he hadn't really thought of going back to law school. Maybe, just maybe that could happen for him. "Oh man, Dean," Sam exclaimed. "I forgot to call Dean. Please excuse me, I'll go outside to make the call."

Dialing Dean's cell as he walked out the front door Sam felt ashamed for not thinking of his brother. Dean would be frantic. The brothers were rarely apart from more than a couple hours at a time. Listening to the phone ring and then Dean voice mail answer Sam was sure something was terribly wrong.