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Chapter 5

Sam jogged the half mile or so from Libby's house to the Trophy Bar. It felt kind of good to just run, not after or away, just run. The Impala was still in the parking lot, with Dean tending bar it wouldn't be hard to find him.

Sam walked into the crowded bar, scanned the room, Dean was no where in sight. Walking up to the bar and sliding onto a recently vacated barstool Sam flagged the bartender down.

Checking the levels of the drinks on the bar Morgan worked her way towards the newcomer. Setting a napkin on the bar she asked, "Are you Sam?"

"Yeah, I am. Are you Morgan? I could really use something to drink. Where's Dean?"

Extending her hand to Sam, Morgan said, "Pleased to meet you, Sam. Dean is in the office. What would you like to drink?"

"A beer would be great, thanks Morgan. Is Dean on a break or something?"

Smiling as she set the beer down she said, "Yeah or something. He did call you, didn't he?"

"Yeah, he called and asked if I'd come pick him up. I thought that was kind of weird. What's wrong with him?" concern written all over his face. Standing up and looking frantically around for the office Sam threw five dollars on the bar, "Where is he? Where's Dean?"

"Sam, he's ok. He got into fight. He's in the office resting, at least that's what I told him to do. Come on I'll take you to him."

"Yeah, trouble is always finding Dean."

Morgan stopped to talk to three customers on her way to the office. "Lisa, would you and Jan mind the bar for a bit? This is Sam, Dean's brother, we'll be out in a few minutes. Think you can handle it?"

Jan was the first to answer, "Sure, no problem Morgan anything new on the register we need to know about? Most of these guys are beer drinkers and it's not terribly busy right now. Come on, Lisa, hurry back, Morgan."

When they entered the office Morgan saw that Dean sitting at her desk with his feet planted squarely on the ink blotter, his hands behind his head and his eyes closed.

"Dean, what the hell are you doing?" Morgan demanded in an agitated voice as Sam followed her into the room. "Get your feet off my desk and your ass out of my chair!"

"Hey, Morgan I rested like you told me and I'm feeling much better now." Dean said with a quick flash of his mega watt smile as he slowly got up. "Sammy, what took you so long? Are you ready to go?"

"Dean, when I left you, less than an hour ago, you were dizzy, nauseous and unstable on your feet. Either you heal incredibly fast or I am incredibly stupid," Morgan said with increasing temper and volume.

"I think I'll pass on this one, I'd rather not have to choose," Dean quipped, as he winked at Sam.

Sam walked around Morgan to get to Dean, "What do you mean, Morgan dizzy, nauseous and unstable? Dean hold still while I check you out?"

Slapping Sam's hands away Dean answered, "s'no big deal. I got blindsided outside a while ago. You should see the other guy. Really, Sam I'm fine, 100 percent. Stop with the touchy feely."

"Sam, when I got outside Dean had just been walloped behind the ear, he fell to the ground, when he got up he looked green and stumbled as he headed back in. I helped to get him in here where he could lay down with an icepack," Morgan explained.

Sam grabbed Dean's face to check his eyes, ran his hand over the area behind Dean's ear to find a small knot. "Are you really ok?" Sam asked his vice tight with concern. "Your eyes look good and the headache shouldn't be too bad, I think you'll live if Morgan doesn't kill you," Sam said with a good natured grin tossed over his shoulder towards Morgan.

"Look, Morgan I'll be fine. I've got a hard head and none of those guys knew how to fight."

"It didn't look that way when I went outside. It looked to me like they had the upper hand. It's a good thing I noticed when Tony and the guys left, or it could have been worse," her temper abating.

"Morgan, I know it's Friday night and you're short handed, but I think I should take Dean back to the motel and keep an eye on him. Are you going to be ok?" Sam asked, knowing she had enlisted to help of two of her friends.

"I'll get by, Lisa and Jan have helped out before and Marion's still here. Service might be a bit slower than usual but we'll do it. Dean, you go, get some rest and call tomorrow to let me know how you're feeling. Here's the number for the phone here," she said as she tossed a pack of matches from the desk top.

Dean fumbled the catch, bent to pick up the booklet and put them in his pocket. Taking time to steady himself he said, "Yeah, I think I should go get some rest," smacking Sam on the shoulder as he passed between his brother and Morgan.


"Dean, are you sure you're ok? Morgan sounded pretty worried about your symptoms," concern edging his voice, as he fired up the Impala.

"Dude, let it go! Truth is I just wanted a reason to touch her. Man, she is hot! All curvy in the right places and she smells so good. So I faked the seriousness of my injuries, sue me."

Sam remained quiet until they got back to the motel. Once out of the car he shoved Dean into the wall and grabbed him by the shirt front, "You faked your injuries to grope Morgan. Dude, even for you that's low. I ought to call her and let her know what you did," fury and tension building in his body.

"Sam, stop! We need to get this job done. You said on the phone you know what we're looking for and where to start. It's time to get back to our lives and stop playing at 'normal'," Dean said with air quotes. "Get the duffel bag ready and we'll head over to the library. Did you get a look at the layout so we know where we're going once inside?"

"Yeah, I've got it. Dean, you're afraid of Morgan aren't you?"

"No way! She's just a chick. A hot chick, but just a chick."

"Yeah, but she's a ballsy chick who could kick your ass!" Sam said grinning at Dean while he danced a little jig. "Dean's afraid of a girrrrl, Dean's afraid of a …"

The glare on Dean's face stopped the song and dance, "Let's get the job done and get out of Dodge."

Downtown parking was congested; the parking lot across from the library was filling fast, "This looks as good a place as any to park, we shouldn't be too long. Sam, did you get a look at the alarm system?"

"Yeah, it shouldn't be a problem to bypass. I've got the kit in the duffel along with everything we'll need. You know, Dean I do know how to do my job."

"I know you do but this town seems to have distracted both of us," shouldering the duffel they headed to the exit door Sam had jammed on the way out of the library earlier that day.

The alarm posed no problem for Dean, getting in went very smoothly. As they made their way to the children's section they heard Mrs. Bedoin, "Where are the children? What have you done with them?" This was followed by a thud and a bang as books crashed to the floor.

"Looks like she's making it easier for us," Dean whispered as he led the way to where they heard her again.

"Sam, did you figure out why she's making such a fuss now? From what I heard she's been around for over 50 years and only recently has begun to be distructive.

"They closed the library and cut her off from the children she never had, I guess that could tick the old girl off. This is what kills me, the object she was trapped in is a first edition of Lewis Carroll's 'Through the Looking Glass'. We have to destroy a priceless book, and I for one feel horrible about killing a classic, but we've got to do it."

"So, is the book in the children's section or the rare books collection?" Dean asked as he peered around the bookcase. "There she is, Sam you distract her and I'll look for the book."

"Why do I have to distract her?"

"Because I'm older and suffering from previous injuries," Dean said with a smile.

"Hurry up and find it. I saw what she did to Libby."

Just then Mrs. Bedoin appeared in front of the brothers, shoving dean into Sam sent both Winchesters sprawling. Jumping to their feel they went off in different directions, the older looking for the accursed book the other leading the long deceased librarian away from the search zone.

Rounding the corner into the young adult section Sam scanned the titles of the books he passed. Spotting a computer across the aisle he made his way towards it. If he could get on the system maybe he could locate the book

Mrs. Bedoin beat him to the keyboard, blocking his way and shouting, "Where are the children? What have you done to them? Why have they stopped coming," she finished plaintively.

Thinking to distract her Sam began quoting passages from 'Through the Looking Glass' it was a good thing he'd met Libby and her kids.

O Tiger-lily,' said Alice, addressing herself to one that was waving gracefully about in the wind, I wish you could talk!'

We can talk,' said the Tiger-lily: when there's anybody worth talking to."

Alice was so astonished that she could not speak for a minute: it quite seemed to take her breath away. At length, as the Tiger-lily only went on waving about, she spoke again, in a timid voice - almost in a whisper. And can all the flowers talk?'

Soon after Sam starting quoting from the book he could see the spirit of Mrs. Bedoin calm – they eyes seemed to soften, the agitation flowed from her body. To the dismay of Sam, she continued the tale of Alice, Through the Looking Glass.

Sam could sense the magic the children must have felt as Mrs. Bedoin spun the tale. A sadness crept over him as he knew he and Dean would soon destroy the spirit. "Rest well, Mrs. Bedoin," he murmured.

Dean shouted from the rare books room, "Sammy, I've got it! Let's get this done."

"Go ahead Dean, but make sure you're not under a smoke detector or sprinkler. We don't want to cause more damage than we have too."

Dean placed the book in the metal garbage can he found under a nearby table. Opening the duffel bag he removed the salt and kerosene. Pouring the salt first he covered the book. Then saturating it with kerosene he pulled the zippo lighter from his pocket and lit the fire that would consume Mrs. Bedoin, thus freeing her from this world.


Saturday morning dawned bright and clear. Dean was still asleep when Sam got into the shower. As the water pounded his back and shoulders Sam thought about the day ahead.

They would be packing up this morning and heading south. Before they left Sam wanted to say goodbye to Libby and her family. All the help they had received from the family had saved a lot of time.

It was funny how fate put the people you needed in your life at the time you needed them most.

Aunt Jennie needed help after her fall, Libby came to fill that need. At the same time Libby needed help getting away from Denver. Aunt Jennie was there to receive her into her home.

Sam and Dean needed help, to find more information about the angry spirit in the Library and Libby provided the key to the past, her Great Aunt Jennie.

It was Aunt Jennie who knew how and where Mrs. Bedoin was trapped. Without her help it would have taken much longer to finish the job.

Morgan needed help in her bar, Dean was there with a helping hand.

Dean had come back into his life when he needed help finding their father. It was with great reluctance that Sam joined the search.

After all hunting was not supposed to be a part of the new life he had mapped out for himself. Law school, marriage, 2.5 kids and a house in the suburbs, that was the plan. But Dean had shown up in the middle of the night needing his help.

Then Jess was killed and Sam needed Dean, his strength, his wit, his love. This road trip was what both Winchesters needed, the journey, the hunt, and the discovery that he needed his family.

Not sure what was causing this stream of consciousness Sam turned off the water and stepped on to the cold tile floor. Wrapping a towel around his waist he stepped into room he shared with his brother.

Pulling the last of his clean clothes out of his bag he returned to the bathroom. Just as he closed the door Dean banged on the casing.

"Dude, hurry up I've got to pee. Once you're dressed why don't you go get a couple cups of coffee. Then we can get out of here."

Coming out the bathroom with his toothbrush in his mouth he said, ''S'all yours. Where are the keys? I'll be back in a while."

As Sam pulled out of the motel he found himself on Oakdale outside Libby's house. Again he had the same familiar feeling as he had here yesterday, the same feeling he had outside the house in Lawrence. This was a home, Libby had found a safe place for her kids, a place with family to share the load. Maybe Sam would find home someday. But until then he had his family, Dean was there to share the load. "That's what families do," just yesterday Libby had told him that.

Before he realized he had gotten out of the car he was on the front porch ringing the bell. Aunt Jennie answered and invited him in, leading the way to the heart of the house, the kitchen. "Jennie, it's done, Mrs. Bedoin won't be back."

As he passed the coffee table he dropped Libby's ID card in the antique candy dish.

Rachel and Michael were at the table finishing their Cheerios. Rachel squealed as she saw Sam come into the kitchen. Standing on her chair she launched herself at Sam, knowing he would catch her.

Sam swung Rachel around and set her in her chair with a kiss on the head. Michael was slower to come to Sam, stretching his arms up he asked, "Can you make me fly?"

"Sure," swinging Michael around the kitchen, over the countertops to land on the runway of the dining table. "Don't make a habit of landing on the table, Michael. That was an emergency landing." Michael giggled as he ran out the door with his arms extended, continuing his flight into the big fenced backyard.

"What are you doing here, Sam? I didn't expect to see you today," Libby stammered from her position at the sink.

"I came to say good-bye. Dean and I are leaving today and I just wanted to thank you for all your help."

"Oh, thanks for taking time to see us before you left," Libby said as she turned back to the sink, tears welling in her eyes. "I know we just met but I'll miss you."

Sam walked to the sink, turned Libby and hugged her close. "I'm glad we met. If we come back this way I'd like to stop to see you."

"I'd like that too. I'm not sure why I feel connected to you but I do. Thank you for helping me."

"What did I do?" Sam asked with sad puppy eyes.

"You made me realize I was home, that my family is here. Now I'm sure I made the right choice leaving Denver and coming here. I'm safe, the kids are safe and we're happy. Thank you."

"You're welcome. Would you walk me out? I really have to get going, Dean's waiting," Sam said apologetically.

The walk out of the house seemed interminable, when they reach the porch Libby rose up on her toes and kissed Sam fully on the mouth. Clinging to him for a long moment Libby whispered in his ear, "Take care of your family Sam. Come back when you can." Turning from Sam she went back into the home she had found for her family.


Dean was watching an episode of 'The Rockford Files' and their bags were packed and waiting near the door when Sam returned with the coffee.

"What took you so long, Sammy?" Dean said without taking his eyes off the television.

"I stopped to say goodbye to Libby and the kids. I'm ready to leave when you are," he added quietly.

"Ok, let's go. On the way out to the freeway we'll stop at the bar and let Morgan know we're leaving."


Pulling into the parking lot Dean parked next to the GTO.

"That's her car?" Sam said with a touch of awe in his voice.

"Yep, I tell you she's the perfect woman for me, Sam."

"If only you weren't afraid of her."

Coming out the back of the bar was Dean's perfect woman. Tight jeans, great rack and curvy in all the right places, beautiful.

"Hey, Dean you're here early. Good morning Sam."

"Yeah, about that Morgan," he said with his eyes down cast. "We're heading out today, our business here is done. Thought I'd better let you know, maybe you can find someone to fill my shoes."

"Heck, Dean that shouldn't be hard at all. Just hired you yesterday, you didn't even have time to tie the shoes you were filling. I don't think Lisa will ever forgive me for hiring you."

"About that, you didn't have to hire me to keep me out of Lisa's clutches. I kind of had my eye on her friend."

"Oh, Jan or Marion? I didn't notice you paying much attention to either of them. What were you doing, playing hard to get?"

"Neither, I had my eye on the sexy bartender, she wouldn't give me the time of day. A real bitch if you know what I mean."

"She's way out of your league. It's better that you leave town before you get involved with her. All her attention is focused on that bar and the car. No room in her life for a guy like you."

"Yeah, well we're leaving, it was good meeting you. Morgan. You take care."

Getting back into the Impala Dean fired the engine and drove out of town. Headed for the next job, not quite sure where that would be.

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